Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

Marc Bekoff, Carron A. Meaney
Greenwood Press, 1998 - 446 páginas

From the use of animals in experiments to develop medicine for people to the preservation of endangered species in zoos, human beings' responsibility to and for their fellow animals has become an increasingly controversial subject. This book, which Jane Goodall in her foreword calls unique, informative, and exciting, provides a provocative overview of the many different perspectives on the issues of animal rights and animal welfare in an easy-to-use encyclopedic format. Students, teachers, and interested readers can explore the ideas of well-known philosophers, biologists, and psychologists in this field, such as Peter Singer, Tom Regan, and over 125 others, all of whom have contributed original entries.

Bekoff has provided a wide variety of well-chosen entries, defining terms and concepts and providing brief biographies, all of which relate to the topics of animal rights and animal welfare from the perspectives of many different disciplines: philosophy, psychology, ethology, anthropology, ecology, sociology, education, law, history, politics, theology, veterinary science, and public administration. The multidisciplinary approach allows users to critically examine the varied angles and arguments and gain a better understanding of the history and development of animal rights and animal protectionist movements worldwide.

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