Imperfect Competition and International Trade

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Gene M. Grossman, John Thackara
MIT Press, 1992 - 387 pages
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The last decade has seen an important extension of the theory of international tradeto include imperfectly competitive market structures. This book collects 19 of the most influentialarticles on trade with imperfect competition, providing ready access to current research bytop-level economists.Following an introduction. by Grossman that surveys the literature, thereadings cover such important topics as the causes and consequences of intraindustry trade, theeffects of tariffs and quantitative restrictions in oligopolistic settings, the welfare consequencesof strategic trade policies, the raison d'Ítre for multinational corporations, the determinants ofinnovation, and the interaction between technological progress and trade.The recent work on tradeincorporating imperfect competition can help to explain the high volume of intraindustry tradebetween similarly endowed countries and can account for the increasing importance of multinationalcorporations in the conduct of international trade. It can predict the emergence of cross-countrytechnology gaps and can help to identify the determinants of dynamic comparative advantage. Theexplorations of trade with imperfect competition have also deepened substantially our understandingof the costs and benefits of trade policy. We now know why governments may be motivated to assisttheir national firms in global oligopolistic competitions, and we also know the limitations of thearguments in support of strategic trade policies.Gene M. Grossman is Professor of Economics andInternational Affairs at Princeton University.Contributors: Richard E. Baldwin, James A. Brander,Avinash K. Dixit, Jonathan Eaton, Wilfred J. Ethier, Gene M. Grossman, Elhanan Helpman, KalaKrishna, Paul R. Krugman, James R. Markusen, Victor Norman, Luis A. Rivera-Batiz, Paul M. Romer,Barbara J. Spencer, Anthony J. Venables Shmuel Ben Zvi.


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Gene M. Grossman is Jacob Viner Professor of International Economics and Director of the International Economics Section at Princeton University.

John Thackara, described as a "design guru, critic and business provocateur" by Fast Company, is the Director of Doors of Perception, a design futures network based in Amsterdam and Bangalore. He is the author of Design after Modernism, Lost in Space: A Traveler's Tale, Winners! How Successful Companies Innovate by Design, and other books. Since 2002, he has authored the Doors of Perception blog and newsletter (http: //

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