Microbes and Evolution: The World that Darwin Never Saw

Roberto Kolter, Stanley R. Maloy
ASM Press, 2012 - 299 páginas
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Darwin and microbiology -- Evolution in action : a 50,000-generation salute to Charles Darwin -- Minimal genomes and reducible complexity -- Lady Lumps's mouthguard -- Trying to make sense of the microbial census -- The view from below -- Running wild with antibiotics -- Antibiotic resistance -- Bacteria battling for survival -- Phage : an important evolutionary force Darwin never knew -- The struggle for existence : mutualism -- The secret social lives of microorganisms -- Microbes and micoevolution -- Unnecessary baggage -- Bacterial adaptation : built-in responses and random variation -- The impact of differential regulation on bacterial speciation -- An accidental evolutionary biologist : GASP, long-term survival, and evolution -- How bacteria revealed Darwin's mistake (and got me to read On the Origin of Species) -- The role of conjugation in the evolution of bacteria -- Do bacteria have sex? -- Better than sex -- Darwin in my lab : mutation, recombination, and speciation -- Sexual difficulties -- Unveling Prochlorococcus : the life and times of the ocean's smallest photosynthetic cell -- Deciphering the language of diplomacy : give and take in the study of the squid-vibrio symbiosis -- The tangled banks of ants and microbes -- Microbial symbiosis and evolution -- Coevolution of Helicobacter pylori and humans -- The library of Maynard-Smith : my search for meaning in the protein universe -- In pursuit of billion-year-old Rosetta Stones -- The deep history of life -- A glimpse into microevolution in nature : adaptation and speciation of bacillus simplex from "Evolution Canyon" -- On the origin of bacterial pathogenic species by means of natural selection : a tale of coevolution -- The evolution of diversity and the emergence of rules governing phenotypic evolution -- The Christmas fungus on Christmas Island -- A new age of naturalist -- The ship that led to shape / Kevin D. Young -- Post phylogenetics / W. Ford Doolittle -- Irreducible complexity? Not! -- Many challlenges to classifying microbial species.

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