Principle-based Organizational Structure: A Handbook to Help You Engineer Entrepreneurial Thinking and Teamwork Into Organizations of Any Size

NDMA Publishing, 2017 - 420 páginas
"Look at any organization chart and know who's fighting with whom, who's not making objectives, and who has ulcers! Organizational structure is not a matter of intuition, fads, or simplistic models. And it shouldn't be based on today's projects, or the personalities and careers of senior leaders. Structure is an engineering science, with firm principles and constructs. This is the definitive book on that practical science of organizational structure, the culmination of over 30 years of study and practical experiences implementing restructurings in dozens of diverse organizations. Far beyond the traditional HR literature, this book is based on the "business-within-a-business" paradigm, where every manager thinks and acts like an entrepreneur running a small business within large organizations. An organization designed around internal lines of business (not traditional roles and responsibilities) induces innovation, accountability, cost control, customer focus, and great teamwork." -- Amazon.

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