The Invention of God

Harvard University Press, 2015 M11 4 - 315 páginas
Who invented God? When, why, and where? Thomas Römer seeks to answer these enigmatic questions about the deity of the great monotheisms—Yhwh, God, or Allah—by tracing Israelite beliefs and their context from the Bronze Age to the end of the Old Testament period in the third century BCE, in a masterpiece of detective work and exposition.

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The Invention of God

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Römer (Writing the Bible) deftly weaves together evidence from the Bible with extra-biblical archeological finds that mention Israel and Yhwh to outline the development of monotheism. Focusing on Yhwh ... Leer comentario completo

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An indispensable book. It's a scholarly work and yet not difficult to read. A must for anyone interested in the Hebrew Bible, the idea of divinity and belief, and the way the great collection was written, edited, changed, over centuries. The notion of a divine "revelation" or "inspiration" can often diminish the intellectual and political accomplishment of the ancient people of Israel. This book could be the perfect introduction to the Bible, for all monotheistic religions, Jews, Christians and Muslims. 


Translators Note
System of Hebrew Transcription
The God of Israel and His Name
The Geographic Origin of Yhwh
Moses and the Midianites
How Did Yhwh Become the God of Israel?
The Entrance of Yhwh into Jerusalem
The Statue of Yhwh in Judah
Yhwh and His Asherah
The Fall of Samaria and the Rise of Judah
The Reform of Josiah
From One God to the Only

The Cult of Yhwh in Israel
The Cult of Yhwh in Judah

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