C-O-V-I-D, The Biggest Conspiracy in History

Frederick Guttmann - 285 páginas

Have you ever wondered ...?

Why did the first cases of an apparent new “flu-pneumonia” also appear in the same cities where the 5G antennas were activated? Why was the study of other possibilities of non-viral origin not accepted as the cause of the symptoms, nor was it allowed to give opinions to scientists or doctors in televised debates? Why were healthy people forced into their homes? Why did they send the population to wear masks instead of fresh air to boost their immune systems? Why were they told to distance themselves instead of allowing herd immunization? Why did George Soros invested 18 billion dollars in promoting anti-covid measures in almost every country in the world? Why do you censor any opinion that contradicts the official version? Why is WHO 73% funded by Rockefeller bankers? Why do governments only promote the solution of vaccines, and their agreements with pharmaceutical companies, and the scientific opinion of the alkalization of the body is not accepted? Why do you ask for PCR tests if the polymerase tests do not detect viruses but the person's own microbiota? How can there be a vaccine if the virus has never been isolated (nor is there a single photomicrograph of it)? How do you know that people die of such a virus if autopsies are not done to determine the causes? What are they really not telling us?

This book presents ample scientific evidence and classified documents on a globalist Agenda that seeks to establish a new Nazism worldwide, where technology and the police state serve the benefit of an elite that controls governments, corporations and banks. You will know, not only who is behind, but step by step all the guidelines that they will carry out and how you can escape from their network.

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