Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin. Economics and Political Science Series, Volumen7

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Página 90 - Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed, whose duty it shall be to prepare...
Página 142 - My farm gave me and my whole family a good living on the produce of it and left me, one year with another, one hundred and fifty silver dollars, for I never spent more than ten dollars a year, which was for salt, nails and the like. Nothing to eat, drink or wear was bought, as my farm produced it all.
Página 108 - The gynaecocentric theory is the view that the female sex is primary and the male secondary in the organic scheme, that originally and normally all things center, as it were, about the female, and that the male, though not necessary in carrying out the scheme, was developed under the operation of the principle of advantage to secure organic progress through the crossing of strains.
Página 134 - It is thus seen that the wages paid for unskilled labour in York are insufficient to provide food, shelter, and clothing adequate to maintain a family of moderate size in a state of bare physical efficiency.
Página 112 - Whatever be their climate and whatever their ancestry, we find savages living under the dominion of custom and impulse; scarcely ever striking out new lines for themselves; never forecasting the distant future, and seldom making provision even for the near future; fitful in spite of their servitude to custom, governed by the fancy of the moment; ready at times for the most arduous exertions, but incapable of keeping themselves long to steady work.
Página 154 - Under the requirement of conspicuous consumption of goods, the apparatus of living has grown so elaborate and cumbrous, in the way of dwellings, furniture, bric-a-brac, wardrobe and meals, that the consumers of these things cannot make way with them in the required manner without help.
Página 200 - ... latest in time was a political organization, founded upon territory and upon property. Under the first a gentile society was created, in which the government dealt with persons through their relations to a gens and tribe. These relations were purely personal. Under the second a political society was instituted, in which the government dealt with persons through their relations to territory, eg — the township, the county, and the state. These relations were purely territorial. The two plans...
Página 61 - ... boots or shoes in the United States and provinces of North America, is the only way in which this right can be successfully vindicated. We believe also in co-operation as a proper and efficient remedy for many of the evils of the present iniquitous system of wages that concedes to the laborer...
Página 102 - The series formerly issued as the Economics, Political Science, and History series was discontinued with the completion of the second volume and has been replaced by the Economics and Political Science series and the History series. Persons who reside in the state of Wisconsin may obtain copies of the Bulletin free by applying to the Secretary of the Regents and paring the cost of transportation.
Página 29 - Order shall teach, or aid in teaching, any part or parts of boot or shoe-making, unless the lodge shall give permission by a threefourths vote of those present, and voting when such permission is first asked. Provided, this article shall not be so construed as to prevent a father from teaching his own son. Provided, also, that this article shall not be so construed as to hinder any member of this organization from learning any or all parts of the trade.

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