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Cap. 12. For the more easy assigning Cap. 19. To continue the duties for or transferring certain redeemable

encouragement of the coinage of annuities, payable at the exchequer, monies; and for relief of William by endorsements on the standing late lord Widdrington; and to preorders for the fame.

vent foreign lotteries being carried Cap. 13. For the enlarging the term on in this kingdom; and for ascer

granted by an act, pafied in the taining the duties on bound books eighth year of the reign of her late

imported; and for issuing certificates majesty Queen Anne, intituled, An and debentures for arrears due to act for repairing the highways, be- five regiments, to be satisfied by tucin the house commonly called the annuities therein mentioned; and Horthoc-House, in the parish of for discharging the duties of rockStoke-Goldington, in the county of falt loft on the rivers Weaver and Bucks, and the town of Northamp- Mercy; and for limiting the times of ton; and for repairing the road from continuance of commissioners for the north-bridge of Newport-Pagnel forfeited estates in England and Scotin the county of Bucks, to the said land respectively; and for appropriHorthoe-House.

ating the supplies granted to his Cap. 14. For enlarging the term Majesty in this session of parliament;

granted by an act made in the third and to rectify misnomers and omis. year of his Majesty's reign (for sions of commillioners for the land continuing the duty of two pennies

tax in the year 1723. Scots upon every pint of ale and Cap. 20. For laying a duty of two beer sold in the city of Edinburgh, pennies Scots, or one sixth part of a for the purposes therein mentioned; penny Sterling, upon every Scots and for discontinuing payment of pint of ale and beer brewed and the Petty-Port Customs there) and fold within the town of Linlithgow, for making the said act more effec- and liberties thereof, in the county tual.

of West-Lothian, for paying the Cap. 15. To inflict pains and penal- debts of the said town, and other ties on John Plunket.

purposes therein mentioned. Cap. 16. To inflict pains and penal- Cap. 21. Fer enabling his Majesty to

ties on George Kelly, alias Johnson. put the customs of Great Britain Cap. 17. To inflict pains and penal- under the management of one or

ties on Francis lord bishop of Ro- more commissions, and for better chester.

securing and ascertaining the duties Cap. 18. For granting an aid to his on tobacco, and to prevent frauds

Majesty bylaying a tax upon papists, in exporting tobacco, and other and for making such other persons, goods and merchandizes, or carryas upon due summons shall refuse

ing the same coastwise. or neglect to take the oaths therein Cap. 22. For the more effectual pumentioned, to contribute towards nishing wicked and evil-disposed the faid tax, for reimbursing to the persons going armed in disguise, and publick part of the great expences doing injuries and violences to the occasioned by the late conspiracies; persons and properties of his Maand for discharging the estates of jesty's subjects, and for the more papists from the two third parts of speedy bringing the offenders to the rents and profits thereof for one justice. year, and all arrears of thesame, and Cap. 23. For further enlarging the from such forfeitures as are therein times for entring, hearing, and demore particularly described.

termining claims on the estates


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vested in the trustees of the South

copyhold estates in particular cases Sea company, and for obliging per- Cap: 30. For compleating the repairs

. sons to claim stock by the time of the harbour of Dover, in the therein mentioned for money-sub- county of Kent; and for restoring fcriptions, and for other the pur- the harbour of Rye, in the county poses therein mentioned.

of Sussex, to its ancient goodness. Cap. 24. Tooblige all persons, being Cap. 31. For repairing the highways

papists, in that part of Great Britain from the city of Gloucester, to the called Scotland, and all persons in top of Birdlip-Hill, (being the road Great Britain refusing or neglecting to London) and from the foot of to take the oaths appointed for the the said hill to the top of Crickleysecurity of his Majesty's person and Hill, (being the road to Oxford) and government, by several acts herein to oblige those concerned in the rementioned, to register their names ceipt or payment of any monies, by and real estates.

virtue of an act of the ninth and Cap. 25. For making more effectual tenth years of his late majesty King

an act passed in the eighth year of William, touching the repairing the his present Majesty's reign, inti- said highways, to account for the tuled, An act for supplying the records fame to the trustees appointed by of the commissary court of Aberdeen this act.

burnt or loft in the late fire there. Cap. 32. For confirming articles of Cap: 26. To prevent his Majesty's agreement between the principal

subjects from subfcribing or being officers of the ordnance, and Thomas concerned in encouraging or pro- Milling, esq; for exchange of some moting any subscription for an lands at Portsmouth, for the service East-India company in the Austrian

of his Majesty, Netherlands; and for the better se

Private Acts. curing the lawful trade of his Majesty's subjects to and from the

Anns 9 Georgii I.

9 East-Indies.

I. An act to enable Darcy Dawes, esq; Cap. 27. For preventing journeymen and Sarah Roundell, to make settle

hoemakers felling, exchanging, or ments, upon their inter-marriage, pawning boots, shoes, slippers, cut

of their several estates, notwithleather, or other materials for mak- standing their respective minorities. ing boots, shoes, or slippers, and 2. An act for naturalizing Luder Melfor better regulating the said jour- lo, Benjamin Berkenhout, and others. neymen.

3. An act for naturalizing John AnCap. 28. For more effectual execution thony Loubier, Henry Loubier, and of justice in a pretended privileged

others. place in the parish of St. George in 4. An act to enable Willian Sheppard the county of Surrey,commonly call- to change his firnaine of Sheppard ed the Mint; and for bringing to spee- to Hall, according to the will of dy and exemplary justice such of- Willian Hall, serjeant at law, defenders as are therein mentioned; ceased. and for giving relief to such persons 5. An act to enable Timothy I.Vatts, of as are proper objects of charity and Burbage in the county of Leicefier, compassion there.

esq; and his heirs, to change or alCap. 29. To enable lords of manors ter their names to Saint Nicholas,

more easily to recover their fines, according to the will of Bazil Saint and to exempt infants and femes

Nicholas of Knowle in the county of hovert from forfeitures of their Warwick, efq; deceased,

6. An

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6. An act to enable John Smith, gent. given to the minister and poor of

and his heirs, to take and use the Tong in the county of Salop, by a firname of Dickenson, according to deed and will of Gervas, lord Pierthe will of John Dickenson, gent. repont, deceased, and thereby chargdeceased.

ed upon his estate in the counties of 7. An act to vest in trustees for Wil- Salop and Stafford.

liam Lounds, esq; the reversion in 13. An act for confirming and estafee, expectant upon a term of four- blishing articles of agreement bescore and nineteen years now in tween the most noble John, duke being, of and in certain pieces of of Montagu, and William, duke of ground and building thereupon, in Manchester, and others, upon a the parish of St. James within the marriage intended between the said liberty of Wifiminster, and of and duke of Manchester and the lady in a certain messuage and land at or Isabella, eldest daughter of the said near Knightsbridge, upon paying the duke of Montagu.'

value thereof into the exchequer. 14. An act for the vesting several 8. An act to confirm certain ex- woods, lands and coppices in Sta

changes, conveyances, and other nierne and Geddington in the county assurances, made by John Jerryns, of Northampton, and belonging to esq; and others, of fome parts of the right honourable George, earl of the estates comprized in the articles Cardigan, in the most noble John, and settleinent made on his mar- duke of Montagu, and his heirs; riage with Dorothy his late wife, and for vesting and settling other and to supply some defects in the woods, lands and coppices, lying said articles and settlement; and to in the parishes of Oakley Parva and enable him to make a settlement Stanierne in the said county of on any future marriage.

Northampton, in and upon the said 9. An act for vesting in trustees the George, earl of Cardigan, with re.

eftates of George Bennet, gent, and mainders over, and in the manner of Henry Bennet, his only son and herein mentioned. heir, in the county of Devon, to be 15. An act to enable Richard Edgsold for the purposes therein men- combe, esq; to sell lands, not exceedtioned.

ing twenty acres, to and for the 10. An act to naturalize Elizabeth use of his Majesty, for building a Burr, and others.

vịctualling office for the service of II. An act to naturalize John Ber- the royal navy at Plymouth; and

kenbout and Jacob Hansen Busk. to purchase other lands to be set12. An act for compicating the sale tled to the fame uses, as the lands

of the nianors of Croxton, alias to be fold now stand limited by Crowden, and Great rate, and other his marriage-settlement. lands and tenements, late the eftate 16. An act to enable trustees, with of the most noble Evelyn duke of the consent of Mary, the wife of King/len (lord privy feal) in the Thomas Horton, esq; a lunatick, to county of Stafford; and ascertain- execute the powers in the marriageing and augmenting the stipend of settlement of the said lunatick, for the minister of Croxton aforesaid, raising any sum, not exceeding three out of the said estate, and for charg- thousand pounds, for Elizabeth Horing one annuity given to the poor toil, and Eleanor Horton his daughof Croxton aforesaid, wholly upon ters, and for other purposes herein the said estate, and discharging the mentioned. fame eftate from other annuities 17. An act for vesting certain lands, tenements, and hereditaments of


the supplies granted in this session Richard Somers, efq; in the county of parliament. of Kent, in trustees, to be sold for Cap.z. For the punishing mutiny and payment of a debt now owing and desertion, and for the beiter paycharged thereon, on account of his ment of the army and their quarters.

late brother and sisters portions. Cap. 4. For explaining and amend18. An act for naturalizing John ing an act of the last session of parBaring.

liament, intituled, An act to oblige 19. An act for vesting part of the all persons, being papists, in that part

eftate of Richard Clayton, esq; in the of Great Britain called Scotland, and county of Salop, in trustees to be all persons in Great Britain, refusing

sold for payment of his debts. or neglecting to take the oaths appoint20. An act for vėsting the estates of ed for the security of his Majesty's

sir Gervas Clifton, bart. in trustees, person and government, by several afts and to enable him to an estate for herein mentioned, to register their life, by way of purchase, in settle- names and real estates; and for enments intended to be made of his

larging the time for taking the said estates on the marriage of Robert oaths, and making such registers, Clifton, esq; his son and heir ap- and for allowing farther time for parent.

the inrollment of deeds or wills 21. An act for vesting part of the made by papists, which have been

estate of fir Richard Anderson, bart. omitted to be enrolled, pursuant deceased, in trustees, to be sold for to an act of the third year of his the payment of his debts, and for

Majesty's reign; and also for givother purposes therein mentioned. ing relief to protestant lessees. 22. An act for sale of the manor of Cap. 5. For redeeming certain an

Queenhill, and other the lands nuities after the rate of five pounds therein mentioned in the county of per centum per annum; and for payWorcester, for raising monies for and ment of the principal and interest towards payment of the debts of

on the standing orders for the blank William Gower, esq; and of John tickets in the lottery granted for the Gower, his son, deceased; and for service of the year 1714, and for discharging the said manor and making good the loss, which haplands of and from the same.

pened in the treasury of his Maje-
sty's exchequer, by the reduction

of guineas; and for granting relief
Anno 10 Georgii I.

to Catherine Collingwood, widow.

Cap. 6. For enlarging the term Cap. I. For granting an aid to his granted by an act, passed in the

Majesty by a land-tax in Great Bri- third year of his Majesty's reign, tain, to be raised for the service of intituled, An act for repairing the the year 1724.

highways, from that part of CounCap. 2. For continuing the duties on ter's Bridge, which lies in the parish

malt, mum, cyder and perry, to of Kensington in the county of Mid-
raise money by way of a lottery, for dlesex, to the powder-mills in the rood
the service of the year 1724, and to Staines, and to Cranford Bridge
touching lost bills, tickets, certifi- in the said county in the road to Colne-
cates, or orders; and for giving brooke ; and for making the said
further time for payment of the act more effectual.
duties on money given with ap- Cap. 7. For making more effectua)
prentices; and for appropriating an act made in the ninth year of




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his Majesty's reign, intituled, An from Kingston to Burton-Common, aft for compleating the repairs of the and also the lane leading from harbour of Dover, in the county of Wood-Hatch to Sidlow-Mill, and the Kent; and for restoring the harbour lanes called Horsehills, Bonehurst, of Rye in the county of Sussex, to its alias Boners, and Peteridge lanes, ancient goodness, so far as the same in the county of Surry, by enlarg

relates to the harbour of Rye. ing the term granted by two former Cap. 8. For reviving an act passed acts, one of the fourth, and the

in the tenth year of her late Ma- other of the fixth year of his Majesty's reign, intituled, An act to jesty's reign. make a cauley over the Denes from Cap. 14. For enlarging the times for Great Yarmouth to Caister in the hearing and determining claims county of Norfolk; and for making by the trustees for raising money the said act inore effectual.

upon the estates of the late direcCap. 9. For repairing and amending tors of the South-Sea company, and

the highways from the north part others; and for reviving and conof Harlow-buh common, in the tinuing the provision formerly made parish of Harlow, to Woodford in against requiring special bail in acthe county of Ellex.

tions or suits upon contracts for Cap. 10. For repealing certain duties stock or subscriptions, between the

therein mentioned, payable upon first day of December, 1719. and the coffee, tea, cocoa-nuts, chocolate first day of December, 1720. and for and cocoa-paste imported; and for other purposes therein mentioned. granting certain inland duties in Cap. 15. For repairing the road leadlieu thereof; and for prohibiting ing from Dunchurch, in the county the importation of chocolate ready of Warwick, to the lo tom of Me made, and cocoa-paste; and for riden-Hill in the same cou

ounty. better ascertaining the duties paya- Cap. 16. For encouraging the Greenble upon coffee, tea, and cocoa-nuts

land fishery. imported; and for granting relief Cap. 17. For continuing acts for preto Robert Dalzell, late earl of Carn- venting theft and rapine upon the wath.

northern borders of England; and for Cap. 11. To prevent multiplicity of better regulating of pilots; and for

prosecutions upon an act made in regulating the price and assize of the eleventh and twelfth years of bread; and for better encouragment the reign of his late majesty King of the making of sail-cloth in Great Williani the Third; intituled, An Britain. all for the more effc&ual employing the Cap. 18. To explain and amend an poor, by encouraging the manufactures act passed in the sixth year of his of this kingdom.

Majesty's reign, intituled, An af? Cap. 12. For repairing the roads for afiertaining the breadths, and pre

leading from Stump-Cross, in the wenting frauds and abuses in manuparish of Chesterford, in the county fa&turing serges, pladdings, and firiof Elex, to Newmarket-Healh, and grums, and for regulating the marilia the town of Cambridge, in the coun- factures of stockings in that part of ty of Cambridge.

Great Britain called Scotland, lo Cap. 13. For amending the roads from far as the same relates to serges.

thettones-end in Southwark,to High- Cap. 19. For explaining the law congate, at the entrance of Ashdown cerning the trial and admission of Forest, in the parish of East-Grin- the ordinary lords of session. Read, in the county of Suflix, and Cap. 20. For the better viewing,









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