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Statutes at Large,


First Year of K. WILLIAM and Q. MARY,


Eighth Year of K. WILLIAM III.



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Statutes at Large,


First Year of K. William and Q. MARY,


Eighth Year of K. William III.

To which is prefixed,

A TABLE containing the TITLES of all the STATUTES

during that Period.


By DANBY PICKERING, of Gray's-Inn, Esq;

Reader of the Law Lecture to that Honourable Society.

Printed by JOSEPH BENTHAM, Printer to the UNIVERSITY,

for CHARLES BATHURST, at the Cross-Keys, opposite St. Dunstan's
Church in Fleet-Street, London. 1764.


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TABLE of the STATUTES, Containing the Titles of all such Acts as are extant in print,

from the First Year of King WILLIAM and Queen MARY, to the Eighth Year of King WILLIAM III.


Anno i W. & M. Sel. 1.

effectual a statute made in the first Cap. 1. OR removing and pre- year of King James the Second,

venting all questions and concerning the haven and piers of disputes concerning the assembling

Great Yarmouth. and fitting of this present parlia- Cap. 12. For the encouraging the exnent.

portation of corn. Ca. 2. For impowering his Majesty Cap. 13. For raising money by a poll,

o apprehend and detain such per- and otherwise, towards the reduc-
ons as he shall find just cause to ing of Ireland.
suspect are conspiring against the Cap. 14. For preventing doubts and

questions concerning the collecting
Cap. 3. For the granting a present aid the publick revenue.
to their Majesties.

Cap. 15. For the better securing the
Cap. 4. For reviving of actions and government, by disarming papists

process lately depending in the and reputed papists.
courts at Westminster, and discon- Cap. 16. That the fimoniacal promo-
tinued by the not holding of Hilary tion of one person may not preju-
term, and for supplying other de- dice another.
fects relating to proceedings at Cap. 17. For rectifying'a

a certain act of this present parliaCap. 5. For punishing officers or sol- ment, For the amoving papists from

diers who shall mutiny or desert the cities of London and Westmintheir Majesties service.

ster. Cap. 6. For establishing the corona- Cap. 18. For exempting their Majetion oath.

sties protestant subjects, dissenting Cap. 7. For impowering his Majesty from the church of England, from

to apprehend and detain such per- the penalties of certain laws.
sons as he shall find just cause to Cap. 19. For impowering their Ma-
suspect are conspiring against the jesties to commit, without bail,

such persons as they shall find just Cap. 8. For the abrogating of the caufe to suspect are confpiring a

oaths of supremacy and allegiance, gainst the government. and appointing other oaths. Cap.20. For a grant to their Maje. Cap. 9. For the amoving papists, and Íties of an aid of twelve pence in the

reputed papists from the cities of pound for one year, for the neceifaLondon and Westminster, and ten ry defence of their realms.

miles distant from the fame. Cap. 21. For enabling lords commifCap. 10. For the taking away the re- fioners for the great seal to execute venue arising by hearth money.

the office of lord chancellor, or Cap. 11. For explaining and making VOL. IX.

Cap. 22.

lord keeper.


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