The History and Poetry of the Scottish Border: Thier Main Features and Relations, Volumen1

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Página 20 - Yon lonely thorn, would he could tell The changes of his parent dell, Since he, so grey and stubborn now, Waved in each breeze a sapling bough: Would he could tell how deep the shade A thousand mingled branches made; How broad the shadows of the oak, How clung the rowan to the rock, And through the foliage showed his head, With narrow leaves and berries red; What pines on every mountain sprung, O'er every dell what birches hung, In every breeze what aspens shook, What alders shaded every brook! "Here,...
Página 140 - And Dryden, in immortal strain, Had raised the Table Round again, But that a ribald King and Court Bade him toil on, to make them sport ; Demanded for their niggard pay, Fit for their souls, a looser lay, Licentious satire, song, and play ; The world defrauded of the high design, Profaned the God-given strength, and marr'd the lofty line.
Página 240 - Merlin, overtalk'd and overworn, Had yielded, told her all the charm, and slept. Then, in one moment, she put forth the charm Of woven paces and of waving hands, And in the hollow oak he lay as dead, And lost to life and use and name and fame. Then crying ' I have made his glory mine...
Página 132 - Woe to the coward, that ever he was born, Who did not draw the sword before he blew the horn!
Página 103 - Traquair kirkyard. . They were blest beyond compare, When they held their trysting there, Amang thae greenest hills shone on by the sun ; And then they wan a rest, The lownest and the best, I' Traquair kirkyard when a
Página 355 - WA8 at [Erceldoune :] With Tomas spak Y thare ; Ther herd Y rede in roune, Who Tristrem gat and bare. Who was king with croun ; And who him forsterd yare ; And who was bold baroun, As thair elders ware, Bi yere : — Tomas telles in toun, This auentours as thai ware.
Página 225 - A deaden'd clang, — a huge dim form, Seen but, and heard, when gathering storm And night were closing round.
Página 239 - It made the laughter of an afternoon That Vivien should attempt the blameless King. And after that, she set herself to gain Him, the most famous man of all those times, Merlin, who knew the range of all their arts, Had built the King his havens, ships, and halls, Was also Bard, and knew the starry heavens...
Página 345 - Dunbar demanda a Thomas de Essedoune quant la guere descoce prendreit fyn, e yl la repoundy e dyt" — " When man as mad a kyng of a capped man ; When mon is leuere...
Página 140 - Phlegra with the heroic race were join'd That fought at Thebes and Ilium, on each side Mix'd with auxiliar gods ; and what resounds In fable or romance of Uther's son, Begirt with British and Armoric knights...

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