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Página 124 - choir. Part 1. Containing anthems. Columbus, Ohio, 1841. ob. 8°. Mulock, DM The fairy book, the best popular fairy stories, selected and rendered anew. London, 1863. 18°. Murray, J. Universalism vindicated. Charlestown, Ms., 1795 ? 8°. Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York. Reports, etc. 1856-66. Pam. v. 1689, 2511. N.
Página 110 - J. The song book, words and tunes from the best poets and musicians. London, 1866. 18°. Humber, W. A handy book for the calculation of strains in girders and similar structures and their strength. London, 1868. 18°. Humboldt, A. von. Plantes
Página 146 - 3d ed., containing cases never before printed. Together with a Treatise upon the law and proceedings in cases of high treason. Edited by Richard L. Loveland. London, 1873. 8°. Kent, William. The rise and progress of commercial law .... an inaugural address, law school,
Página 44 - under the treaty between Great Britain and the United States, for the final settlement of the claims of the Hudson's Bay and Puget's Sound agricultural companies. C. Cushing, counsel. Washington, 1868. 8°. JB Cushman, Utica, NY Journal of proceedings of the board of supervisors of
Página 193 - vol. 34. Willes, WH See Gale on easements, 4th ed. Wills, Alfred. See Wills on circumstantial evidence, 4th ed. Wills, William. An essay on the principles of circumstantial evidence. Illustrated by numerous cases. 4th ed., by Alfred Wills. London, 1862. 8°. Wilson, Arthur. Compiler. See Weekly
Página 82 - The thousand and one nights. .A new translation from the Arabic with copious notes. By EW Lane.. London, 1865. 3 v. 8°. Architecture. A collection of architectural engravings in one vol. eleph. f°. Argus (The). Daily. July, 1868—June, 1869. Albany. 2 v. f°. Argyle, Duke of. Primeval man : an examination of some recent speculations.
Página 144 - JH The book of church law ; being an exposition of the legal rights and duties of the parochial clergy and the laity of the church of England. Revised by "WGF Phillimore.
Página 164 - court of the US, Dec. T., 1865. Philadelphia, 1862-65. In 1 vol. 8°. Brief (A) statement of opinions, given in the board of commissioners. under the sixth article of the' treaty of amity, commerce and navigation, with Great Britain By one of the
Página 97 - New York. The official reports of the Canal Commissioners of the State of New York, and the acts of the Legislature respecting navigable communications between the great western and northern lakes and the Atlantic ocean. Newburgh, 1817.
Página 87 - AJ On the influence of the blue color of the sky in developing animal and vegetable life. Phila., 1871. 8°. Pam. v. 1908. Plon, E. Thorvalsden: his life and works: trans. by IM Luyster. Boston, 1873. 12°. Poems and tales by Mary Campbell, Mary Mel, etc. New York,

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