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Containing the Titles of all the


Paffed Anno



Being the Third Session of the Twelfth Parliament of




N act for continuing and granting to his Majesty certain du.

ties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year

one thousand seven hundred and sixty four. II. An act for granting an aid to his Majesty by a land tax to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the year one thouland seven hundred and fixty four.

III. An act for punishing mutiny and defertion; and for the better payment of the army and their quarters.

IV. An act for exhibiting a bill in this present parliament, for naturalizing his highness the hereditary prince of Brunswick Lunenburg.

V. An act for naturalizing his highness Charles William Ferdinand, hereditary prince of Brunswick Lunenburg.

VI. An act to continue, for a limited time, the free importation of tallow, hogs lard, and grease, from Ireland.

VII. An act to explain and amend such part of an act made in the last seslion of parliament, (intituled, An ull for granting to bis Majesty several additional duties upon wines imported into this kingdom, and certain duties upon all cyder and perry, and for raising the sum of three millions five hundred thousand pounds, by way of annuities and lotteries to be charged on the jaid duties) as relates to cyder and perry made in this kingdom, Vol. XXVI.


VIII. An act for the regulation of his Majesty's marine forces while on fhore.

IX. An act for repealing the duties now payable upon bever skins imported, and for granting other duties in lieu thereof; and for granting certain duties upon the exportation of bever skins and bever wool'; and for taking off the drawback allowed on the exportation of such skins.

X. An act for the more easy discharge of recognizances eftreated into his Majesty's court of Exchequer.

XI. An act for continuing certain laws therein mentioned relating to British sail cloth, and to the duties. payable on foreign sail cloth, and to the allowance upon the exportation of British made gunpowder, and for giving further encouragement for the importation of naval stores from the British colonies in America.

XII. An act to continue several laws for the better regulating of pilots for the conducting of ships and vessels from Dover, Deal, and Isle of Thanet, up the rivers of Thames and Medway; relating to the landing of rum or spirits of the British sugar plantations before the duties of excise are paid thereon; and to the further punishment of persons going armed or disguised, in defiance of the laws of customs or excise; and to the relief of the officers of the customs in informations upon seizures; and for granting a liberty to carry sugars of the growth, produce, or manufacture of any of his Majesty's sugar colonies, directly into foreign parts, in ships built in Great Britain, and navigated according to law; and for punishing persons who shall damage or destroy any banks, flood-gates, lluices, or other works, belonging to the rivers and streams made navigable by act of parliament.

XIII. An act for granting to his Majesty a certain sum of money out of the sinking fund, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and fixty four; and for preventing, in certain cases, the obtaining of allowances in respect of the leakage of wines imported into this kingdom ; and for making forth duplicates of Exchequer bills, tickets, certificates, receipts, annuity orders, and other orders, loft, burnt, or otherwise destroyed.

XIV. An act for the better regulating of buildings; and to prevent mischiefs that may happen by fire within the weekly bills of mortality, and other places therein mentioned.

XV. An act for granting certain duties in the British colonies and plantations in America; for continuing, amending, and making perpetual, an act passed in the fixth year of the reign of his late majesty King George the Second, (intituled, An act for the better securing and encouraging the trade of his Majesty's fugar colonies in America); for applying the produce of such duties, and of the duties to arise by virtue of the said act, towards defraying the expences of defending, protecting, and securing, the faid colonies and plantations; for explaining an act made in the twenty fifth year of the reign of King Charles the Second, (intituled, An act for the encouragement of the Greenland and Ealtland 2

trades, trades, and for the better securing the plantation trade); and for altering and disallowing several drawbacks on exports from this kingdom, and more effectually preventing the clandestine conveyance of goods to and from the said colonies and plantations, and improving and securing the trade between the fame and Great Britain.

XVI. An act to enable infants who are seised of lands, tenements, or hereditaments, within the duchy of Lancaster, or the counties palatine of Chester, Lancaster, or Durham, or the principality of Wales, in fee, or for the life or lives of one or more other person or persons, in trust, or by way of mortgage, to make conveyances of such eftates by order of the court of the duchy chamber of Lancafler, of the court of Exchequer of the county palatine of Chester, the court of chancery of the county palatine of Lancaster, of the court of chancery of the county palatine of Durham; and of the courts of the great sessions in the principality of Wales.

XVII. An act to explain and amend an act passed in the second year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled, An act to explain, amend, and reduce into one act of parliament, the several laws now in being, relating to the railing and training the militia within that part of Great Britain called England.

XVIII. An act for charging on the finking fund certain annuities granted by an act passed in the first year of the reign of his present Majesty; and for carrying the duties therein mentioned, to the said fund; and also for consolidating such of the laid annuities as are granted for a certain term of years, irredeemable, with other annuities granted by an act passed in the second year of his present Majesty's reign.

XIX. An act for importing falt from Europe into the province of Quebec in America, for a limited time.

XX. An act for vesting the fort of Senegal, and its dependencies, in the company of merchants trading to Africa.

XXI. An act for taking and swearing affidavits to be made use of in any of the courts of the county palatine of Durham.

XXII. An act for continuing several acts of parliament made for the encouragement of the whale fishery carried on by his Majesty's subjects.

XXIII. An act for raising a certain sum of money by loans or Exchequer bills; and for applying certain monies remaining in the Exchequer, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and fixty four ; and for application of certain favings of publick monies, and of monies arisen by the sale of military stores; and for further appropriating the supplies granted in this session of parliament; and for relief of persons who have omitted to insert in indentures, or other writings the full sum agreed to be paid with clerks, apprentices, and other servants.

XXIV. An act for preventing frauds and abuses in relation to the sending and receiving of letters and packets free from the duty of postage.


XXV. An act for establishing an agreement with the governor and company of the bank of England, for raising certain sums of money towards the supply for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and fixty four; and for more effectually preventing the forging powers to transfer fuch ftock, or receive such dividends or annuities as are therein mentioned, and the fraudulent personating the owners thereof.

XXVI. 'An act for granting a bounty upon the importation of hemp, and rough and undressed fax, from his Majesty's colonies in America.

XXVII. An act for granting, for a limited time, a liberty to carry rice from his Majesty's provinces of South Carolina and Georgia, directly to any part of America to the southward of the said provinces, subject to the like duty as is now paid on the exportation of rice from the said colonies, to places in Europe situate to the southward of Cape Finisterre.

XXVIII. An act to enable his Majesty, with the advice of his privy council, to order the importation of provisions from Ireland, during the next recess of parliament, under certain restrictions and regulations therein mentioned.

XXIX. An act for the encouragement of the whale fishery in the gulph and river of Saint Lawrence, and on the coasts of his Majesty's colonies in America.

XXX. An act for applying the money granted in this session of parliament, for defraying the charge of the pay and cloathing of the militia of that part of Great Britain called England, for one year, beginning the twenty fifth day of March, one thousand seven hundred and fixty four.

XXXI. An act to indemnify such persons as have omitted to qualify themselves for offices and employments; and to indemnify justices of the peace, deputy lieutenants, and officers of the militia, or others, who have omitted to register or deliver in their qualifications within the time limited by law, and for giving further time for those purposes; and to indemnify members and officers in cities, corporations, and borough towns, whose admillions have been omitted to be stamped according to the several acts of parliament now in force for that purpose, or, having been stamped, have been loft or mislaid, and for allow ing them time to provide admissions duly stamped; and to prevent the destruction of trees and underwoods growing in forests and chases.

XXXII. An act to impower the high court of chancery to lay out, upon proper securities, a further sum of money, not exceeding a sum therein limited, out of the common and general cash in the bank of England belonging to the suitors of the said court; and for applying the interest arising therefrom, towards answering the charges of the office of the accountant general of the said court.

XXXIII.. An act for preventing inconveniencies arising in cases of merchants, and such other persons as are within the de


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