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The same.


Abeken (Hermann). Amerikanische neger- Adam (Alexander).---- continued.

sklaverei und emancipation. Nebst mit- 340 pp. 120. Philadelphia, 11'. Marshall si theilungen über colonisation, mit beson

co. 1836. derer riicksicht auf Brasilien. viii, 232

The same.

A grammar of the latin pp. 1 table. 80. Berlin, Nicolai, 1847. language, on the basis of the grammar of Abell (Mrs. L. G.) Gems by the way-side:

dr. A. Adam, of Edinburgh. By C. D. an offering of purity and truth. Engd.

Cleveland. 3d ed. 320 pp. 12°. Philatit. 408 pp. 12 pl. 120. New York, IV.

ilclphia, Thomas, Cowperthwait f co. 1845. Holdredge, [1850].

The same. Latin grammar, with some

improvements, by B. A. Gould. 300 pr. Abelons (Louis David). William the taci

120. Philadelphia, E. H. Butler, 1866. turn. Translated by J. P. Lacroix. From

An abridgment of Adam's the french. 259 pp. inc. 2 pl. 16o. New York, Nelson Phillips, [1872].

latin grammar. [By W. W.] New ed.

xii, 158 pp. 160. Cambridge, [Mass.] Abercrombie (John, m. d.) The man of

Brown, Shattuck fico. 1832. faith, or the harmony of christian faith

Vita and character. From the ad Edinburgh

Adamnan (Saint, 9th abbot of Hy).

sancti Columbae: auctore Adamuano moed. 117 pp. 180. New-York, Van Nos

nasterii hiensis abbate. 4 p.1. lxxx, 497 pp. trand f. Dwight, 1835.

2 maps, no pl. 49. Dublinii, typis academicis, Abercrombie (Rev. R. M.) The prayer

1857. book and its story. 242 pp. 1 pl. 16o.

[BANNATYNE club publications, 110. 103]. New York, 4. D. F. Randolph, 1864.

Adams (Miss Abigail). Journal and correAbout (Edmond François Valentin). The

spondence. See Smith (Mrs. William roman question. Translated from the

Stephens). french. By mrs. Annie T. Wood. Ed

Adams (Alexander), Dr. A. Adams's rudiited, with an introduction, by E. N.

ments of latin and english grammar, with Kirk, d. d. 1 p. l. 308 pp. 12o. Boston, J.

numerous expansions and additions. By : E. Tilton & co. 1859.

James D. Johnson. Improvements on the Trente et quarante. Sans dot. Les

3d New-York, from the last english ed. parents de Bernard. 2 p. 1. 345 pp. 120.

252 pr. 120. Philadelphia, Key & Mielke, Paris, L. Hachette fi cie. 1859.

1831. Academy (The). A record of literature, Adams (Charles, d. d.) Evangelism in the learning, science, and art. [Semi-monthly).

middle of the nineteenth century; or, an Jan. 1 to dec. 15, 1872. v. 3. 4°. London,

exhibit, descriptive and statistical, of the J. Murray, 1872.

present condition of evangelical religion Acton (Miss Eliza). Modern cookery in all

in all countries of the world. x, 17-316 its branches. With directions for setting

pp. 120. Boston, C. H. Peirce, 1851. out and ornamenting the table, carving,

Notes of the minister of Christ for the relative duties of mistress and maid, etc.

times, drawn from the holy scriptures. Revised by mrs. S. J. Hale. 2 p. 1. 21-418

246 pp. 160. New-York, Lane & Scott, pp. 129. Philadelphia, J. E. Potter, 1860.

1850. Acton (Rev. Henry). A vindication of the

Portraiture of the new testament unitarian doctrine concerning the sole church-members.

120. Neuedeity of the God and father of our lord York, Lane f Scott, 1851. Jesus Christ. 2 p. 1. 164 pp. 120. Exeter, Adams (Charles Francis, jr. and Henry). [N. H.] T. Besley, 1835.

Chapters of Erie, and other essays. 2 p.1. Adam (Alexander). Adam's latin grammar, 429 pp. 120. Boston, J. R. Osgood & co.

with some improvements. By Benjamin 1871. A. Gould. viii, 284 pp. 120. Boston, Cum- Adams (Daniel, m. d.) Adams's new arithmings, Hilliard f. co. 1825.

motic. Arithmetic in which the principles The same. With additions. By David of operating by numbers are analytically Patterson. viii, 232 pp. 120. New-York, explained, and synthetically applied. 264 Duyckinck, Collins f. co. 1827.

pp. 120. Keene, N. H., J. Prentiss, 1827. The same. With numerous additions

The same. Revised ed. 306 pp. 12o. and improvements. By C. D. Cleveland. Keene, N. H., J. II'. Prentiss & co. 1848.

368 PP:



Adams (Daniel, m. d.)-continued. .

Adams (Neliemiah, d. d.)--continued. The same. 261 pp. 120. Keene, N. II., Bertha and her baptism. By the auJ. IV. Prentiss fi co. 1854.

thor of Agnes and the little key. [anon.] Key to Adams's new arithmetic. Re- 297 pp. 129. Boston, S. K.Whippled co. 1857. vised ed. 88 pp. 12o. Keene, N. H., J.

The same. Revised ed. 297 pp. 160. IP. Prentiss & co. 1848.

Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1863. The agricultural reader. 264 pp. 120. Catharine. By the author of "Agnes Boston, Richardson S. Lord, 1824.

and the little key.” [anon.] 192 pp. 120. The scholar's arithmetic; or, federal Boston, J. E. Tilton, 1859. accountant. 10th ed. revised, with addi

The same. Revised ed. 192 PP. 160. tions. 216 pp. 80. Keene, N. H., J. Pren- Boston, Ticknor' f. Fields, 1863. tiss, 1816.

Adams (William, il. d.) The elements of Adams (Rer. Emma). Woman's rights; or, christian science. A treatise upon moral

the great mystery explained by the bible, philosophy and practice. 379 pp. 80. Philsocially, religiously and politically. 188 adelphia, H. Hooker, 1850. pp. 80. Davenport, Iowa, Gazette job office, Adams (William Taylor). All aboard; or, 1872.

life on the lake. A sequel to “The boatAdams (Frederick Augustus). Arithmetic,

club." By Oliver Optic. (pseudon.] 252 in two parts. Part first, advanced lessons

pp. 160. Boston, Brown, Bazin d. co. 1856. in mental arithmetie. Part second, rules [Boat-club series, v. 2). and examples for practice in written arith

Cross and crescent; or, Young metic. 212 pp.

120. Lowell, D. Bixby, America in Turkey and Greece. A story 1846.

of travel and adventure. Engd. tit. 347 The same.

11th thousand. 298 PP. Pp. 3 pl. 16o. Boston, Leed. Shepard, 1873. 120. Lowell, D. Bixby & co. 1848.

(Young America abroad, 2d series]. Key to examples for practice in writ- In doors and out: or, views from the ten arithmetic. For the use of teacliers. chimney corner. By Oliver Optic. [pseut37 pp. 120. Lowell, D. Bixby, 1847.


ilon.] Engil. tit. 330 pp. 5 pl. 1:20. Bos. Adams (George H.) Asher & Adams' new ton, Brown, Bazin of co. 1855.

atlas and gazetteer of the United States, In school and out; or, the conquest of

etc. See Asher (John R.) and Adams. Richard Grant. By Oliver Optic. [pseuAdams (John Quincy). Twelve messages don.] 286 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee of

from the spirit of J. Q. Adams, 1859. See Shepard, 1864. Stiles (Joseph D.)

Little Bobtail; or, the wreck of the Adams (Joseph H.) Catálogo ilustrado de Penobscot. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] ferretéria americana, herramientas, maqui- Engd. tit. 333 pp. 12 pl. 160.

pp. 12 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee naria en general, instrumentos agricolas y & Shepard, 1872. otros artículos. Ed. revisada. 2 p. 1. iv, [The yacht-club series]. 304 pp. 80. Nueva York, M. M. Zarza

Little by little; or, the cruise of the mendi, [1871).

Flyaway. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] Adams (Mrs. J. S.) The bouquet of spi- 280 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Cincinnati, Rickey, Mal

ritual flowers, 1856. See Child (A. B.) lory & co. 1861. Adams (J.T.) The lost hunter. A tale of Now or never; or, the adventures of

early times. [anon.] 462 pp. 120. New Bobby Bright. By Oliver Optic. [pseuYork, Derby S. Jackson, 1856.

don.] 1 ill. title, 263 pp. 1 pl. 169. BosAdams (Neheiniah, d. d.) Agnes and the ton, Brown, Bazin f. co. 1857.

key of her little coffin. By her father. Palace and cottage; or, Young Amer[anon.] 191 pp. 12o. Boston, S. K. Irhip

ica in France and Switzerland. By Oliver ple fi co. 1857.

Optic. (pseudon.] Engd. tit. 348 pp. 3 pl. [Imperfect; wanting pp. 97-108, sig: 8 being re- 16o. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1869. peated).

[Young America abroad series, v. 5). The same. Agnes and the little key:

Poor and proud; or, the fortunes of or, bereaved parents instructed and com- Katy Redburn. A story for young folks. forteil. By her father. [anon.] 8th ed. Engd. tit. 274 pp. 1 pl. 120, Boston, Phil

Boston, Ticknors fields, lips, Sampson f. co. 1859. 1803.

[Boat-club series, v.5).

191 Pp.





Adams (William Taylor)--continued. Adventures (The) of Harry Franco, a tale Rich and humble; or, the mission of of the great panic. [anon.]

[anon.] 2 v.

2 v. 2 p. l. Bertha Grant. A story for young people. 271 pp; 2 p. 1. 254 pp. 120. New York, By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] Engd. tit. F. Saunders, 1839. 296 pp. 3 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee f Shepard, Adventures (The) of Willson Avery. By 1864.

the author of " The black velvet bracelet." [Woodville stories, v. 1].

[anon.] 234 pp. 160. Boston, B. H. Greene, The sailor-boy; or, Jack Somers in

1833. the navy. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] Advice from a lady of quality, to her chilEngd. tit. 336 pp. 2 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee

dren ; in the last stage of a lingering illof Shepard, 1865.

Translated from the french, by S. [The army and navy series, v. 1). Sea and shore; or, the tramps of a

Glasse, d. d. (etc. anon.] 4th ed. 1 p. 1. traveller. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.]

xv, 245 pp. 160. Glocester, [Eng.] R. Raikos,

for Rivington, etc. 1786. Engd. tit. 350 pp. 13 pl. 16o. Boston, Lee

Advice to Julia. A letter in rhyme. [anon.] & Shepard, 1872. [The upward and onward series, v. 6).

2 p. l. 236 pp. 169. London, J. Murray, The soldier boy; or, Tom Somers in

1820. the army. By Oliver Optic. [pscudon.] Advice to a young brother, on practical sub333 pp. 4 pl. 120. Boston, Lee & Shep- jects. By a missionary. [anon.] 115 pp. ard, 1864.

1 pl. 16o, New-York, Taylor & Gould, [The army and navy stories).

1835. A spelling-book for advanced classes. Advice to a young christian, 1830. See 86 pp. 120. Boston, Brewer & Tileston, 1863. Waterbury (Jared B.)

Watch and wait; or, the young fugi- Advice to a young gentleman), on entering tives. By Oliver Optic. [pseudon.] 276 society. By the author of the “ Laws of pp. 160. Boston, Lee 8 Shepard, 1864.

etiquette.” [anon.] 1 p. 1. 295 pp. . 16o. Adams (-). Woman. Sketches of the Philadelphia, Lea f. Blanchard, 1839.

history, genius, disposition, accomplish- Advice to young mothers on the physical ments, employments, customs and import- education of children. By a grandmother. ance of the fair sex, in all parts of the

[anon.] 1st american ed. with additions. world. By a friend to the sex. [anon.] 355 pp. 120. Boston, IIilliard, Gray & co. viii, 400 pp. 120. London, G. Kearsley, 1833. 1790.

Æschines. The oration of Æschines against The same. Interspersed with auec

Ctesiphon. [330 B. C.] With notes. By dotes. By a friend to the sex. [anon.] J. T. Champlin. xii, 182 pp. 12o. Cam

296 pp. 12o. Boston, J. Bumstead, 1807. bridge, [Mass. ] J. Bartlett, 1850. Addicks (Mrs. Barbara O'Sullivan). Pocket Æschylus. The Agamemnon of Æschymanual, treating of the science of the

lus, with notes. By C. C. Felton. french language, under the heads of, 1st, pp. 12o. Boston, J. Munroe & co. 1847. orthography, 2d, etymology, 3d, syntax. The Prometheus of Æschylus, with First number. Of orthography. xxxii, notes. By Theodore D. Woolsey. New 103 pp. 18o. Philadelphia, 1844.

ed. x, 108 pp. 12o. Boston, J. Munroe & si Addison (Joseph). The evidences of the

co. 1850. christian religion, with additional dis

The Prometheus and Agamemnon. Collected from the writings of Translated into english verse, by Henry Addison. 312 pp. 120. Greenfield, [Mass.] William Herbert. xii, 156 pp. 129. CamJ. Denio, 1812.

bridge, [Mass.] J. Bartlett, 1849. The happiness of the souls in heaven.

Septem contra Thebas, a tragedy. [In BELLARMINO (Roberto). The joys of the

(Gr.] Edited, with english notes, by Aublessed. 89. London, E. Curll, 1729. pp. i-ix). Adriani (Giovambattista). Istoria de' suoi

gustus Sachtleben. x, 156 pp. 120. Bostempi. [1536-1573]. 8 v. 8°. Prato, fra

ton, J.Munroe of co. 1853. telli Giachetti, 1822–23.

Æsopus. One hundred of Æsop's fables, in Note.Gamba says of this edition, "non è che ma

french; preceded by a description of fifty teriale ristampa di quella del 1583;" and Brunet, animals, most of which occupy a place in "une réimpression pure et simple de celle de

the fables themselves; and accompanied

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Ahn (Friedrich)-continued. by a french-english dictionary. 237 pp. vus Fischer. 2 v. vi, 134 pp; 117 pp. 12o. 18°. Philadelphia, J. Dobson, 1842.

New York, E. Steiger, 1871. The same. New revised ed. 237 pp. 189. Philadelphia, F. Leypoldt, 1865.

v.1. First (practical) course.

v. 2. Second (theoretical) course. African methodist episcopal Zion church.

-Dr. F. Ahn's praktischer lehrgang zur Hymns. Improved ed. Published by S.

schnellen und leichten erlernung der engM. Giles, C. Rush, and J. P. Thompson.

lischen Sprache. Herausgegeben von H. 524 pp. 24°. New York, 1858.

Ginal. Beide curse in einem bande. 204 African (The) repository. [Monthly). Jan.

pp. 129. Philadelphia, Schäfer f. Koradi, to dec. 1872.

V. 48,

80. Tashington, 1871. American colonization society, 1872.

A new practical grammar of the dutch Agar (J.) The American's book of oratory, language. With dialogues and readings

or guardian of liberty. 350 pp. 80. All- in prose and verse. 2 p. I. 105 pp. 16o. burn, [N. Y.] Derby S. Miller, 1852.

London, F. Thimm, 1854. Agassiz (Louis John Rudolph). Twelve Aids to mental development; or, hints to palectures on comparative embryology, deliv

rents. By a lady of Philadelphia. [anon.] ered before the Lowell institute, in Boston,

335 pp. 120. Philadelphia, Key & Biddle, dec. and jan. 1848–9. Phonographic re

1834. port, by J. W. Stone. 104 pp. 89. Boston, Aikin (Jolin, mn. d.) The juvenile budget Redding & co. 1849.

opened; being selections from the writand Goula(Augustus Addison). Prin

ings of doctor John Aikin, with a sketch ciples of zoology, touching the structure,

of his life. By mrs. Sarah J. Hale. 288 development, distribution, and natural ar

pp. 180. Boston, Marsh, Capen, Lyon 8: rangement of the races of animals, living

Webb, 1840. and extinct. Part 1. Comparative physi

-The juvenile budget reopened; being ology. New revised ed. 250 pp. 120,

further selections from the writings of Boston, Gould Lincoln, 1873.

doctor John Aikin. With copious notes. Note.No change whatever from edition of 1951. By Sarah Josepha Ilale. 250 pp. 180. Agatha, or one thing I do. By the author Boston, Marsh, Capen f. Lyon, 1840.

of “Early and later rain.” [anon.] 195 pp. www.Letters from a father to his son, on 1 pl. 189. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board various topics, relative to literature and of publication, [1859].

the conduct of lifo. Written in the years Aglar (James Francis). The Missouri tem- 1792 and 1793. xi, 249 pp. 16°, Dublin,

plar's hand book. 2 p. l. 200 pp. 180. R. Marchbank for J. Milliken, 1795. Chicago, E. B. Myers, 1870.

Poems. X, 136 pp. 89. London, J. Agnes and the little key, 1863. See Adams Johnson, 1791. (Nehemiah, d. d.)

A view of the life, travels, and philanAgnes and the key of her little coffin, 1857. thropic labors of the late John Howard. See Adams (Nehemiah, d. d.)

196 pp. 1 l. portrait. 16°. Philadelphia, Agnes in search of truth; and other sketch- WP. W. Woodward for J. Ormrod, 1794.

es. [anon.] 184 pp. 16o. New York, Ameri- The same. [With an ode inscribed to can tract society, (1872).

John Howard. By William Hayley]. 178 Agrippa von Nettesheim (Heinrich Corne- pp. 18o. Boston, Manning & Loring, 1794.

lius). [De incertitudine et vanitate sci- Aikin (J. B.) The sabbath-school minstrel. entiarum]. Van de onzeekerheyd ende 158 pp. 11. sq. 16°. Philadelphia, proydelheyd der weetenschappen en konsten. prietor, [1859]. Wt latijn in hollantsch overghezet; door Aimwell (Walter, pseudon.) See Simonds 1. Qudaan, 1650. 12 p. 1. 610 pp.

(W.) Haerlem, J. A. Colom, 1651.

Ainslie (H.) A pilgrimage to the land of Aguilar (Grace). Home scenes and heart Burns; containing anecdotes of the bard,

studies. vii, 399 pp. 1 pl. 120. New York, and of the characters he immortalized, D. Appleton d. co. 1873.

with numerous pieces of poetry, original Ahn (Friedrich). Ahn's method of learning and collected. [anon.] 1 p. l. 271 pp.

the german langnage. Revised by Gusta- 1 pl. 8o. Deptford, author, 1822.

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Ainsworth (Robert). A new abridgment | Alciati (Andrea)-continued.

of Ainsworth’s dictionary, english and erat ad franciscanos, Bernardum Mattium latin, for the use of grammar schools. By epistola. Accedit sylloge epistolarum GiJohn Dymock, ll. d. New american ed. phanni, Vulcanii, Tychonis Brahe, Scriverii, with corrections and improvements. By Pontani, Vossii, Sibrandi Siccamæ, GroCharles Anthon. 2 v. in 1.. 8, 306 pp. 11; novii, Boxhornii, aliorumque virorum 405 pp. sq. 16°. Philadelphia, A. Towar, clarissimorum, quae variam doctrinam [etc.] 1836.

continent. [etc.] Primus omnia in lucem Airy (George Biddell). On sound and at- protulit, adjectis passim notis Antonius mospheric vibrations, with mathematical

Matthæus. xii, 560 pp. 81. 80. Lugduni elements of music. [etc.] xvi, 263 pp.

Batavorum, F. Haaring, 1695. 2 tab. 80. Cambridge, [Eng.] Macmillan Alcott (Amos Bronson). Concord days. fi co. 1868.

vii, 276 pp. 160. Boston, Roberts brothers,

1872. Aitken (William, m. d.) The science and

practice of medicine, with additions by Alcott (Louisa M.) Aunt Jo's scrap-bag. Meredith Clymer, m. d. 3d am. from 6th v. 2. Shawl-straps. 3 p. I. 226 pp. 2 pl. Lond. ed. 2 v. 1056 pp; 962 pp. 1 pl. 1 16o. Boston, Roberts brother's, 1872. map. 89. Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakis- Flower fables. 1 p. l. 182 pp. 6 pl. ton, 1872.

16o. Boston, G. W. Briggs & co. 1855. Akers (Rev. Thomas P.) Sermons for the Moods. [1st ed.] 297 pp. 12o. Bos

liome circle. A series of twenty four ser- ton, Loring, 1865. mons by eminent ministers of different de- Alcott (William Alexander). Familiar letnominations. With an introduction by ters to young men on various subjects. A rev. L. R. Thayer. xii, 511 pp. 120. Bos- companion to tlie Young man's guide. 312 ton, B. B. Russell, 1859.

pp. 12o. Buffalo, G. H. Derby fi co. 1849. Alabama (The) case. Articles and letters (ALCOTT's new series].

The house I live in. Part first. The relating to the same which have appeared in the London newspapers. [From de

frame. 144 pp. 180. Boston, Lilly, Wait, cember 30, 1871, to july 15, 1872. News

Colman f. Holilen, 1834. paper-cuttings, mounted on foolscap pa

Letters to a sister; or woman's misper, with manuscript index]. 9 v. fol. .

sion. To accompany the Letters to young London, [1871-72].

xx, 13–307 pp. 12o. Buffalo, G. H. [Mainly from The times, The morning post, The

Derby & co. 1850. standard, The daily news, and The telegraph).

[ALCOTT's new series]. Alabama (The) manual and statistical regis- Paul at Ephesus. 198 pp. 180. Bos

ter for 1871. Edited by hon. Joseph Hodg- ton, Mass. 8. S. society, 1846. son. 89. Montgomery, [Ala.] Advance office,

Vegetable diet: as sanctioned by 1871.

medical men, and by experience in all Alard (Marie Joseph L. J. François An- ages. xi, 276 pp. 129. Boston, Marsh, toine). De l'inflammation des vaisseaux

Capen & Lyon, 1838. absorbans-lymphatiques dermoïdes et sous- A word to teachers : or, two days in cutanés; [éléphantiasis]. Nouv. éd. xxii, a primary school. xvi, 84 pp. 180. Bos400 pp. 5 pl. 8. Paris, J. B. Baillière, ton, Allen & Ticknor, 1833. 1824.

The young housekeeper, or thoughts Du siége et de la nature des maladies, on food and cookery. 2d ed. 424 pp. 160. ou nouvelles considérations touchant la Boston, G. W. Light, 1838. véritable action du système absorbant

The young husband, or duties of dans les phénomènes de l'économie ani- man in the marriage relation. 1st stereo. male. 2 v. xxxvi, 367 pp; 2 p. 1.577 PP. ed. Engd. tit. 388 pp. 1 pl. 120, Boston, 8o. Paris, J. B. Baillière, 1821.

G. W. Light, 1839. Albany (City of). Manual for the common - The young wife; or, duties of woman

council of the city of Albany, 1871. By in the marriage relation. 376 pp. 160. Martin Delehanty. 1 p. l. 114 pp. 130. Boston, G. IV. Light, 1837. Albany, Argus company, 1871.

The young woman's guide to excelAlciati (Andrea). Contra vitam monasti- lence. 356 pp. 180. Boston, (1. 11. Light,

cam, ad collegam olim suum, qui transi- 1840.

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