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feine, approved, Maywood, N. J., to | unreasonable.-Coffee from Hoboken to Baltimore.-Middle Atlantic States, 18 Albany, 18 M. C. C. 115.

M. C. C. 689 (692)*.

Coal: Numerous mines, Ohio, other States, served only by trucks. Trucking from mines also widespread in South and West.-General Commodity Rate Increases, 1937, 223 I. C. C. 657 (679)*. Commercial sales, bituminous, moved by truck in 1935 totaled 21,960,000 tons, increase of 41.7 percent over 1933. Average load exceeds 5 tons.-Id., p. 679.

Anthracite peculiarly beset by truck competition. Increase for longer hauls will broaden the field in which trucks can compete profitably.-Id., p. 745.

Since April 1, 1933, railroads have made substantial reductions in anthracite rates, ranging up to 43 cents, to meet truck competition.-Id., p. 682.

Total truck and water originated tonnage, 1936, was 12 percent of the whole. Truck movement increasing.-Id., 229 I. C. C. 435 (455)*.

Anthracite tonnage moved by truck not legitimately mined, estimated to comprise 50 percent of truck tonnage.Hudson County Coal Dealers' Assn. V. Central R. Co. of N. J., 219 I. C. C. 676 (678)*.

No destination in western and central

Missouri is more than 75 miles from

an operating mine. In 1934 there were 238 truck mines, 46 rail shipping mines, in 29 Missouri counties; many railshipping mines also ship by truck.-Ill. Coal Traffic Bureau v. Alton R. Co., 223 I. C. C. 9 (23, 29)*.

Previous order, having effect of prescribing class rates on coal and coke, modified.-Central Territory, 10 M. C. C. 67 (68)*.

Damage from breakage caused by truck handling estimated at 50 cents a ton. Minn. & St. L. R. Co. Coreceivers Abandonment, 224 I. C. C. 83 (86)*.

Coffee: Competition does not necessitate maintenance of rate on any-quantity basis; would be unreasonably low on small shipments; on 8000 pounds or more 30 cents, Hoboken to Albany, not

42 cents, under 10,000 pounds, 35 cents 10,000 to 19,999 pounds, 23 cents, 20,000 pounds, approved.—New England, 21 M. C. C. 373 (378) *.

Compounds: Item applying on buffing or polishing compounds to permit application of rates provided on shipments in containers in barrels or boxes or in bulk in pails, approved. No distinction made in rail tariffs.-Middle Atlantic States, 12 M. C. C. 545 (548)*.

Abolishing class 75 rating applicable on buffing or polishing compounds, approved; leaving third class or class 70 rates applicable.-Id., 17 M. C. C. 609 (613) *.

Class 5, column C, abrasives, approved.-New England, 21 M. C. C. 373 (374).

Containers: It is reasonable to restrict per-package rate to apply on containers weighing 30 pounds or less.-New England, 12 M. C. C. 417 (418)*.

Approved: 2nd class, egg cases or carriers, nested.-Id., 12 M. C. C. 417 (418). drums. Id., 16 M. C. C. 499 (504)*. Any-quantity, 50 cents, empty return Any-quantity 26 cents, empty iron drums. Id., 11 M. C. C. 325 (345)*.

Empties, acids, chemicals, carboys, drums, 5th class, column B, any-quan

tity, over lines carrying inbound goods.-Id., 21 M. C. C. 373 (379)*; 35 cents per container, empty, drums, barrels of 55 gallons or less; cans and drums, t. 1., 15 cents, 20,000 pounds, approved, p. 379.

Class 5, paper and fiberboard boxes other than corrugated, 6000 pounds and over and class 5, column C, less than 6000, prescribed, except to N. H.—Id., 19 M. C. C. 777 (780)*.

Any-quantity commodity rates, on basis of second-class, paper jewelry and cutlery boxes.-Id., 21 M. C. C. 373 (377)*.

70 cents, 5,000 pounds, returned empty cranberry boxes, approved.-Id., 23 M. C. C. 361 (368)*.

Any-quantity rate 72 cents Philadelphia to Baltimore, wooden shipping

boxes, insulated, steel reinforced, old, not nested, approved. L. c. 1. 64 cents, c. l. 35, 12,000 pounds.-Middle Atlantic States, 10 M. C. C. 299 (303)*.

25 cents, minimum 10,000 pounds, new metal cans less than gallon capacity approved; rail, 23 cents, 14,000 pounds. Id., p. 305.

Reduced rates, tin cans size 1 and larger size not larger than 6 gallons, authorized.—Id., 12 M. C. C. 27 (34)*, reduced classification exception ratings authorized, p. 33.

On gasoline containers, second class any-quantity. Id., 18 M. C. C. 689 (691) *.

Rail rate of 67 cents, 1. t. 1., bags, bagging, other than burlap, gunny, jute, not unreasonable.-Bags and Bagging from Twin Cities to Springfield, Ill., 23 I. C. C. 391.

Cordage and rope: 45 cents 1. t. 1., New York-Baltimore, approved.—Middle Atlantic States, 12 M. C. C. 545 (547)*.

Same rates, Fall River, Boston, New Bedford, Plymouth, to Lower Manhattan, as in opposite direction, approved.— New England, 16 M. C. C. 499 (503)*.

Reduced rates, Rockford, Tenn. to Ohio, Ky., Ind., Mo., Pa., not unlawful.-Rope and Sash Cord from Rockford, 14 M. C. C. 437.

Cork: Cork bars, rods, any-quantity, 64 cents Baltimore to Philadelphia, 83 to New York, 10,000 pounds shipped loose; 45 cents 1. t. 1., 22 t. 1., 20,000 pounds to Philadelphia, 58 and 31 to

57 cents, 10,000 pounds, corrugated fiberboard boxes, k. d. flat, Bridgeton, N. J. to Baltimore, approved. Rail, 52 cents, same minimum.-Id., 12 M. C. C. 545 (549)*. Other than corrugated, Baltimore, Il-New York approved. Carload rate, 29 chester, to Bronx, 33 cents, 20,000 pounds. Rail 23 cents, 36,000 pounds. -Id., 10 M. C. C. 193 (201) *.


20 cents, 20,000 pounds, Baltimore, Ilchester, to Philadelphia; rail 18, 19 cents, 36,000 pounds.-Id., 10 M. C. 299 (304)*. Third-class any-quantity rating, fiberboard boxes, corrugated, k. d. or folded flat. Id., 18 M. C. C. 681 (685)*. Third class 1. t. 1., 45 cents, Baltimore-Philadelphia, fiber-board boxes, approved; 30 cents, corrugated 12,000 pounds. Id., 23 M. C. C. 207*.

Open-mesh cotton, waterproofed, bags, must be new when used as containers. Fifth class (45 percent of first) approved, all-motor and motor-water routes, in Fla., and to Brunswick, Ga.— Rating on Bags, 22 M. C. C. 245.

cents, 30,000 pounds.-Middle Atlantic States, 10 M. C. C. 299 (301) *.

Cork, any-quantity, reduced from 96 to 64 cents, to Philadelphia, from 125 to 83 cents to New York. Rail, 54 1. c. l., to Philadelphia, 32 cents carload, 71 and 42 to New York.-Id., 10 M. C. C. 299 (302) *.

Expansion paving joints of cork, 26 and 33 cents, approved; rail, 22 and 29 cents.-Id., 10 M. C. C. 299 (302)*.

Cotton and Its Products: 32-cent truck rate on denim, 18,000 pounds, compares favorably with truck rates same territory on a number of articles, same minimum.-Denims from St. Louis to Kansas City and St. Joseph, 229 I. C. C. 135 (139).

Rate to meet joint motor-water rate, cotton blankets, sheets, pillow cases, exSame rates, empty containers, as on port, import, coastwise, 20,000 pounds, lubricating oils and greases in reverse yielding 39.1 cents per truck-mile, justidirection not unlawful.-Thayer, Com-fied.-Cotton Products between Nashua, modities in Midwest and Southwest, N. H. and New York, N. Y., 23 M. C. C. 22 M. C. C. 401 (403).

Rail minimum, 80,000 pounds, 2.25 cents per pound, intrastate, tin plate, tin can ends, tin cans, reasonable; compared with truck costs.-Switching Rates in Chicago Switching District, 238 I. C. C. 303 (305)*.


Reduced rate, southern points to St. Louis and Kansas City, not reasonably compensatory. If rail carriers met the rate fourth section departures would result.-Cotton Fabrics and Cotton Piece Goods, 10 M. C. C. 275.

Rail lines allow 5 cents pick-up and | approved.-Middle Atlantic States, 17 delivery charge, small lots underwear. M. C. C. 609 (613)*. Cost to load trucks as compared with box cars, considered. Cancellation commodity rates approved.-Cotton Clothing and Underwear in the South, 10 M. C. C. 691.

For 114 to 159 miles, 20,000 pounds, earnings on cotton piece goods ranging from 37.7 to 52.6 cents per truck mile, 44 to 61.4 on dry goods, compensatory.New England, 11 M. C. C. 325 (342)*.

Proportional rate, 30 cents, piece goods and yarn, rayon, reduced to 25 cents for 56 miles.-Id., p. 342.

Proportional rates, 43.5 and 46.5 cents, any quantity, cotton piece goods, sheets, Fall River, New York to Baltimore, Washington, same as rail, approved.— Id., p. 611.

Rating exception, second class, anyquantity, cloth or fabric, mixed cotton, hair, rayon, wool, in lieu of designation of dry goods, between Baltimore and Philadelphia, and New York, 54 and 71 cents, approved.-Id., 18 M. C. C. 689*.

Cotton piece goods, 50 cents, Rockland, Md. to New York City; cotton and burlap bags, New York to Baltimore, 28 cents, 20,000 pounds, approved.—Id., 18 M. C. C. 681 (684)*; any quantity rates, dry goods, twine, yarn, approved, p. 685.

Dry goods ordinarily accorded higher rates than cotton piece goods; elimination of differential not justified.-Id., p. 337; curtain material, prints, added to dry goods list; commodity rates restricted, p. 337; cotton-cloth netting, 28 cents, 20,000 pounds, Philadelphia third class.-Id., 19 M. C. C. 777 (784)*. | to Baltimore, cotton bags, new or old, Commodity rate, 18.5 cents, piece approved. Rail rates same, 30,000 goods of cotton, rayon, or mixtures of pounds, 18 cents used and new bags, rayon and other fibers, Dover to Law-50,000 pounds.-Id., 10 M. C. C. 299 rence, Mass., authorized.-Id., 10 M. C. (303)*. C. 581 (587)*.

15-cent rate, compressed bales cotton, 20,000 pounds, Boston-Nashua, 43 miles, compensatory.-Id., 12 M. C. C. 417


Shipping density provision eliminated. Id., 21 M. C. C. 373 (380)*.

28 cents, 20,000 pounds, mixed, t. 1., Canton-New York, cotton and rubber goods, prescribed, to meet rail competi

tion.—Id., p. 585; see also 21 M. C. C. 373 (386)*.

Boston placed on parity with other New England points; same any-quantity rates on cotton pillow cases and sheets between Nashua and points in New York area as from and to Lawrence, prescribed; northbound cotton piece goods placed on parity with southbound, certain points.-Id., 24 M. C. C. 213 (217)*.

Rate, cotton yarn, in bags, Chattanooga to Mebane, N. C. not unreasonable; but great difference when moved in bales or boxes is of doubtful propriety.-Dixie Mercerizing Co. v. ET & WNC Motor Transp. Co., 21 M. C. C. 491.

Commodity description, column 63 cotton piece goods, amended.-Central Territory, 22 M. C. C. 729 (731)*.

Dairy products and poultry: Reduction in rail rates to meet truck compe

tition, see-Dairy Products from W. T. L. to Official Territory, 214 I. C. C. 727 (732) *; trucks move comparatively little live poultry, p. 736; semi-trailers will carry 12,000 pounds, some arrive in Chicago with 16,000 to 18,000 pounds.—Id.,

p. 737.

Inroads of trucks on dairy tonnage, p. 735; eggs received New York, 2 percent of total in 1934 and 17.2 in 1935, by truck, Philadelphia 7.5 and 3.2, p. 735;

Any-quantity basis extended.-Id., 23 Milwaukee, nearly half dairy products M. C. C. 361 (369)*.

Classification exception rating of class 60 1. t. 1. cotton piece goods, finished, to rail basis, though a large reduction,

1935 received by truck, p. 744.

Duluth is foremost market for dairy products; Twin Cities next; truckers prefer hauling to latter because of

greater opportunities for return load-|N. Y. groups, approved.-New England, ing. Id., p. 749. 19 M. C. C. 777 (784)*.

Truck competition hardly affects lakerail traffic from Duluth, but is compelling from inland points.-Id., 227 I. C. C. | poultry.-Id., 21 M. C. C. 373 (388)*. 207 (220) *.

Fourth-class will cover refrigeration, return of empties, eggs, cheese, butter,

L. c. 1., milk and cream, 30 and 37.5 cents, c. 1. 8,000 quarts 24 and 30 cents per 40-quart can. Third-class any quantity, 45 and 58 cents, approved.-Middle Atlantic States, 12 M. C. C. 27 (32)*.

Commodity rates, mixing privileges, Baltimore to West New Brighton, Staten Island, same as rail, approved.

Cheese and curd, 41 cents, 40-quart cans, 50 cents per 100 pounds in boxes, etc., including return of empties, 230 miles.-Id., 21 M. C. C. 373 (378)*.

Drugs; toilet goods: Truckloads, minimum 20,000 pounds, 18 cents, approved.-New England, 11 M. C. C. 325 (344)*.

Load- Proposed any-quantity proportional ing, unloading, drayage, requirements | rates, drugs, chemicals, toilet preparaprescribed. Id., 10 M. C. C. 193 (202)*. tions, not approved; tend to disrupt rate Eggs, 16 and 18 cents per standard structure.-Proportional Rate on Drugs, crate, 53 pounds, 56 and 65 miles, ap- Memphis-St. Louis, 12 M. C. C. 447. proved. 23 and 35 cents per 10-gallon, cream, approved.-Thurn Truck Line, Commodities in Minn, and Wis., 22 M. C. C. 139.

L. t. 1. rates, dairy products, Utah points to Calif., are on a low basis to obtain a revenue haul in reverse direction.-Norton, 9 M. C. C. 125 (128).

For production, destination, practices, creameries in Wis., see-Floistad, 6 M. C. C. 225.

Increased truck commodity rates, any quantity, approved.-Eggs from Manhattan, Kans. to Kansas City District, 18 M. C. C. 671.

Proposed rates are slightly higher than c. l., dairy products, other than cheese. Any-quantity basis, approved. Same competitive situation does not prevail as to cheese; reduction not approved.-Dairy Products from Iowa to Dubuque, Ia., and East Dubuque, Ill., 22 M. C. C. 405.

Common-carrier truck rates are much higher than rates of contract carriers. Meats, Packing House Products, Chicago, C. F. A. Territory, 237 I. C. C. 525 (543)*.

30 cents per 10-gallon can milk, pot cheese, cream, ice-cream mix, including return of empty cans, approved.-Central Territory, 22 M. C. C. 729 (736)*.

53 pounds per case, eggs, standard cases 30 dozen or less, Mass. point to

Rail third-class rates, 1. t. 1. drugs and related commodities, reasonably compensatory.—Central Territory, 19 M. C.

C. 36*.

[blocks in formation]

Coloring, dyes, advertising matter, 50 cents, minimum charge 75 cents.-New England, 21 M. C. C. 373 (395)*.

Feed, animal, poultry: Addition of and poultry" description, approved.— crushed oystershells to "Feed, animal

Middle Atlantic States, 10 M. C. C. 193 (209)*.

17 cents, 20,000 pounds, feeds, Chicago to LaFayette, Ind., approved.— Central Territory, 19 M. C. C. 545 (584)*.

30 cents, 36,000 pounds, Boston and Somerville, Providence, approved; same as rail except 2 cents higher to Providence.-New England, 10 M. C. C. 581 (583)*.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer compounds or mixtures of ingredients are so similar to manufactured fertilizer they come un

including metal cans,


der generic description "fertilizer," | tables, therefore exempted from minimum rates proved.-Id., 10 M. C. C. 193 (210)*; prescribed, when in bulk in bags. When movement in territory A and B exin bulk in barrels or boxes they are sub-empted.—Id., 18 M. C. C. 689 (693)*. ject to provisions of original order.- Competition from trucks results parCentral Territory, 12 M. C. C. 153 ticularly from itinerant truckers.— (162)*. Potatoes from Wis., Mich., and Minn. Floor coverings: Minimum 18,000 to Ill. Points, 223 I. C. C. 160 (162). pounds, 21 cents, authorized, linoleum Modification granted to meet competiand other floor coverings, chiefly felt-tion of carriers exclusively transporting base carpets and rugs.-Middle Atlantic fruits and vegetables, not subject to States, 12 M. C. C. 27 (36)*. regulation.-New England, 10 M. C. C.

Commodity rates, 6000 pounds, exceeding class rates, not justified.-Id., 21 M. C. C. 373 (381)*.

To avoid diversion, 21 cents, 18,000 581 (585) *. pounds, prescribed.-Linoleum, etc., Salem, N. J.-Baltimore, 11 M. C. C. 514. Third class, carpet and rug lining, cushions, approved.-New England, 12 M C. C. 417*.

43 cents, floor or stair carpeting, 70 miles, yielding 12.3 cents per ton-mile approved. Id., 21 M. C. C. 373 (378) *.

Third-class, rugs, carpets, mats, matting, of fiber, grass, hemp fiber, etc., approved. Id., 24 M. C. C. 213 (223) *. L. t. 1. movement linoleum is comparatively small; nothing which require 1. t. 1. commodity rates.-Carpets and Carpeting, Official to Southern Territory, 237 I. C. C. 651 (657).

14 and 15 cents, bananas, 20,000 pounds minimum, 43 and 47 miles, ap proved.-Id., 23 M. C. C. 361 (362)*.

35 cents, cabbage, squash, 6000 to 19,999 pounds, 30 cents 20,000 and over, 150 miles, approved. Id., p. 387.

29 cents, fresh tomatoes, 20,000 pounds, Swanton, Ohio to Chicago, approved.-Central Territory, 20 M. C. C.


Exception rating, dried beans, column 27.5 K, from lower Michigan, singleline movements less than 300 miles, to all destinations to which class rates are subject to "east" ratings, approved.— Id.

Fresh grapes, North East, Pa. to Brocton, N. Y., 7.5 cents, 16,000 pounds, 10 cents, same minimum, from points with

Fruits, melons, vegetables; 37 percent total shipments fruits and vegetables, 1933, handled by truck, 38 percent in 1934. For middle Atlantic States, 64 and 66 percent; N. C., S. C., Ga., 30 and 31 percent. North Carolina shippers no longer use trucks to ma-in 10 miles of North East, approved.— terial extent for potatoes.-Va. State Id. Corp. Comm. v. Pennsylvania R. Co., 214 I. C. C. 753 (760)*.

For 1936-37 season 4,480 carloads of vegetables moved from Fla. by truck, 75 percent to southern States. Movement to South is either by hucksters or contract carriers.-Vegetables from Fla., 231 I. C. C. 202 (205).

16 cents for 400 boxes, 15 cents for 500-700 boxes, cranberries, to Balti

31 cents, 10,000 pounds, 46 cents on 5,000 pounds, fresh fruits, green vegetables, approved; also 29 cents 70 miles.-Id., 22 M. C. C. 729 (732)*.

Furniture; household goods: To permit application of commodity rates, prior order vacated as to uncrated furniture.-Central Territory, 10 M. C. C. 67 (68) *.

59 cents, 10,000 pounds, printers' furmore, 17 cents for 400 boxes to Washing-niture, 244 miles, approved.-Id., 22 M. ton, from N. J. origins, prescribed. Middle Atlantic States, 18 M. C. C. 681 (688)*.

C. C. 729 (733) *.

Chief difference, Southern Motor Carriers' Rate Conference and Household

42 and 32 cents, t. 1., 1. t. 1., 20,000 Goods Carriers' Bureau, is generally pounds, fresh or green cold-packed vege- | higher level of rates in latter.-House

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