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Title 17–Commodity
and Securities


(This book contains parts 1 to 199)

CHAPTER I—Commodity Futures Trading Commission





Part 1


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5 114 115









10 11 12 13 14

199 210 235 239 278

General regulations under the Commodity Ex

change Act
Official seal
Commodity pool operators and commodity trading

Designation of and continuing compliance by con-

tract markets
Contract market rules altered or supplemented by

the Commission ....
Exchange procedures for disciplinary, summary,

and membership denial actions
Rules relating to review of exchange disciplinary,

access denial or other adverse actions
Rules of practice
Rules relating to investigations
Rules relating to reparations
Public rulemaking procedures
Rules relating to suspension or disbarment from

appearance and practice
Reports general provisions
Reports by contract markets
Reports by futures commission merchants, mem-

bers of contract markets and foreign brokers ....
Reports by traders .....
Reports by persons holding bona fide hedge posi-

tions pursuant to $1.3(z) of this chapter and by

merchants and dealers in cotton
Special calls
Foreign futures and foreign options transactions ...
Leverage transactions
Regulation of commodity option transactions
Regulation of domestic exchange-traded commod-

ity option transactions
Regulation of hybrid instruments


279 282 286



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370 371

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372 391 395



397 400 414 423

35 Exemption of swap agreements
100 Delivery period required
140 Organization, functions, and procedures of the

141 Salary offset
142 Indemnification of CFTC employees
143 Collection of claims owed the United States aris-

ing from activities under the Commission's juris

144 Procedures regarding the disclosure of information

and the testimony of present or former officers
and employees in response to subpoenas or other

demands of a court ...
145 Commission records and information
146 Records maintained on individuals
147 Open Commission meetings
148 Implementation of the Equal Access to Justice Act

in covered adjudicatory proceedings before the

Commission .... 149 Enforcement of nondiscrimination on the basis of

handicap in programs or activities conducted by

the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
150 Limits on positions
155 Trading standards
156 Broker Associations
166 Customer protection rules
170 Registered futures associations
171 Rules relating to review of National Futures Asso-

ciation decisions in disciplinary, membership de-
nial, registration and member responsibility ac-

180 Arbitration or other dispute settlement procedures
190 Bankruptcy
191-199 [Reserved]


437 443 446 456 457 458

461 475 479

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