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Burial, for certain deceased persons—Continued
Public Health Service; commissioned officers and other personnel, 42 $8 21.331,

Selective Service registrants, 32 § 1609.51

Veterans; expenses, flag, etc., 38 $$ 1.10, 4.192-4.207 Burial vault (concrete) manufacturing industry; trade practice conference rules,

16 Part 122 Bus companies. See Motor vehicles and motor carriers. Bus drivers: Exemption from wage and hours provisions of Fair Labor Standards Act, 29

Part 786
Safety regulations:

General regulations, driving of motor vehicles, 49 Part 192
Hours of service, 49 Part 195

Qualifications of drivers, 49 Part 192

See also Motor vehicles and motor carriers,
Buses, brought in for temporary stay or taken abroad; customs entry, 19

$ $ 10.41, 10.42 Business: Business and trade practices, regulations respecting. See Federal Trade Com

mission. Loans to business enterprises. See Loans. Misrepresenting business status, advantages, or connections; cease and desist

orders, 16 $$ 13.136-13.570 Public lands, for business sites; lease or sale of small tracts of public lands for,

43 Part 257 Small business concerns, military procurement from; regulations of armed

services, 32 88 1.302–3, 3.104, 606.701-606.717 Subsidizing of business; cease and desist orders, 16 § 13.2260 Transfer of business; transfer of quotas, ratings and other priorities, 32A Chap

ter VI, Regulation 6 Veterans, business loans to; guarantee of, under Servicemen's Readjustment

Act, 38 $$ 36.4234-36.4251
Business and Defense Services Administration, Department of Commerce:

Foreign patents owned by United States, issuance of licenses under, 15 Part 601
Regulations under Defense Production Act of 1950, 32A Chapter VI
Adoption and ratification of actions of National Production Authority,

BDSA Regulation 1
Aluminum; rules for acceptance, production and scheduling of rated orders

after July 1, 1953, M-5A
Appeals; procedure respecting, and operations of NPA Appeals Board,

Regulation 5
Business transfer, rules governing; transfer of quotas, ratings, etc., Regu-

lation 6
Canada; extent to which contracts and orders required to support defense

programs of United States and Canada may have benefit of priorities

system, Regulation 3
Chemicals; ratings for certain chemicals, restrictions upon use of, BDSA

Regulation 2, Interpretation 1
Components or parts:
Crystal diodes, electron tubes, transitors; required acceptance and

equitable distribution of rated orders, M-17
Sequence of deliveries for small orders of electronic components, BSDA

Regulation 2, Direction 4
Construction, for defense programs, rules respecting, DMS Regulation 2
Self-authorization procedure for MRO needed by certain contractors,

Direction 3
Construction machinery. See Machines and machinery.
Containers; priority ratings for BDSA Regulation 2, Interpretation 1
Copper and copper-base alloys; production and distribution, M-11A
Crystal diodes. See Components or parts.

Business and Defense Services Administration, Department of Commerce

Continued Regulations under Defense Production Act of 1950, 32A Chapter VI-Con. Defense Materials System: Basic rules; authorization for production schedules and allotment pro

cedure for manufacturers of Class A and Class B products, with
rated orders bearing program identification A, B, C, D, or E,

DMS Regulation 1
Allotment, short form, Schedule II
Controlled materials, Schedule I
Minimum mill quantities, Schedule IV
Self-authorization procedure:

For defense contract laboratories, Direction 3

For MRO needed by certain persons, Direction 4
Special procedure for production of APBRA B products, Direction 5
Time for placing authorized controlled material orders, Sched-

ule III
Construction, for defense program, rules respecting, DMS Regulation 2
Self-authorization procedure for MRO needed by certain con-

tractors, Direction 3
Electronic components. See Components or parts.
Hearing commissioners. See Rules of practice.
Interpretations of regulations and orders; procedure to request and obtain,

Regulation 7
Iron and steel; regulations applicable to producers of steel mill products

and steel castings, and to steel distributors, M-1A
Laboratories, defense contract, materials for; self-authorization procedure,

32A Chapter VI, DMS Regulation 1, Direction 3
Machines and machinery:
Construction machinery; distribution, M-43A

List of construction machinery and equipment, List A
Lease of machinery or equipment; use of DO rating, BDSA Regula-

tion 2, Interpretation 3
Metalworking machines, delivery of, M-41

Types of classifications included in order, Exhibits A and B
Metals. See Aluminum; Copper; and Iron and steel.
Metalworking machines. See Machines and machinery.
Priorities system operation:
Basic rules, BDSA Regulation 2

Cancellation and conversion of certain DO ratings, Direction 6
Containers, packaging, and chemicals, certain; application of rat-

ings, Interpretation 1
Electronic components; sequence of deliveries for small orders,

Direction 4
Machinery or equipment, lease of; use of DO rating, Interpreta-

tion 3
Signature for certification on purchase or delivery orders, Interpre-

tation 2 Canada; extent to which contracts and orders required to support de

fense programs of United States and Canada may have benefit of

priorities system, Regulation 3
Defense Materials System. See Defense Materials System, above.
Rules of practice, before hearing commissioners; hearings in adversary pro-

ceedings, appeals, suspension and consent orders, etc., RP 1
Steel. See Iron and steel.
Titanium mill products BDSA M-107
Transistors. See Components or parts.

Vacuum tubes. See Components or parts.
Business Economics, Office of:
Fellowships for qualified citizens of other American Republics, national income

and international balance of payments statistics, 15 Part 801 Foreign shipping and air transport operators; annual reporting of revenues for

carrying imports to, and expenditures in, the United States, 15 Part 802

Business enterprises, in Puerto Rico; minimum wage rates for certain workers.

See Wage and Hour Division, Labor Department.
Business, store, and office machines; excise tax regulations, 26 $$ 316.140, 316.141
Butchers, retail; exemption from meat inspection regulations, 9 Part 4

See also Dairy products.
Countervailing duties on butter from Australia and Denmark, 19 $ 16.24

Price support programs, 6 Part 430

Parity prices, 7 Part 5

Price support programs, 6 Part 430
Buttermilk. See Dairy products.
Butters, fruit. See Fruits and berries.

British Token Import Plan, export to United Kingdom under, 15 § 361.13
Button jobbing industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 163
Covered button manufacturing industries; trade practice conference rules, 16

Part 119
Minimum wages for home workers, 29 Part 625
Buy-American Act, procurement under:

By Government agencies, 44 $ 53.31
Military procurement; foreign purchases, exceptions, 32 $$ 6.101-6.109, 595.103–

с C. o. d. mail service, 39 Part 53

Armed forces, members of; c. o. d. mail sent by, 39 & 21.5

International mail service not available at present time, 39 § 123.1 Cabarets and similar places of entertainment, admissions to; excise tax regulations,

26 $$ 101.1-101.21, 101.31-101.44 Cabbage. See Vegetables. Cable communications and companies: Cable Landing License Act, applications under, for license for landing or opera

tion of submarine cables or for consent to transfer of such license, 47 Part 1,

Appendix 1 Common carrier regulations for ocean-cable carriers. See Federal Communi

cations Commission. Government contracts with cable communications companies; statutory exemp

tion from provisions of Public Contracts Act, 41 $ 201,2 International cables under high seas, materials for maintenance and repair of;

customs entry, exceptions, 19 $ 10.41 Submarine cables, representation of, on Government charts, 33 $ 209.430

Tax on communication services; excise tax regulations, 26 $$ 130.30–130.47 Cacao products (cocoa, chocolate, etc.); definitions and standards of identity, 21

Part 14

Aviation cadets; training, 32 Part 874
Coast Guard Cadets; training, etc., 33 Part 40
Maritime academies, cadets in; training of, 46 Part 310
Naval cadets; admission of midshipmen to Naval Academy, 32 Part 710
United States Military Academy, West Point; entrance requirements, etc., for

cadets, 32 Part 575 Veterans' claims, of cadets and midshipmen assigned to duties constituting war

service, 38 $$ 3.1 (m), 3.1010 Cadmium cells; test fee schedules, 15 | 201.801 Calibration of instruments for use in various fields (chemistry, electricity, etc.);

test fee schedules. See National Bureau of Standards. California lands:

Exchanges of lands with individuals, 43 $ $ 270.38–270.41

Swamp lands, grants to States; selection, patents, etc., 43 Part 271
California Debris Commission:

Hydraulic mining, regulation of, 33 $ $ 209.160
Mining debris; tax imposed by act of March 1, 1893, on debris from hydraulic

mining in California, 26 Part 317 California Indians, enrollment of, 25 Parts 53, 54

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Calipers, micrometer; test fee schedules, 15 § 202.504
Call signs; radio services. See Federal Communications Commission.
Calorimeters, gas; test fee schedules, 15 $$ 203.201, 205.701
Calves. See Livestock.
Camel's hair and wool; customs entry, 19 $ $ 10.91-10.97

Excise tax regulations, 26 $$ 316.120–316.122
Export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 9)

Microcopying cameras; charts for testing resolving power, 15 $ 230.11 (u)
In national parks, reservoir areas, etc.:

National parks, monuments, etc., 36 $ 1.3
National recreation areas, 36 $ $ 2.3, 20.14 (h)

Reservoir areas, 36 § 321.9
Lease or sale of small tracts of public lands for camp sites, 43 Part 257

See also Foreign countries, governments, etc.
Aircraft; for gn air carrier permits for transborder operations in small air-

craft, 14 $ 399.17 Aliens and immigrants, entry from. See Immigration and Naturalization Serv

ice; and State Department. Arms, ammunition, implements of war, etc., in transit through United States

from, 22 $$ 75.72, 75.113 Banks registered under Securities Act of 1933; reports by, under Securities Ex

change Act of 1934, 17 & 240.150-14 Bridges and tunnels between United States and foreign country, materials and

equipment for use in building of; customs entry, exceptions, 19 $ 10.41
Countervailing duties on cheese, 19 $ 16.24
Customs relations with:

Customs offices in, listed, 19 $ 1.3
Manifests, reports, permits, inspection of baggage and cargo, grain to be

ground and returned, etc., 19 Part 5 Explosives or other dangerous articles, shipments to:

By rail or motor carriers, 49 $$ 73.8, 74.505, 77.805

By vessels, 46 $$ 146.02–9, 146.06-6
Exports to or from:

Export declarations, 15 $$ 30.33a, 30.34, 30.35, 30.36, 30.42
For re-exportation to another foreign country, etc., 15 $$ 370.3, 370.7, 371.9

(b) (1) Immigration from or through; immigration regulations respecting contiguous

foreign territory. See Immigration and Naturalization Service; and State

Department. Immigration stations in, 8 $ 231.8 International Joint Commission, United States and Canada; rules of procedure

in connection with applications for approval for use of waters, 22 Part 401 Live animals, in transit through, 19 $ 5.8 (c) Livestock; customs entry:

Exported for pasturage; reentry, 19 $$ 8.2 (g), 10.74

In sealed conveyances; feeding and watering, 19 $ 5.9 Management investment companies; registration under Investment Company

Act of 1940, 17 $ 270.70-1 Merchandise in transit, from or crossing; customs regulations, 19 $ $ 5.6–5.11,

18.28–18.31 Military purchases in; armed services procurement regulations, 32 $$ 6.201,

6.202, 595.201 Poultry, importation from, 9 $ 92.26 Priorities systems, operations of, between Canada and United States, 32 A Chap

ter VI, Regulation 3 Radio communications: Convention between United States and Canada, relating to radio operation

by amateurs in both countries, 47 Part 12, Appendix 4 Great Lakes Agreement (for promotion of safety on Lakes by means of

radio). See Federal Communications Commission. Radio station licensees in; application for registration and permit to operate

in United States (FCC Form 410), 47 $ 1.310 Return of property stolen in; customs regulations, 19 g 23.34

Securities, certain; exemption from registration under Securities Act, 17

$ $ 230.500–230.510 Tariffs for through express or passenger service to or from, 49 $ $ 145.72, 147.38 Taxation pursuant to treaties with; regulations respecting:

Estate and gift taxes, 26 $$ 82.1-82.10

Income taxes, 26 $$ 7.20–7.56 Canal Zone. See Panama. Canals, rights-of-way over public lands for, 43 $$ 74.24–74.27, 244.22–244.51 Cancellations, postal; special cancellations for certain non-profit advertising pur

poses, of general public interest, 39 Part 36 Candidates for public office; radio and television broadcasts by, 47 $$ 3.120, 3.290,

3.590, 3.657 Candle power, various lamps, etc.:

Reference standards, 15 § 230.11 (w)

Test fee schedules, 15 $ $ 202.101-202.104 Candy. See Confectionery. Cannabis, marihuana. See Narcotics. Canned foods (fruits, vegetables, sea food). See Fruits and berries; Sea food; and

Vegetables. Cans. See Containers. Cantaloups. See Fruits and berries. Canton Island, Federal civil airports on; loading areas, landing and parking fees, etc.,

14 Part 575 Canvas cover industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 199 Canyon de Chelly National Monument:

Navajo Tribe, use by, 36 $ 1.20 (b)

Visitors, 36 $ 1.16 (d) Cap and hat (men's) industry; minimum wage determination, 41 § 202.11 Capacitors; test fee schedules, 15 SS 201.203, 201.204, 214.804 Capacity standards, for various measures (bushels, gallons, etc.); test fee schedules,

15 $ 206.702 Capital stock. See Stock. Captains of Port; authority respecting anchorage and movement of vessels in certain

areas, 33 $ $ 1.01-30, 92.03 Carbon dioxide manufacturing industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 129 Carbromal:

See also Drugs.

Designation as substance from which habit-forming drugs are derived, 21 g 165.1 Cards, greeting, industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 38 Cards, playing:

Customs regulations respecting importation, packing and stamping, 19 $ $ 9.8, 11.4 Removals to foreign-trade zones; excise tax gulations, 26 $$ 199.425–199.436

Tax on; excise tax regulations, 26 Parts 305, 450, 451 Cards, postal. See Post cards. Career and career-conditional positions in Federal Government, regulations respect

ing. See Civil Service Commission. Caretakers, free transportation of, in connection with shipments of property, 49

$ $ 101.17, 141.60, 145.60, 147.32 Carey Act grants to States for irrigation, etc., 43 Part 272 Cargo, of various carriers: See also Aircraft and air carriers; Motor vehicles and motor carriers; Railroads;

and Vessels.
Customs entry, for cargo on board aircraft or vessels:

Aircraft; documents for entry and clearance, 19 $ $ 6.6–6.9
Vessels in foreign and domestic trade; landing and delivery, inspection for

foreign clearance, residue cargo in coastwise trade, etc., 19 $$ 4.30–4.41,

4.62, 4.72, 4.73, 4.85, 4.86, 4.88, 4.91 Cargo vessels, United States:

Arming of, 46 $$ 147.06–1–147.06–5
Regulations respecting construction, equipment, operation, etc. See Coast

Carlsbad Caverns National Park:

Approval required for entering undeveloped caverns, 36 § 20.47

Fees, guide and elevator, 36 $$ 13.1, 13.4
Carpet and rug, wool, industry; minimum wage determinations, 41 $ 202.21

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