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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1853, by

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the District of Columbia.


To Messrs. Abner Walker and Bernard Todd, 124.

To the General Assembly of North Carolina, 125.

To the Society of Tammany of New York City, 127.

To the Democratic Republicans of Philadelphia, 128.

To the Legislature, Council, and House of Representatives of the Territory

of New Orleans, 129.

To Governor Langdon, 131.

To Governor Langdon, 132.

To the Speaker of the House of Representatives of South Carolina, 133.

To the Inhabitants of Boston, Newbury port, and Providence, &c., 133.

To a Portion of the Citizens of Boston, 135.

To the Baltimore Baptist Association, 137.

To the Ketocton Baptist Association, 138.

To the Six Baptist Associations represented at Chesterfield, Virginia, 139.

To Taber Finch, 140.

To the Young Republicans of Petersburg and its vicinity, 141.

To the Methodist Episcopal Church at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 142.

To the Electors of the County of Ontario, New York, 143.

To the Citizens of the County and City of Philadelphia, 144.

To the Legislature of Georgia, 145.

To the Methodist Episcopal Church at New London, Connecticut, 147.

To the General Assembly of Virginia, 147.

To the Citizens of Wilmington and its vicinity, 149.

To John Gassaway, 150.

To the Republican Young Men of New London, 151.

To the Republicans of Loudon county, Virginia, 152.

To Governor Tompkins, 153.

To General James Robertson, 154.

To the Republicans of Niagara county, New York, 155.

To Captain Quin Morton, 156.

To the Tammany Society of Washington City, 156.

To the Citizens of Washington City, 157.

To the Republicans of Georgetown, 159.

To the Republican Merchants of Leesburg and its vicinity, 161.

To the Friends of the Administration in Bristol county, Rhode Island, 162.

To the Republican Delegates of Washington county, Pennsylvania, 163.

To the Citizens of Alleghany county, Maryland, 164.

To the Republican Citizens of Washington county, Maryland, 165.

To the President of the Ancient Plymouth Society of New London, 166.

To Governor Wright, 166.

To the Legislature of the State of New York, 166.


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