Librorum impressorum qui in Museo britannico adservantur catalogus, Volumen7


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Página 2 - EXTRACTS from the several treaties subsisting between Great Britain and other kingdoms and States, of such articles and clauses as relate to the duty and conduct of the commanders of the King of Great Britain's ships of war.
Página 46 - But there is a person that has written an ' Inquiry historical and critical into the evidence against Mary queen of Scots ; ' and has attempted to refute the foregoing narrative.
Página 162 - A Plain Account of the Nature and End of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, &c.
Página 40 - London, 1652. This contains Simeon Monachus Dunelmensis, Johannes Prior Hagustaldensis, Ricardus Prior Hagustaldensis, Ailredus Abbas Rievallensis, Radulphus de Diceto Londiniensis, Johannes Brompton Jornallensis, Gervasius Monachus Dorobornensis, Thomas Stubbs Dominicanus, Gulielmus Thorn Cantuariensis, Henricus Knighton Leiccstrensis.
Página 11 - A Letter to the Reverend the Clergy of both Universities Concerning the Trinity and the Athanasian Creed, with Reflections on all the Late Hypotheses, Particularly Dr.

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