The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut [1636-1776] ...

Press of the Case, 1870

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Página 503 - The kindred of any such poor person, if any he shall have, in the line or degree of father or grandfather, mother or grandmother, children or grandchildren, by consanguinity, or children by adoption, living within this state and of sufficient ability shall be holden to support such pauper In proportion to such ability.
Página 298 - SEASONABLE THOUGHTS UPON MORTALITY. A Sermon occasioned by the raging of a Mortal Sickness in the Colony of Connecticut, and the many Deaths of our Brethren there.
Página 425 - An Act for Prevention of Frauds and Perjuries, and of an Act passed in the Parliament of Ireland in the seventh year of the reign of King William the Third, intituled An Act for Prevention of Frauds and Perjuries...
Página 239 - ... as fully and amply, to all intents and purposes, whatsoever, as the courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer within his majesty's kingdom of England...
Página 53 - ... this government, shall meet together at their respective county towns, with such messengers as the churches to which they belong shall see cause to send with them, on the last Monday in June next, there to consider and agree upon those methods and rules for the management of ecclesiastical discipline, which by them shall be judged agreeable and conformable to the word of God...
Página 502 - All breaches of this act to be heard and tryed by one assistant or justice of the peace, and the said penalties by them inflicted upon due proof. All penalties arising upon this act to be half for the use of the poor of the town in which the offence is committed, the other half to him or them that shall complain of such offenders and prosecute his or their complaint to effect, as well the constables and grand-jury men as others.
Página 378 - This Indented Bill of Twenty Shillings due from the colony of Connecticut, in New England, to the possessor thereof, shall be in value equal to money, and shall be accordingly accepted by the Treasurer, and Receivers subordinate to him, in all public payments, and for any stock at any time in the Treasury. "Hartford, July the Twelfth, AD, 1709. " By order of the General Court.
Página 111 - Shillings due from the Massachusetts Colony to the Possessor shall be in value equal to money, and shall be accordingly accepted by the Treasurer and Receivers subordinate to him in all Public payts, and for any stock at any time in the Treasury. Boston, in New England. February the third, 1690. By order of the General Court.
Página 397 - ... the ore of gold and silver, which, from time to time, and at all times hereafter, shall be there gotten, had, or obtained...
Página 232 - Any two justices of the peace may, if need be, make out a warrant, directed to the sheriff of the county, or his deputy, or to any constable...

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