Notable Events in the History of Dover, New Hampshire: From the First Settlement in 1623 to 1865

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Página 54 - You, and every one of you, are required, in the King's Majesty's name, to take these vagabond Quakers, Anne Colman, Mary Tomkins, and Alice Ambrose, and make them fast to the cart's tail, and driving the cart through your several towns, to whip them upon their naked backs not exceeding ten stripes apiece on each of them, in each town; and so to convey them from constable to constable till they are out of this jurisdiction, as you will answer it at your peril; and this shall be your warrant.
Página 18 - Lord Charles, by the grace of God King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c.
Página 98 - Here they formed into two divisions, one of which was to go on each side of the river and plant themselves in ambush, in small parties, near every house, so as to be ready for the attack at the rising of the sun ; the first gun to be the signal.
Página 92 - The major carelessly answered, that he could assemble a hundred men, by lifting up his finger. In this unsuspecting confidence the family retired to rest. When all was quiet, the gates were opened and the signal given. The Indians entered, set a guard at the door, and rushed into the major's apartment, which was an inner room. Awakened by the noise, he jumped out of bed, and though...
Página 93 - The woman was so overcome with the fright that she was unable to fly ; but begged her children to shift for themselves ; and they with heavy hearts left her. When she had a little recovered she crawled into some bushes, and lay there till day-light. She then perceived an Indian coming toward her with a pistol in his hand ; he looked at her and went away : returning, he looked at her again ; and she asked him what he would have ; he made no answer, but ran yelling to the house, and she saw him no...
Página 92 - Wentworth, who was awakened by the noise pushed them out, and falling on his back, set his feet against the gate and held it till he had alarmed the people; two balls were fired through it but both missed him. Coffin's house was surprised, but as the Indians had no particular enmity to him, they spared his life, and the lives of his family, and contented themselves with pillaging the house. Finding a bag of money, they made him throw it by handfuls on the floor, while they amused themselves in scrambling...
Página 107 - House, for they would certainly take him, and that 'twere in Vain for him to Plant his New Orchard in his Field for he should neither eat the Apples, nor drink the Cyder, for that they would have him by & by, and roast him, and She should see it. In the Interim Mr Waldron coming over the Boom ; the Watchman on the Top of his House, not knowing who it was call'd out, Stand; which the Indians hearing, being frightened, ran all away, one...
Página 93 - ... his influence with the other Indians to the same purpose. This Indian was one of the party who surprised the place, and she was well known to the most of them.* The same day, after the mischief was done, a letter from Secretary Addington, written by order of the government, directed to Major Waldron, giving him notice of the intention of the Indians to surprise him under pretence of trade, fell into the hands of his son. This design was communicated to Governor Bradstreet by Major Hinchman of...
Página 8 - Tnomson had been engaged. In a few years this company broke up and the servants were discharged ; the whole scheme proving a failure. On a division of the property Mason bought the shares of some of his associates and sent over a new supply of men, set up saw mills, and soon after died. The Thomson house erected at Little Harbor in 1623, though built of stone, could have been no such substantial structure as is imagined. It is not probable that " it presented the general appearance of the dwelling...
Página 15 - Larkham saw them thus provided, he withdrew his party, and went no further, but sent down to Mr. Williams, Governor of Strawberry Bank, for assistance, who came up with a company of armed men and beset Mr. Knolles house where Capt.

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