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The library is open for the delivery of books, except Sundays and holidays, from 10 A.M. until 8 P.M. Reading-rooms open from 10 A.M. until 9 P. M., and on Sundays from 2 until 6 P. M.


Books are collected from and delivered to all local stations, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Marcellus I. Dow, 169 Pearl St., Cambridgeport.
E. C. Gove, 275 Main St., Cambridgeport.
Mrs. H. M. Grant, 2 Holworthy St., Cambridge.
James W. Hunnewell, 2074 Massachusetts Ave., North Cambridge.
Carrie E. Phillips, corner of Huron and Concord Avenues.
Prospect Union, 744 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridgeport.
L. W. Reycroft, 336 Cambridge St., East Cambridge.



Griswold, William M. A descriptive list of books for the young. Cambridge, 1895. 8°.

028-G88 A classified list of books for young readers. The comments are carefully selected and in most instances are very full. Leypoldt, Augusta H., and Iles, George, eds. List of books

for girls and women and their clubs; with descriptive and critical notes, and a list of periodicals and hints for girls' and women's clubs. Boston, 1895. 8°.

028-L 59 This work was first published in five parts in paper. It includes a list of publishers and an index to all the lists given. Matthews, Brander. Bookbindings old and new : notes of

book-laver, with an account of the Grolier club of New York. Illustrated. N. Y. and London, 1895. 12°. 095-M 43

The book contains many illustrations of fine examples of both ancient and modern bookbinding.

PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION. Gladden, Washington. Ruling ideas of the present age. Boston and N. Y., 1895. 16o.

171-G 45 An attempt at the interpretation of some of the intellectual and ethical movements of the present day. This essay took the

Fletcher prize at Dartmouth college in 1894. Olcott, Henry Steel. Old diary leaves : the true story of the

Theosophical society. N. Y. and London, 1895. Illus. 12°

212-OL I The author is the founder and president of the Theosophical society. The book contains a very full account of Madame Blavatsky.

Raphael, pseud. Private instructions in animal magnetism.

Revised and enlarged. 8th ed. London, 1895. 64 pp. sm. 4o.

134-R 18 Sidgwick, Henry. Outlines of the history of ethics for English

readers. London, 1886. (Macmillan's manuals for students.) 12°.

170.9-Sir Tracy, Frederick. Psychology of childhood. 3d ed. Boston,

1895. (Heath's pedagogical library.) 12°. 150–167

SOCIOLOGY. Burrows, Montagu. History of the foreign policy of Great Britain. London, 1895. 8o.

327-B94 “Yet, deeply implicated as she (Great Britain) became in the balance of power in Europe, she never lost sight of her strong position as an extra-continental power,-a position which, as her navy, her commerce, and her colonies grew, expanded into that of a world-wide maritime empire. The development, the oscillation, and the reconciliation of these two principles of national policy form the chief elements of the present work."

Preface. Cox, Marian Roalfe. An introduction to folk-lore. London, 1895. 12°.

398-C 83 A general survey of folk-lore from the anthropological point of view. The theories set forth are chiefly those of Dr. Tylor, Her

bert Spencer, and Andrew Lang. Froebel, Friedrich. Songs and music of Friedrich Froebel's

Mother play (Mutter und kose lieder). Songs newly translated and furnished with new music. Prepared and arranged by Susan E. Blow. N. Y., 1895. Illus. (International education series.) 12°.

372.2-F 9211 The second and concluding volume of Miss Blow's version of Froebel's noted work, the first volume of which was entitled Mot

toes and commentaries. The poems are not literal translations but “attempts to cast Froebel's ideas into truly poetic form.” A few songs have been added, and new music replaces the original

melodies. Goddard, Frederick B. Giving and getting credit: a book for business men. N. Y., 1895. 12°.

332.7-G54 Describes the growth of the credit system, mercantile agencies, bankruptcy laws, panics, etc. Gordon, Armistead C. Congressional currency: an outline

of the federal money system. N. Y., 1895. (Questions of the day.) 12o.

332-G 65 An outline of the federal money system as it exists to-day, and a sketch of the legislation by Congress in regard to money and

currency from 1861 to the present time. National conference for good city government. Proceed

ings, 1894–1895. Phila., National municipal league, 18941895. 2 v. 8° (con.)

352-N21 Vol. 1. ist conference, Jan. 25 and 26, 1894. Bibliography of municipal government and reform.

Vol. 2.

ad conference, Minneapolis, Dec. 8 and 10, 1894. ist meeting of the National municipal league and of the 3d conference, Cleveland, May 29-31, 1895

The papers in these volumes give reports of the “municipal condition" of the principal cities of the United States, and are of great value in the formation of opinion on the conduct of municipal

affairs. Poor in great cities: their problems and what is doing to

solve them. By Robert A. Woods, W. T. Elsing, Jacob A. Riis (and others). Illustrated. N.Y., 1895. 8°. 331.8-P 79

“The papers composing this book were contributed to Scribner's magazine during the years 1891-1893 by authors whose work embodied personal experience and close and sympathetic study, and by artists whose drawings were made among the life they represent." Introduction.

Riggs, Mrs. Kate Douglas (Wiggin), and Smith, Nora A.

Froebel's gifts. Boston and N. Y., 1895. (The republic of childhood, v. 1.) 16°.

372.2-R 441 This is the first of three little volumes on the kindergarten. “They are the outcome of talks and conferences on Froebel's educational principles with successive groups of earnest young women here, there, and everywhere, for fifteen years, and represent as much practical work at the bench as a carpenter could

show in a similar length of time.”Preface. Shaw, Albert. Municipal government in continental Europe. N. Y., 1895. 8°.

352-Sh 21 The author's volume on Municipal government in Great Britain is in a measure introductory to the present work. A large

space is given to Paris, “ the typical modern city." Smart, William. Studies in economics. Studies in economics. London, 1895. 8o.

330-Sm 2 Contents: Studies in wages; Studies in currency; Studies in consumption. Stimson, Frederic J. Labor in its relations to law: four

lectures delivered at the Plymouth school of ethics, July, 1895. N. Y., 1895. 16°.

331-Sts Contents : History of the law of labor; The employment contract; Strikes and boycotts; Forecast of the future. Wheeler, David Hilton. Our industrial Utopia and its unhappy citizens. Chicago, 1895. 12°.

330-W 56 The author hopes that his “ discussion of competition and combination may convince the reader that the consumer can do for himself what the free state cannot do for him; that statutory restraints are as unnecessary as they are ineffective.” — Chapter I.

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