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By Col. R. H. BEDDOME, F.L.S.

(PLATE 279). The species marked * are new to the Malay Peninsula. Gleichenia glauca Hook. Penang Hill, 1500 ft. elevation. G. flagellaris Spr. Penang and Perak, sea-level. G. dichotoma Willd. Perak, sea-level. Cyathea Brunonis Wall. Penang and Perak, up to 500 ft. Alsophila glauca Bl. Perak, 3000 ft. d. commutata Mett. Perak, 5000 ft. *Alsophila dubia Bedd. Stipes ?; main rachis and rachis of pinne purple-brown, slightly furfuraceous above, glabrous below; fronds subcoriaceo-membranaceous; primary pinne 16-20 in. long, pinnate, with the apex only pinnatifid; pinnules about 4 in. long by k in. broad on petioles 1–14 lines long, more or less truncate at the base, much acuminate at the apex, pinnatifid only about one-sixth of the way to the costule, the very shallow lobes rather truncate; costules scaly below or at length glabrous, furfuraceous above; veins pinnate; veinlets simple; sori large, generally only in 1-2 rows, i.e., on the 1-2 lower veinlets only, but sometimes in 3-4 rows, i.e., on 3-4 veinlets and then near the base of the veinlets, and consequently parallel with the primary vein, and not shaped like an inverted V, as in glabra. Perak, 4000 ft. elevation. It is more allied to podophylla of Hooker than to glabra, and there is a specimen of it in the Kew packet of podophylla gathered by Curtis in Java ; which Mr. Baker now thinks distinct from the Chinese plant. Pl. 279 A.

A. latebrosa Hk. Perak, 4000-5000 ft.
A. Kingi Clarke. Perak, 1500 ft.

A. obscura Scortechini. Perak, on the hill called Idjo, behind Taepeng, 4000-5000 ft.

Dicksonia (Cybotium) Barometz Link. Perak, 1500 ft.


Lecanopteris carnosa Bl. Perak, open places, Mt. Idjo, rare, 5600 ft. Mr. Day states that ants live in the rhizome. *Hymenophyllum rarum R. Br. Perak, Maxwell's Hill, 4000 ft.

H. polyanthos Sw. Perak, 4000 ft. Var. Blumeanum. Perak, 4000 ft.

H. javanicum Spr. Perak, 5000 ft.
H. javanicum Spr.. var badium. Perak, 3000-4000 ft.
H. Smithii Hook. Perak, 4000-5000 ft.
H. Neesii Hook. Perak, 5000 ft.

H. aculeatum Van den Bosch. Penang, 3000 ft.-(sabin@folium Baker). Perak, 4000 ft.

Trichomanes parvulum Poir. Perak, 4000 ft.
T. digitatum Sw. Perak.
T. pallidum Bl. Perak, 5000 ft.
T. bipunctatum Poir. Perak, 3000 ft.
T. pyxidiferum L. Perak, 4000 ft.
T. auriculatum Bl. Perak, 3000 ft.
T. javanicum Bl. Perak, 500–1500 ft.
T. rigidum Sw. Perak, 5000 ft.
T. maximum Bl. Perak, 4000 ft.
Davallia (Humata) angustata Wall. Perak and Penang, 3000 ft.

pedata Sm. Perak, 5000 ft.
D. (Leucostegia) affinis Hk. Perak, 3000 ft.
D. (Prosaptia) Emersoni Hk. & Grey. Perak & Penang, 3000 ft.

contigua Sw. Perak, 3000 ft. D. (Eudavallia) solida Sw. Perak, sea-level. D.

elegans Sw. Perak, sea-level. D.

epiphylla Bl. Perak, 3000 ft. D.

divaricata Bl. Perak, 2500 ft. D.

bullata Wall. Perak, 4000-5000 ft. D. (Microlepia) pinnata Cav. Perak and Penang, 3000 ft. D.

moluccana Bl. Perak, 4000 ft. D.

Spelunce L., var. Perak, 1500-3000 ft.
D. (Stenoloma) tenuifolia Sw. Perak, sea-level.
Lindsaya scandens Hk. Perak, 3000 ft.
L. repens Thw. Perak, 3000-5000 ft.
L. orbiculata Lam. Perak, 3000-4000 ft.
L. Lancea L. Perak, 1000-3000 ft.
L, divergens Wall. Penang and Perak, 2000-3000 ft.
Adiantum lunulatum Burm. Perak, sea-level.
A. caudatum L. Perak, sea-level.
Pteris longifolia L. Perak and Penang, sea-level.
P. pellucida Presl. Perak, 3000 ft. (rare).
P. patens Hk. Perak, 2500 ft.
P. aquilina L. Perak, 5000 ft.
P. (Campteria) biaurita L. Perak, 3000 ft.
P. (Litobrochia) incisa Thunb. Perak, 3000 ft.

var. with entire pinnules. Perak, 3000 ft. P.

maryinata Bory. Perak, up to 3000 ft. Blechnum orientale L. Perak, sea-level. B. Finlaysonianum Wall. Perak, up to 1000 ft.

Asplenium (Thamnopteris) Nidus L. Perak, up to 3000 ft., common.
A. squamulatum Bl. Perak, near Taepeng, at no elevation.
*A. Scortechinii Bedd.+ Perak, Caulfield's Hill, 3000-4000 ft.
A. amboinense Willd. (Fejeense Syn. Fil.). Perak, 3000-4000 ft.
A. normale Don. Perak, 1500 ft.
A. longissimum Bl. Perak, sea-level.
A. tenerum Först. Perak, sea-level.
A. borneense Hk. Perak, 3000 ft. (very rare).
A. hirtum Kaulf. Perak, 1000-3000 ft.
A. macrophyllum Sw. Perak, sea-level (rare). .
A. resectum Smith. Perak, 4000 ft.
A. affine Sw. Perak, 3000 ft.
A, nitidum Sw. Perak, 4000-5000 ft.
A. Belangeri Kze. Perak, 8000-5000 ft., common.
A. (Diplazium) subserratum Bl. Perak, 3000 ft.

pallidum Bl. Perak, 2000 ft. A.

porrectum Wall. Perak, 2000 ft. A.

bantamense Baker. Perak and Penang, 2000 ft. A.

sylvaticum Presl. Perak, 8000 ft. A.

tomentosum Hk. Perak, 3000-4000 ft. A.

speciosum Mett. Perak, 8000-4000 ft. A.

sorzogonense Presl. Perak, up to 2000 ft. A. (Anisogonium) cordifolium Mett. Perak, 5000 ft. A.

lineolatum Mett. Perak, 8000 ft. * A.

decussatum Sw. Perak, in dense forests on Birch's Hill, 4000 ft.

A. (Anisogonium) esculentum Presl. Perak, 1000-1500 ft. Didymochlona lunulata Desv. Perak, Maxwell's Hill, 3000 ft. D. polycarpa Bl. Perak, Maxwell's Hill, 2000–3500 ft.

Aspidium (Polystichum) aculeatum Sw., var. biaristatum. Perak, 3000 ft.

A. (Euaspidium) singaporianum Wall. Perak, sea-level. The rhizome is erect, not creeping, as described in Syn. Fil. A.

polymorphum Wall. Perak, 2000 ft. A.

decurrens Presl. Perak, sea-level. A.

pachyphyllum Kze. Perak, sea-level.

multicaudatum Wall. Perak, at the Taepeng Waterfall, at no elevation.

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Asplenium Griffithianum does not appear to occur in Perak or Penang; the plant referred to at page 193, Syn. Fil., as having been collected by Mactier in Penang is an undescribed species, and as Mr. Baker has allowed me to describe it, I annex a description :

Asplenium Mactieri, n. sp. - Caudex small, erect, scaly; scales dark brown, with a paler margin, lanceolate from a broad base, finely acuminated; stipes 649 in. long, pale yellow, whitish at the base; fronds 6–9 in. long, 1–14 in. broad, gradually narrowed below, gradually and finely acuminated at the apex, the margin crenate or serrate; texture subcoriaceous; veins distinct, usually once forked from near the base, occasionally again forked towards the apex, not quite reaching the margin ; sori reaching from the midrib two-thirds towards the margin; indusium broad and very prominent.—Penang, gathered by Mactier. Allied to Grifithianum, but with a long slender stipe, rather more coriaceous in texture, and of a paler colour.

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