A Treatise of the Law of Bills of Exchange: Promissory Notes, Bank-notes and Checks

H. Sweet, 1870 - 584 páginas
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Página 59 - That no action shall be maintained whereby to charge any person upon any promise made, after full age, to pay any debt contracted during infancy, or upon any ratification, after full age...
Página 498 - That upon all debts or sums certain payable at a certain time, or otherwise, the jury on the trial of any issue, or on any inquisition of damages, may, if they shall think fit, allow interest to the creditor, at a rate not exceeding the current rate of interest, from the time when such debts or sums certain were payable, if such debts or sums certain be payable by virtue of some written instrument at a certain time...
Página 497 - Acts, or this Act, as to one or more of such joint contractors, or executors, or administrators, shall nevertheless be entitled to recover against any other or others of the defendants, by virtue of a new acknowledgment or promise, or otherwise, judgment may be given and costs allowed for the plaintiff, as to such defendant or defendants against whom he shall recover, and for the other defendant or defendants against the plaintiff.
Página 507 - Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall extend to the Loan or Forbearance of any Money upon Security of any Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, or any Estate or Interest therein.
Página 522 - We command you, That within eight days after the service of this writ on you, inclusive of the day of such service, you do cause...
Página 527 - Enactments or either of them, so as to be chargeable in respect or by reason only of any written Acknowledgment or Promise made and signed by any other or others of them...
Página 494 - By that act it is declared that "after the 1st of August, 1821, if any person shall accept a bill of exchange payable at the house of a banker or other place, without further expression in his acceptance, such acceptance shall be deemed and taken to be, to all intents and purposes, a general acceptance of such bill. But if the acceptor shall, in his acceptance, express, that he accepts the bill payable at a banker's house or other place...
Página 104 - ... for the payment of any sum of money out of any particular fund which may or may not be available...
Página 461 - ... being in the order and disposition of the bankrupt, with the consent of the true owner, and that the assignees were therefore entitled to them.
Página 506 - ... or at the time of executing or levying such execution or attachment, notice of any prior act of bankruptcy by him committed ; provided also that nothing herein contained shall be deemed or taken to give validity to any payment made by any bankrupt being a fraudulent preference of any creditor or creditors of such bankrupt, or to any execution founded on a ^judgment on a warrant of attorney, or cognovit given by any . bankrupt by way of such fraudulent preference [*473] H.

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