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In the year 1847 the Bannatyne Club published, under the title Liber Insule Missarum, the Chartulary of Inchaffray, from a transcript of the original at Dupplin Castle, made by Mr. Henry Drummond. The then Earl of Kinnoull permitted the use, for a limited period,' of the original, which is stated in the preface to the Bannatyne publication to have been at Abercairney before it reached Dupplin.

In the year 1888 the late Earl of Kinnoull entrusted to the custody of Mr. W. A. Lindsay some boxes of Charters in order that they might be arranged by Mr. J. H. Chapman. The boxes contained the original Charters and Bulls to Inchaffray, of which Mr. Lindsay made a careful note. He found many Charters which had not been entered in the Register. And of those printed in the Bannatyne publication few, if any, were perfectly accurate in their reproduction. Dr. Maitland Thomson, then Curator of the Historical Department of H.M. General Register House, having examined Mr. Lindsay's Note-book for a different purpose, was so impressed with the importance of some of its contents that his opinion having been reported to the Scottish History Society-Mr. Lindsay was asked if he would edit the Charters for that Society. He replied that he would be happy to collaborate in the task with the Bishop of Edinburgh, who had edited the Chartulary of the Abbey of Lindores, if the latter were willing to take part in the work.

In the course of their editorial labours, Mr. Lindsay and Dr. Dowden were in constant communication with Dr. Maitland Thomson, with whom in his official capacity the Charters

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were deposited for the Editors' convenience. His services were so extensive that they felt it desirable that his name should appear on the title-page as one of the editors. Dr. Thomson is responsible for the collation of the proof-sheets with the original Deeds, and the footnotes to the text; for the dating and chronological arrangement; for the Notes, signed with the initials M. T.', on persons and places, appended to Dr. Dowden's Notes on the several Charters, etc.; for the details of the map, the conception of which is due to Mr. Lindsay; and for the two Appendices which bear his name. The photographic reproduction of the more interesting Charters was made under his direction; and the documents printed from sources other than the Dupplin Charter chest were for the most part collected by him and their inclusion approved by the original editors.

The three editors would now, on behalf of the Society, offer their thanks in the first place to the Earl of Kinnoull for placing at their disposal for publication the Charters and other records which give to this book its chief value and interest; and in the second place to the Duke of Atholl, the Duke of Montrose, Captain P. Blair Oliphant of Ardblair, the custodians of the Vatican Archives, the authorities of Magdalen College, Oxford, of Edinburgh University, and of the Register House, and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, for granting the use of the documents specified in Appendix IV. They have also to acknowledge the kindness of Mr. W. Rae Macdonald, Carrick Pursuivant, for his Notes on the Seals (Appendix 1.), and for superintending the photographic reproduction of some of them; and to thank Professor Donald Mackinnon for his valuable Appendix (No. III.) on the Place-Names. For courteous asistance of various kinds the editors have been indebted to the Rev. Dr. W. D. Macray, rector of Ducklington; to the Rev. John Anderson, now Curator of the Historical Department of the General Register House; to the Master of Clare College, Cambridge;

to Canon Christopher Wordsworth; to Mr. H. J. Ellis, of the MSS. Department, British Museum; to Dr. George Neilson; to Mr. Andrew Ross, S.S.C., Ross Herald; to Dr. Hay Fleming, Secretary of the Society; and to others to whom specific acknowledgment is made in the Notes and Appendices to each of whom they now offer their thanks.

The first part of the Introduction, on the abbey and its churches, and the Notes, chiefly on ecclesiastical persons, are the work of Dr. Dowden. The second part of the Introduction, on the Earls of Strathern, other benefactors, and principal persons mentioned in the Charters, is contributed by Mr. Lindsay.

The Dupplin Charters, etc. were transcribed for the Society by Mr. John Macleod. The Index has been prepared by

Mr. Alex. Mill of the Signet Library.

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