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Charter Abstract

xvi. Earl Gilbert's grants to the canons of the

tithe of his cains, etc., liberty to fish in

his waters, and to take timber from his

woods, .

15 181

xvii. Earl Gllbert grants to the canons leave for

fishing and fowling. He grants second

tithes as recounted in No. xvi.: also the

right of cutting timber, and of pannage.

He also promises that he and his heirs

will not convey any land or let it for

rent without securing the rights of Inch-

affray, .

16 182

xvii. King William confirms the grants of the

churches of Madderty, Kinkell, and


17 182

xix. Earl Gilbert grants a place for a mill on

the Pow Water,

18 183

xx, King William's confirmation of the lands

granted by Earl Gilbert (facsimile 7), . 18 183

xxi. Bull of Innocent iii. taking the monastery

of St. John of Inchaffray under his pro-

tection, and confirming to it its posses-

19 183

xxII. Confirmation by King William of Earl

Gilbert's gift of the church of Dunning

and of the church of St. Serf of Moni-

vaird, .

21 185

XXIII. Confirmation by Richard 1., bishop of Dun-

keld, of the Abthen of Madderty,.

22 185

xxiv. Confirmation by King William of certain


22 185

xxv. Farl Gilbert grants the chattels of executed

criminals to the monastery, ·

23 185

xxvi. Grant of a croft in Edardoennech by Tris.

tram (facsimile 8),

24 186

xxvii. Confirmation of No. xxvi. by Earl Gilbert, 24 186


Gilbert grants

the church of

Fowlis, .

25 186

xxix. Confirmation by King William of the grant,


26 187

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