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designed to supply the wants of the royal inmates. It was four years in building, and, with the chapel adjoining, cost £48. 13s. 11d.

Accordingly, in the second year of the “ Principatus," or what is supposed to be the 31st year of Edward the First's reign, the works of the new structure were commenced. It will not be necessary to enter into an analysis of the curious account of the expenditure which follows these observations, as there is nothing unusual in the entries.

The Roll is preserved in the late Treasury of the Exchequer, in the Chapter House, Westminster, and it may be regarded as a fair specimen of the manner in which the two fabric rolls of Caernarvon Castle were kept. Similarly, at a subsequent period, the hall at this castle also was rebuilt, and the roof of Llewelyn's Hall was carried away from Conway and put up here. The general history of these grand structures is so connected, that it is difficult, except in the ensuing entries, to separate them. I must therefore refer the reader, for additional information, to the account I have written of Caernarvon Castle. The existing remains of Llewelyn's Hall exhibit the unusual feature of a round-headed window of the period, with Gothic tracery. This singular window was the work of Elias de Burton and William de Walton. When the general construction is examined, and the points of junction betwixt the work of the two periods, the difference of the later is at once apparent.



Per W. de Sutton Justiciarium Northwalliæ incipientæ die Lunæ

in crastino Sanctorum Apostolorum Simonis et Judæ anno

principatus E principis secundo. Prima septimana. In vadiis Radulphi de Golston cementarii

pro iiijor
. dies operabiles ...

xij. d'. Johanni de Cantebro quarrario

x. d'.

1 Miscellaneous Bag of Wales, No. 46.

iij. d'.

xviij. d.

xij. d'. xv. d'.

vj. d'.

xv. d'.

x. d'. xij. d'o'.

Henrico Broun quarrario

viij. d'. Cadugon' ap Eignon porteri ..

Summa ij. š. x. d'.
Secunda septimana. In vadiis Radulphi de Golston cementarii

pro vj. dies operabiles
Edwardo cementario
Johanni de Cantebr' quarrario
Henrico Broun quarrario

xij. d'.
Cadugon ap Eignon portori ..
Cuidam garcioni facienti mortarium...

vj. d'. In carriagio arrenæ per aquam et terram.... ij. s’. j. dą.

. Summa vij. š. x. d. ob. iij septimana. In vadiis dicti Radulphi cementarii per v dies

Edwardo cementario..
Henrico Broun quarrario
Henrico de Oxonia portitori ...
Cuidam garcioni facienti mortarium.
In cariagio petræ de Ripa versus Aulam
Lewelini ...

Summa iiij. s'. ix. d'o iiij septimana

Summa iiij. s’. ij. d. vta. septimana

Summa iiij. s'. ix. d'. ob. vjta. septimana

Summa iiij. s’. viij. d'. vij septimana

Summa v. s'. x. d'. viij septimana

Summa v. s'. Item liberatis Roberto filio Laurencii carpentario pro diversis carpentitiis ibidem factis ad tascham cj. s’.

Summa cj. s.

x. à

v. d'.

v. d'.

Expensæ factæ pro operacionibus Aulæ Lewelini per W. de

Sutton Justiciarium Northwalliæ post Natale Domini viz. In prima septimana proxima post Octabas Sancti Hillarii

In vadiis Johannis de Cantebro quarrario per v dies operabiles

xv. d'. Henrico Broun quarrario

Cadugano le Galeys Secunda septimana. In vadiis Radulphi de Golston cementarii per vj dies operabiles...

xij. d'. vj. d'.

xviij. d'. Johanni de Cantebr' quarrario

xv. d'.

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xiiij. d'.

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Henrico Broun quarrario
Cadugano le Galeys

Summa iiij. s'. iij. d'. iij septimana

Summa v. s'. iiijta. septimana

Summa vij. s'. x. d'. v. septimana

Summa ix, s'. xj. d'. Summa totius sup istius rotuli viij. ti. x. s’. viij. d'ob'. vjta. septimana

Summa vij. š. iiij. d'. Anno principis E. tercio incipiente vijta. septimana

Summa vij. ß. iiij. d'. viija. septimana

In vadiis Radulphi de Golston cementarii... ij. s'.
Hugoni de Derby cementario....

ij. s'. ij. d'.

Johanni de Cantebr' quarrario qui fuit in quar-
rarium ultra aquam in ista septimana

ij. s.
Henrico Broun quarrario.
Waltero garcioni quarrario

ix. d'. Hugoni le pipere portitori ..

ix. d'. Cadugano le Galeys portitori . Item liberatis Johanni de Colton pro cariagio petre de aqua usque Aulam Lewelini

ix. d'. Item liberatis Tuder ap Candelow Ringildo

de Crykith pro cariagio petre de quarrariis
usque aquam

Summa xx. s’. iij. d'. ixa septimana

In vadiis Radulphi de Golston cementarii et omnium aliorum operariorum ibidem ..

xj. s’. iiij. d'. Et in cariagio quorundam lapidum grossorum apud Carnarvon' pro quodam hostio ..... ij. s'. vj.d.

s Summa xiij. 's'. x. d'. In vadiis Hugonis Gernons cementarii per quatuor septimanas precedentes........

i. xs'. Et Thomæ de Stafford cementario per idem tempus

ix. s'. Et Hugoni de Derby cementario per quatuor septimanas

v. s'. vj. d'. Summa xxiij. s'. vj. d'. xa septimana

Summa xj. s’. j. d'.

viij. d'.

vij. s’.



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ij. s'. ij. s.

xiiij. d.

ix. d'.

xja septimana

Summa vj. s'. vij. d'. xija septimana

Summa v. s'. iij. d'ob. xiija septimana

(deest) xiiij septimana

Summa xij. ß. iij. d'. xvo septimana

Summa x. s. j. d'o. xvjta septimana

Summa xij. š. iiij. d'. Summa totius supra istius rotuli vii. fi. ij. s’. vij. d'. xvija septimana

Summa x. s.
xviij septimana proxima ? In vadiis Radulphi de
ante pentecostem S Golston cementarii

Hugoni de Derby cementario
Roberto de Cestr cementario.

XX. d'.
Johanni de Cantebri quarrario

xx. d'.
Henrico Broun quarrario ..
Willielmo de Thornton portitori
Cadugano le Galeys portitori

ix. d'.
Thomæ del Gannew portitori
Ythelo de Angles' portitori

ix. d'. Summa xj. s'. vj. d'. In emptione ferri et fabricatura ejusdem pro operationibus

predictis ante pentecostem xv. š. viij. do. In xxiij quarteriis calcei factis et emptis apud Aber v. s'.

ix. d'. precium quarterii iij. d'. Et in cariagio et portagio ejusdem de Aber usque Conewey vij. s' viij. d'.

1 1 1 1 Item in factura M M M M cindularum juxta Tavernes

s'. precium miliarum ij. s’. vj. d'. Et in portagio et cariagio earundem per terram et aquam

usque Aulam Lewelini v. š. ii. d'. In vj laciis provisis ad supremum solarem iij. s’. Rogero le Mercer pro ferro et clavis x. s’. ij. d’o pro

maeremio ix. d'. Et in CC bordis emptis viij. s'. In cariagio et portagio earundem iij. s". Item in una tyna empta pro aqua portanda ad predictas operationes

Summa lxvj. s'. vj. d'. xixa septimana

In vadiis Radulphi de Golston cementarii... xij. d'.

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ix. d'.

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vj. d'.

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vij. d'. iiij. do. jiij. d'o'. iiij. d'o'. iiij. d’o'.

xij. d'. xij. d'.

Xij. d'.

x. d'. vj. d'.

vij. d'.

xj d'. viij. do'.

Hugoni de Derby cementario..

xij. d'. Roberto de Cestr' cementario.

x. d'. Johanni de Cantebr' quarrario

x. d'.
Henrico Broun quarrario :
Willielmo de Thornton portitori quarrei.
Cadugano le Galeys portitori
Thome de Gannew portitori
Ythel de Anglesia portitori

Radulpho carpentario
Roberto carpentario...

Madoco carpentario.
Henrico de Cestr'.

ix. d'.
Simoni de Hibernia
Ricardo le prentiz carpentario

Summa x. s'. x. d'.
In cariagio maheremii et petre in eadem septi-

Et in emptione predicti maheremii...
Et in ferro empto et fabricatura ejusdem...

Summa ij. s’. ij. d'o'. xx septimana

Summa xvj. š. x. d'. xxj septimana

In vadiis Roberti de Cestr' cementarii......
Willielmo Walle quarrario pro plasturacione.

xviij. d'. Thome del Gannew portitori.

ix. d'. Johanni de Cardigan portitori.

ix. d'. In fabricatura...

Summa iiij. s’. xj. d'. xxija septimana

Summa xj. s’. iij. d'.
Willelmo fabro pro ferramento.
In cariagio maheremii et petre.

iiij. d. Summa xiiij. d'. xxiija septimana

Summa ix, s'j. d’o'. xxiiija septimana

Summa xiiij. s'. Summa totius istius rotuli vij. ti. xviij. s'. iiij. d'. xxvta septimana

Summa viij. s' iiij. d'. xxvjta septimana

In vadiis Radulphi de Golston et Hugoni de Derby et duo

bus garcionibus eis servientibus per unum diem Duobus portitoribus per totam septimanam..

XX. d'.

iij. d.

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x. d'.

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