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1. Tholuck's Commentary on Sermon on the Mount.—2. Dixon's History

of Lord Bacon.—3. Thornton's Pulpit of the American Revolution.-4.

Milman's Latin Christianity.--5. Ackerman's Christian Element in

Plato.-6. Pusey's Parochial Sermons.-7. Müllers Life of Trust.-

8. Woman's Right to Labor.-9. Hagenbach's History of Doctrines,

Vol. I.-10. Ebrard's Commentary on Epistles of St. John.-11.

Motley's History of the Netherlands.-12. Worcester's Dictionary.

—13. New American Cyclopedia.—14. Works of Lord Bacon.—15.

Southern Churchman on Baptismal Regeneration.–16.-Adams'

Evenings with the Doctrines.—17. Letter to a friend.-18. Cros-

well's Poems.-19. Cooper's Novels.-20. Prime's Coins, Medals,

and Seals.--21. Harper's Greek and Latin Classics.-22. Gasse's Ro-

mance of Natural History.--23. Lay Coöperation in Frankford.—24.

Harper's Children's Picture Books.—25. Abbott's American History.

-26. Church Monthly.—27. Church Book Society's Publications. —

28. Bishop Burgess' Sermon, Bishop White P. B. S.-29. Sermons,

Addresses, &c., &c.

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1. Essay on Sisterhoods in the English Church. By the Rev. E. W.

Sellon. London, 1849.

2. Two Letters on Protestant Sisterhoods. Edited by W. A. Muhlen-

berg, D. D. New York. 1852.

3. Kaiserswerth Deaconesses; including a History of that Institution,

&c. By a Lady. Baltimore. 1857.

ART. V.-Bishop Provoost and Bishop Seabury. An

Historical Fragment,


ART. VI.-Baptism and Regeneration,


1. Goode on Baptism. New York, 1852.

2. Archdeacon Wilberforce on Baptism. Philadelphia, 1850.

3. Mellvaine on Spiritual Regeneration. New York, 1851.

4. Sacrament of Responsibility. London and New York, 1852.

5. Faber on Regeneration. London, 1816; Philadelphia, 1853.

6. Praelectiones Theologicae, Quas in Collegio Romano, S. J. Habebat

Joannes Perrone, Romae, 1843.

Notices of Books,


1. Hagenbach's History of Doctrines.—2. Stevens' History of Methodism.-

3. Methodist Quarterly Review.--4. American Cyclopedia.-5. Kurtz's
Church History.—6. Bacon's Works.—7. Rice's Quotations from the Poets.-
8. Ralph Hoyt's Poems.-9. Holmes' Songs in Many Keys.—10. Browning's
Poems.-11, Ellicott's Hulsean Lectures.-12. Maclay's Life among the
Chinese.-13, Pilgrims of Fashion.–14. The Christian Maiden.—15. Ab-
bott's Practical Christianity.-16. Westcott's Study of the Gospels.-17. Mill
on Representative Government.-18. Bayne's Testimony to Christianity: -
19. Comfort for the Afflicted.-20. Burton's City of the Saints.-21. Chil-

dren's Picture Book.–22. Publications, Pamphlets, &c.


Summary of Home Intelligence,


Summary of Foreign Intelligence,




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