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1801: shall enquire into the health of her crew, and the place from which she last irg vesele. came; and if she came from any place from whence vessels coming are quired to perform quarantine, he shall immediately direct her to follow his veffel, strictly attending to her, and conducting her to the nearest place for verfels to perform quarantine ; and such pilot shall, as soon after as possible, give notice to the superintendant of quarantine at the port neareft such place, if there be one, of the arrival of such vefiel; for which extra trouble the pilot shall be Penalty for negleda allowed seven dollars, to be paid by the master or owner of such vellel ; and if any pilot conducting such veffel, shall fail to give notice to the superintendant as aforesaid, he shall, upon complaint and due proof of such failure, be lurpended by the examiners for a term not exceeding two months ; and if any piAllowance co pilots deo igt shall be decoyed on board any vesel in which there is a contagious dit-ate, coyed on board veffels and be thereby obliged to remain on board, and perform quarantine, such pilot in certain cases. shall be allowed and paid by the master or owner thereof, three dollars for every day he shall be so detained. And, to the end that all pilots may be properly Duty of governor in ilinformed, when vesels coming into this state from any place shall be bound fuing proclamations res

lative to quarantine. to perform quarantine, the governor of this commonwealth for the time being, is hereby required, whenever he shall iffue a proclamation to that ifect, to transmit to the superintendant of quarantine, so many copies thereof as he may think proper ; and the superintendant shall forthwith cause to be delivered to each pilot a copy of such proclamation.

XV. AND be it further enacted, That the rates of pilotage on American vessels shall hereafter be as follows, to wit: From sea to Hampton road twelve Rater of pilotage on Ar.

merican reflelse dollars, and from Hampton road to fea feven dollars and fifty cents, and for each foot of depth of water the vessel draws, from Hampton road or Seawell's point to Norfolk or Portsmouth, eighty-eight cents per foot; to Sleepy hole or Lookous, o ne dollar and three cents per foot; to Pagan creek eighty-eight cents per foot; to James town one dollar and ninety-four cents per foot; to Martin's Brandon two dollars and twelve cents per foot ; to Flower de Hundred tuo dollars and twenty-five cents per foot; to City-Point or Bermula Hundred two dollars and eighty-seven cents per foot; to four mile creek three dollars and forty eight cents per foot; to Olbornes three dollars and eightyfeven cents per foot; to Warwick four dollars and thirty-four cents per foot; to Richmond four dollars and fixty-three cents per foot. On York river, coming from sea to York town twie dollars; from York town to sea seven dolJars and fifty cents; from Back river or Egg i land to York town fix dollars ; from York town to West Point one dollar and thirty-three cents per foot; to Cumberland one dollar and fixty-three cents per foot; to the highest landing on Pamunkey river two dollars and seven cents per foor; to Shepard's one dollar and forty-seven cents per foot; to Meredith's, Moore's, or the highest landing on Mattapony one dollar and ninety-seven cents per foot; from Cape Hen. ry to any river on Mobjack bay, twelve dollars; and from Mobjack bay to fea seven dollars and fifty cents; from the capes to Urbanna fifteen dollars ; and from Urbanna to sea twelve doilars; from Urbanna to Tappa hannock one dollar and forty cents per foot; to Naylor's hole one dollar and thirty-eight cents per foot; to Leed's or Micou's two dollars and thirteen cents per foot ; to Port Royal two dollars and ninety-seven cents per foot; to Fredericksburg three dollars and seventy cents per foot; froin fea to Piankatank fifteen dol. lars; and frożn Piankatank to sea twelve dollars.

XVI. BE it enacted, That the rates of pilotage from Cape Henry up the Potomack river as high as the Eastern Branch shall be as follows: From the cape to Smith's point on South Potomack coming from sea twenty five dollars, and for going out twenty dollars and eighiy-chiez cents; from smiil's point to Coan or Yeocomico seventy-four cents per foot; to Machadock eighty-four cents per foot; to upper Machadock one dollar and twelve cenes per foot; to Nangomy one collar and thirty-seven cents per foot; to Boyd's Hole one dollar and foriy-leven cents per foot; io Quantico onc doilar and fifty-eight cents per foot; to Occoquan one dollar and teventy-eight cents pe: foot; to Piscattaway two dollars and ten cents per foot; to Alexandria (wo dollars and forty-eight cents per foot; and to the Eastern branch owo dollars and fixty-tuo. cents per foot; and the pilots fhall and niay demand the fame rates for cach foot back from the aforesaid places.

XVII. THE pilots shall be, and they are hereby entitled to demand and receive from foreign vessels one fourth in addition to the foregoing rates :

Additional pilotage on

foreign vessels, Provided, that coating vefsels that not be obliged to take a pilot. Every pilot

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of war

the pilot.

taking charge of a ship of war shall be entitled to receive in lieu of pilotage Bates for piloting Tips allowed by this act, the following prices: For ships of war above fifty guns,

from Cape Henry to Hampton road [wenty dollars"; for ships under fifty and above twenty guns fifteen dollars; froin Cape Henry to York town, for thips above fifty guns twenty-four dollars; thips under fifty guns and above twenty guns eighteen dollars; from Cape Henry to any river on Mobjack bay twen. ty-five dollars ; from the cape to Smith's point on South Potomack forty-five

dollars, and the same prices back. Allowance en pilone de- XVIII. AND when any maiter of a vessel shall give reasonable notice to tained by the vessel's the pilot he shall employ, of the time and place such maiter shall appoint for his not being ready.

attendance, and such pilot shall attend accordingly, he may demand and receive one dollar and seventy-five cents for every day he shall be detained by luch master's not being ready to proceed according to his notice.

XIX. AND in all cases hereafter, when a vessel ihall be outward bound and anchored in Hampton road, and the maiter shall detain a pilot, after a fair wind offers for going to sea, fuch' pilot shall be entitled to demand one dollar and seventy-five cents for every day he shall be detained: Provided, That the fame Thall not extend to vessels falling down into Hampton road, and not in

tending immediately to proceed to sea; in which case the master may discharge Penalty on pilota re

XX. AND if any pilot, not being hindered by sickness or other lawful fusing to do their durg, cause, shall refuse when requested by the matter of any vessel, to go on board

and conduct her, such pilot shall upon complaint and satisfactory evidence before the board of examiners, be luipended for such time as they shall think fit: 'And if any injury shall arise to the master in consequence of such refufal, such pilot shall be aniwerable to him for all damages, to be recovered by ac

tion in any court of record within this commonwealth. Allowance to pilots XXI. EVERY master of a vessel carrying a pilot to sea, shall pay to fuch carried to sea.

pilot the same wages as the mate of such vetiel receives. To pilots attending

XXII. EVERY pilot who shall attend any vessel with his boat, at the rewith their boats. quest of the maiter or owner, shall be allowed and paid, seven dollars per day

for such attendance. * Captains or masters of XXIII. EVERY captain or master of a vessel, shall receive a branch"pilot, velíclo to receive pilote. if one offers, to conduct his vessel out to sea from the port of lading,

XXIV. THE fces allowed by this act, for piloting a vessel into this com: Regulation as to secs of monwealth, 'shall only be paid when a pilot has boarded a vessel without the pilots.

capes of Virginia, or opposite to them; if the vessel be boarded by a piloc within the capes, he shall be entitled to demand only half of the fees before specified into Hampton road.

XXV. THE consignees or super cargo of any vessel, not owned by a citizen residing in this state, shall be liable for the pilotage, if not paid by the

Daller. Pilots to carry with

XXVI. AND in order that ftrangers and others may not be imposed on them a copy of this ac, in the rates of pilotage, by this act allowed, Be it enacted, That every pilot

appointed under the authority of this act, shall be obliged, when in the execution of his duty, to carry with him à copy thereof, and shall produce the same, if" demanded by any maiter or owner of a vessel which he may conduct, before

he shall be entitled to receive his pilotage from them, or either of them; and Penalty for demanding if any pilot shall demand, or receive greater fees for any services rendered, more than legal fces.

under the authority of this act, than he is allowed, he shall forfeit and pay to fuch niaster or owner double the amount by him received, to be recovered

by action of debt in any court of record within this commonwealth. Branches not to be gi

XXVII NO negro or mulatto shall, after the palling of this act, obtain

a branch as a pilot: Provided, however, that this prohibition shall not eiven to a negro or mü. lacto.

tend to, or affect, any such person now having a branch. Examiners to be

XXVIII. THE public printer Thall furnish the examiners with one hunnished with copies of

dred copies of this act; one of which copies, figned by three of the said exthis act,

aminers, ihall be delivered to each pilot. Resea'ing clause. XXIX. ALL and every act and acts, clauses and parts of acts, coming

within the purview of this act, thall be and the same are hereby repealed. Commencement of this

XXX. THIS act shall commence and be in force, from and after the frå day of April next.


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An A&t to a mend an a&t, intituled, An act empowering the Governor to transport

Slaves condemned when it shall be deemed expediente i

[Passed the 22d of December, 1801.) E it enacted by the General Asembly, That so soon as the Executive halı the act, intituled, " An act to empower the governor to transport slaves con

chcir llaves directed by

the Executive to be sold demned, when it shall be deemed expedient," the owner or owners thereof

or transported. shall be immediately paid in the same manner as for llaves executed.. Any law to the contrary notwithstanding. II. THIS act shall be in torce from and after the passing thereof.

Commencement of this act,,

B Owners to be paid for

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I. W of

An A&t concerning the Glebe Lands and Churches within this Commonwealth.

[Passed the 12th of January, 1802.]
THEREAS the General Assembly on the twenty-fourth day of Ja- Preambic.
that date, repealed all the laws relative to the late Protestant Episcopal Church,
and declared a true exposition of the principles of the Bill of Rights and Con-
stitution respecting the same, to be contained in the act, intituled “ An act for
ettablishing religious freedom," thereby recognizing the principle, that all
property formerly belonging to the said church, of every description, devolved
on the good people of this commonwealth, on the diffolution of the British go.
vernment here, in the fame degree in which the right and interelt of the laid
church was derived therein from them. And although the General Assembly
possesses the right of authorising a fale of all such property indiscriminately,
yet being desirous to reconcile all the good people of this commonwealth,
it is decmed inexpedient at this time to difturb the poffefion of the present
incumbents :
JI. BE it therefore enacted by the General Asembly, That the Overseers of

Overseers of the poor the Poor and their fucceffors, or a majority of them within each county of this

to sell glebe lands in commonwealth, wherein any glebe land is vacant, or Thall become so, by the certain cales. death or removal of any incumbent, shall have full power and authority, and they or a majority of them are hereby directed, on giving at least thirty days public notice, at the front door of the courthouse of their county, to sell all iuch lands and appurtenances, and every other species of property incident thereto, on the premises, to the highest bidder, on twelve months credit, taking, bond with good security for the amount thereof payable to themselves and their succeflors; provided that no fale of any such property thall take place, where any person is in possession thereof, under a leale from any person or persons in behalf of the said church, whether called trustees or not, prior to the patling of this act, until the faid leate thall expire; and all sums of money or tobacco due thereon, or to become due, shall be recovered by action in the names of the said Overseers of the Poor or their successors, in any court of record within this commonwealch; that the said Overseers of the Poor, or a majority of them conducting every lach sale, or their successors, on receiving fatisfactory security for the amount thereot, be, and they are hereby authorised and to execute deeds directed, to convey all such property sold by them as aforesaid, to the purcha- thereiur. ter or purchasers thereof, by good and fufficient deeds for that purpole; that in all cases where any person or persons may have received any fum or sums of money, or tobacco, for the use of the Episcopal church as established under the former government, and Call not liave paid the same as directed by law, the Said Qverseers of the Poor ana their successors, or a majority of them, thall be To recover debts due entitled to receive the same, and on non-payment thereof, to recover it by ac

for the use of the

church. zion in any court of record within this commonwealth: That when any person or persons, other that in incumbent or his tenail, thall have had the use of any glebe land or other preperty incident thereto, and may not regularly have accounted for the protiis or the same, they ihali hereafter account to the said O. verseers of the Poor or a majority of ladin, of the county in which such property lies, and in case any such perion or, their executors or adminiitrators sefule to account accordingt;, telaid'Orcrieers of the Poor or their succefiors

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