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the courts are held.


ner as if the said recited act had not passed, to be arranged and allotted as is prescribed in other cases of injunction herein after mentioned.

V. ALL process for contempt, issued from either of the chancery district Process for contemptilcourts, may run into any part of the state, and shall be executed in like manger fued" front. diftri&t courts as such process may be executed within the distria, and shall be returned to the may run into any pare, court from whence such process issued,

of the state. VI. THE papers in all injunctions depending in the said high court of Papers in injun&ions chancery, on the first day of Pebruary 'eighteen hundred and two, shall be sent, depending in high

court with copies of all orders and interlocutory decrees therein made, to the chan- of chancery to be sent cery court of that district within which the judgment enjoined, was rendered.

VII." THE clerks of the chancery diftri& courts shall reside and keep the Clerko to reside where records and

papers of the said court, at the places of holding the said courts whereto-they shall respectively belong.

VIII. "ALL processes whatsoever, issuing from either of the chancery dif- Huw process to bear trict courts; shall bear teite of the clerk of such court, and shall be made re

terte and be returnable turnable to the first, or seventeenth days of the succeeding term of such court.

IX. THE Judge of each of the chancery distri&t courts, shall have power Judges may appoint to appoint one or more commissioners, whose fees shall be determined and paid, in the same manner, as the fees of the commissioners of the high court of chancery have heretofore been determined and paid.

X. BE it enacted, That the clerk for the arrangement of the papers, and Compensation to clerk transmitting them to the several chancery district courts, shall be paid by the for arranging papers, treasurer on the warrant of the auditor of public accounts, such fum of money, as the judge of the chancery district court of Richmond, shall certify to be equivalent to his services; and for copying all orders, interlocutory decrees, and for taxing the costs in each cause or suit aforesaid, he shall be allowed and is hereby authorised to charge the same, to the plaintiff or plaintiffs in each suit, at the same rate that he might lawfully charge the same, if he had been required to copy the said orders and interlocutory decrees, and tax the costs by the plaintiff or plaintiffs in each fuit, and they shall be recovered and collected as other fees of the said clerk, and if the plaintiff or plaintiffs shall prevail, the faid fees shall be recovered of the detindant or defendants, in the said suits 'scfpectively.

XI. THAT'if the said clerk of the charcery court to be holden in the city Penalty on clerk of of Richmond, shall fail to perform any of the duties required by this or the above Richmond district for recited act of him, he mall forfeit and pły for every such neglect, the sum of not performing certain one thousand dollars, to be recovered by motion, on ten days notice thereof, by the auditor of public accounts, in the general court, for the use of the commonwealth, which motion shall be made at the instance of any person aggrieved thereby. » XII. THAT each of the judges of the chancery district courts of Staunton Qath of diftri&t judges and Williamsburg, in taking the path prescribed by the above recited act, shall changed. change the words Hig» Court of Chancery,” for the words " Chancery Diftrict Court of Staunton or Williamsburg," as the case may be.

XIII. THE fame fees to counsel and attornies shall be allowed and taxed Fees to counsels in the chancery diftri& courts, as were allowed and taxed in the high court of chancery, previous to the passing of the above recited act.

XIV. THIS act thall commence and be in force, from and after the pass- Commencing clause. ing thereof.


An Act to fix the Salaries of the Judges in Chancery.

[Passed t e zoth of January, 1802.)
I. E it enacted by the General Asimbly, That each of the Chancellors ap-

An act concerning the high court

Salaries established. of chancery,” passed the present ie lion, hall be entitled to have and receive a salary of fifteen hundred dollars per annum, to be paid quarter-yearly out of any money in the public treasury,

II. THIS act shall commence and be in force from and after the palling Commencing clause. thereof,

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B pointed under the act, intituled).


An Af making further provision for furnishing tbe Public Officers of this Com-

iron wraltı , zvith the Laws ther20f.

[Palled the 26th of January, 1802,] Preambles


HEREAS Samuel Pleasants, jun. and Henry Pace, Printers in Richthe latt evised code of the laws of this commonwealth, and such other public acts as have passea fince that edition was published; and the number of copies of the taid reviled code allowed and distributed for public ute, have been found

to be iniufficient : Governor to subscribe

II. BE it maried ly the General Affimbly, That the Governor be, and he for 1000 copies of a new is hereby authorised and required, to lublcribe on behalf of the commonwealth, edition of the rev'sed and upon such terms as individuals are permitted to subscribe, for one thousand code.

copies of the edition propoied to be published as aforesaid, the price whereof Thell be paid out of the treatury, upon a warrant or warrants to be issued by

order of the Executive. To be considered as au- III. AND be it furihir 1:07 d, That upon a certificate of George W. thority upon certificate Smith, John Robinson, James Rind, Adam Craig, and William Wirt, gentleof certain persons.'

men, or any two of them, being publithed with the said laws, stating that they had carefully comparea the edition of the acts to to be publithed with the original laws, and found them to be truly and accurately printed, they shall be received and considered of equal authority in the courts of this commonwealth,

as the originals from which they are taken. Copies taken by public IV. THE number of copies 1o lubicribed for, on behalf of the commonhow to be ditlitused. wealth, shall be distributed by the Executive among the public officers of this

ftate, in such manner as they ihall think bert. Commencement of this

V. THIS act shall be in force from the passing thereof. ac.

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An Ad to amend an all, to amend the act, intituled, Anal, reducing into one, ibe
Jeveral afts for regularing the inspection of Flour and Bread.

[Passed the 27th of January, 1802.) Unnecessary 10

E it enacted ly she General Asembly, That in all cases where any four fpecl nur in eertain cases.

of Maryland, adjoining on the boundary line dividing those states, or either of them, this commonwealth west of the Allegany mountain, and shall have been duly inspected, marked and branded, agreeably to the law or laws of ei. ther of ihe said states, in which the faid four Thall have been manufactured, and afterwards thall be stored in any warehouse, within this commonwealth, for the purpose of exportation, it hall not be deemed necellary that the same

flour shall be re-intpected previous to such exportation. Mixed flour to be fold

II. AND be it further enacted, That if any miller or manufacturer of flour, for benefit of common- or other person, thall produce to any inspectors to be by him infpected, mark. wealth.

ed or brinded, any four which thall be adjudged by such inspector, to be mixed with four of any other grain than wheat, or with any other substance whale ver, the whole of such mixture shall be condemned by duch inspector, who fall cause the fame to be sold for the benefit of the commonwealth, after giving

notice of the time and place of such falë, for three weeks successively, in some Fire for offering same public gazette. And moreover, a fine of ten dollars, for each barrel of mixed to be infpe&ted. Hour condemned as aforesaid, shall be imposed on any miller or manufacturer of

four, or other perion offering the same to be inspected, to be recovered with costs, in any court of record in this commonwealth, on motion of the inspector, the offender having ten days previous notice of such motion, and the in spector shall be allowed for his trouble, and account for the money received by him, in such manner as is now prescribed by law: Provided always, That when any person shall think himself aggrieved by the judgment or want of skill of an infpector, he shall be relieved in the manner prescribed by the senth fellion of the act, intituled, An act reducing into one the fever al acts for re

gulating the infpc&tion of four and bread.” Deputy inspector in be ini. AND A il further enacted, That no perfos fhall be admitted or autho. approved by a court rised to act as a deputy to any inspector of flour or bread, until such period

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thall have been first nominated to, and approved by the court by whom such inspector thall have been appointed.

iV. ALL acts and parts of acts coming within the purview of this act, shall Repealing clauses be and the fame are hereby repealed.

V. THIS act shall commerce and be in force from and after the pasing Commencing clause, thereof.

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An Ad repealing the a:7, intitulid, Au att autborijing ihe Executive to procuri

armi for the fince of ike Commen wealth.

[Pared the 27th of January, 1802.] 1. E it eafted by the General Jembly, That the act passed the twenty- A&t for procuring as ráé

fixth day of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, sepealed. intituled, “ An act authorising the executive to procure arms for the defence of the Commonwealth,” shall be and is hereby repealed. Provided lowever, That Proviso. to contract entered into by the executive by virtue thereof; tall be useded. by this act. II. THIS act shall be in force from the palling thereof.

Commencing clause.


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An Act cbanging the mode of proceeding on indictinents an.1 informations in cir-

tain cajis.

[Paffed the 38th of January, 1802.] I. HEREAS doubts have arilen, whether any information can be filed Preamble.

or indictment for a trespass or mildemeanor be sent to a grand jury, unless the name of a prosecutor be written at the foot of such information or indictment, for removing thereof;

II. BE it therefore enacted by the Gineral Affembly, That where any infor- No prosecutor required mation shall be filed by the attorney for the commonwealth, by expreis order of in c'etain cases. the court entered of record, the party supposed to be culpable having failed to appear, and thew good cause agrinit such order, having been required fo to do by summons, appointing a convenient time for that purpose, ferved upon him, or left at his usual place of abode, no prosecutor shall be required on such information. Nor shall any such prosecutor be required on an information, or bill of indi&tment for a trespass or mildemeanor filed or sent to a grand jury, which shall be filed or sent to a grand jury, on, and in consequence of a previous presentment of a grand jury made on their own knowledge, or on the information of any two of their own body.

III. ALL and every act and acts, clause and clauses of acts, containing Repealing clause. any thing within the purview of this act, shall be and are hereby repealed : Provided always, That nothing in this ac contained, thall be construed to affect Prosecucions commenco any prosecution on an indictment or information which shall have commenced cd before this act not to

be affected. before the passing thereof.

IV. THIS act shall commence and be in force from and after the passing Commercing clause: " thereof.

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An Act for calling in and registering Certificates of the Public Debt of this Stuti

(Pafied the 28th of January, 1802.] E it enacted by the General Afembly, That before a warrant Thall be if. Owners of certificates upon which interest is allowed by law, the owner or holder of such certificate treasure, before wase Hall deposit the same with the treasurer, who ihall grant a receipt therefor, spe

rants to ifiwe. cifying the amount of such certificate, distinguishing the principal from the interest thereof; and upon such receipt being presented to ihe auditor of public accounts, the faid auditor Thall, and he is hereby required, to issue a new certificate for the principal, and a warrant for the intereit.

II. AND be it further enacted, That if the holder or owner of any certifi. Interest on certificates cale of a debe due from this late, shall not on or before the first day of Janu. to cease after 1$02, 'n

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