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til deposited with trea« ary one thousand eight hundred and three, make application for a warrant for furer,

the interest due thereon, such interest Thall cease after that period until the Provifo.

laid certificate shall be depofited with the treasurer as aforesaid. Provided however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to injure or affeet the owners or holders of any certificates upon which warrants have been issued since the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and two, but such persons shall be allowed until the first day of January eighteen hundred and

four, to deposit such certificates as aforesaid. Certificates to be re- III. AND be it further enacted, That all certificates of debts due from deived for arrears of this commonwealth, upon which interest is allowed by law, shall be receivable certain taxcs.

in discharge of any arrears of public taxes due prior to the year feventeen hug

dred and ninety eight. Treasurer to keep a' IV. THE treasurer of this commonwealth fhall keep in a book or books rezister of certificates. well bound, a register of all certificates alphabetically arranged, for the princi

pal as aforesaid, and of such others as from time to time shall be paid in difcharge of taxes, or otherwise redeemed, and shall also carefully file and preserve the original certificates deposited with him by virtue of this act, and all others which

may be redeemed, so that the fame may be inspected by the luge

ceeding General Assembly.
Commencing clause. V. THIS act thall be in force, from the pafling thereof.

CHAP. CCCV. An Act, to amend the act, intituled, An act to amend an ait to reduce in!e ene ike several acts concerning Slaves, Free Negroes and Mularroes.

[Paffed the 29th of January, 1802.] 1.

E it enacted by the General Ajembly, That any master or skipper of a of vessels for permitting

vessel, who shall permit any slave to come on board his vessel without Daves to come on board the leave or consent of the master or overster, given in writing, or shall buy, or for dealing with fell, or receive of, to, or from a save, any commodity whatsoever, without the them,

leave or consent of the master or overseer given in writing as aforesaid, shall forfeit and pay for every such offence, in addition to the penalties now imposed by law, the lum of twenty dollars, to be recovered by warrant from any magiftrate of the county or corporation, by any person who will profecute for the same; upon service of which warrant, the offender shall be taken and remain in cuftody until judgment; and in case of conviction, shall be by fuch magillrate committed to the jail of his county or corporation, there to remain until payment of the penalty aforesaid : Provided always, That in case the skipper of any vessel be a flave, he shall receive for every such offence, thirty-nine lahes on his bare back, to be inflicted by order of any magistrate

of a county or corporation. Common bail to be II. AND be it further enacted, That where an action on the case shall be given by masters of brought against any master or skipper as aforesaid, for dealing with any llave, velfele in actions against under the fixteenth section of the act of Assembly, intituled, " Anaa" to rethem for dcaling with duce into one the several acts concerning slaves, free negroes, and mulattoes," Daves.

such matter or skipper hall be required to give appearance bail; provided the plaintiff shall make affidavit before a magiftrate of the cause of such action, to be transmitted to the clerk of the court wherein the suit shall be profe.

cuted. Additional penalty for

III. AND be it further enacted, That any person who shall on the fabbath dealing with Alaves en day, buy, sell, or receive, of, to or from a llave, any commodity whatsoever, the labbath,

without the leave or consent of the master or overseer of such llave given in writing, or thall buy, sell, or receive of, to, or from any free negro or molutto, any commodity whatsoever, on the day aforesaid, thall in addition to the penalties now imposed by law, forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars, to be recovered by warrant from any magistrate of the county or corporation, by

any, person who will prosecure for the same. Commencing clause,

IV. THIS act shall commence and be in force, from and after ihe paffing thereof.

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An Ait for arranging the Counties of this state in!o Districts, to choose Repre-

sentatives to Congress.

[Passed the 35th of January, 1892.]
E it enacted by the General Aj mbly, That the counties of this

Arrangeziene dincos monwealth, and the cities and boroughs entitled to representation, shall be divided into twenty-two diftriels, in manner following to wit:--The Counties of Monongalia, Brooke, Ohio, Harrison, Wood and Randolph, shall compose one district: The counties of Berkeley, Jefferson and Hamphire hall compose another district: The counties of Frederick and Shenandoa!ı hall compose another distriết: The counties of Rockingham, Hardy, Pendleton, Augusta and Bath shall compor another difirict: The counties of Greenbrier, Rockbridge, Botetourt, Monrce and Kanawha shall compose another district: The counties of Wythe, Tazewell, Montgomery, Walhington. Grayfon, Rufsel and Lee shall compose another diftrict: The counties of Loudoun, Fairfax and Prince William Mall compose another district: The counties of Westmoreland, Richmond, Lancaster, Northumberland, King George and Stafford shall compose another district: The counties of Fauquier and Culpeper Thall compose another district: The counties of Orange, Madifon, Louisa and Spotsylvania nal! compose another district: The counties of King & Queen, King William, Efiex and Caroline hall compose another district: The counties of York, Middlesex, Mathews, James-City, Gloucester. Warwick, ElizabethCity, Accomack and Northampton, and the city of Williamsburg shall compose another district: The courties of Franklin, Bedford, Patrick and Henry Thall compose another district: The counties of Halifax, Pittsylvania, and Campbell shall compose ancther district: The counties of Prince Edward, Charlotte, Buckingham and Cumberland shall compose another district: The counties of Powhatan, Goochland, Amelia and Chesterfield shall compose another difrict: The counties of Bruntwick, Lunenburg and Mecklenburg ha!! compose another district: The counties of Dinwiddie, Prince-George, includ... ing the town of Petersburg, and the counties of Greensville and Nortoivay shall compose another district: The counties of Suflex, Southampton, Sarry and Iile of Wight shall compose another di&rict: The counties of Norfolk, Prina cels-Ann, Nansemond and the borough of Norfolk shall compose another diftrict: The counties of Albemarle, Amherst and Fluvanna shall compo!e another diftriét; and the counties of Henrico, Charles-City, New-Kent, Hanover, and the city of Richmond shall compose another distrid.

II. AND be it further enacted, That the persons qualified by law to vote for Representatives in conmembers to the house of delegates in each county, city and borough composing greis how to be elec. a diftri&t, shall assemble at their respective courthouses, on the fourth Wedneiday in April, in the year one thousand eight hundred and three, and also on the fourth Wednesday in April in every fecond year thereafter, and then and there vote for some discreet and proper person, being a freeholder and resident within fuch diftrit, as a member of the house of representatives for the United States.

III. THE high periff of each county, ot in case of his sickness or inability Ele&ions, how to be to attend, one of the deputy fheriffs, or the mayor of any city or borough, or in conducted. case of his inability to attend, the recorrer of each city or borough entitled to representation, shall conduct the said election, at which no determination shall de nad by view, but each person qualified to vote, shall fairly and publicly poll, and the name of the voter shall be duly entered under the name of the perfon voted for, in proper poll books to be provided by the officer conducting the election, for which purpose he fall appoint so many writers as he Mall think fit, who shall respectively take an oath, to be administered by him, or make folemn affirmation, that they will take the poll fairly and impartially : He shall deliver a poll book to each writer, who shall enter in distinct columns under the riame of the person voted for, the name of each elector voting for luch person. Like proclamation and proceeding shall be had for conducting, continuing, and cloung the poll in each county of a district, as is prescribed by law in the election of members to the General Allembly; and proclamation hall allo be made at the courthouse door, or place of holding such election, of the person having the greatest number of votes on the poll, on the closing whereof. Eack elector wall be entitled to the same privilege from arreit, and Privilege of ele&ots




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at the

1801. 434 IN THE TWENTY-SIXTH YEAR OF THE COMMONWEALTH. and penalty for not vote be subject to the like penalty and forfeiture for failing to attend and vote at

such election, as is prescribed by law, in the case of election of members to the General Assembly. Such failure to attend shall be discovered and proceeded on in like manner, and under the same penaliies as is by law provided against

such failures in the election of members to the General Asembly. Duties of returning offi- IV. IMMEDIATELY after each ele. rion in a county, city and borough,

held as aforesaid, the clerks of the poll having firit figned the fame, shall deliver it to the sheriff or other officer who conduicd the elezion, and such sheriff or other officer, together with the respective sheriffs and other officers who condueted the poll of the several counties, cities and boroughs entitled to representation in the district, (but in case of sickness, death or other disability of the officer who shall have conducted the poil, then any other theriff or officer of the county, and the recorder of any city or borough in which such disability may happen) shall on the eighth day after the election, assemble at the courthouse of the county first named in such district, and then and there compare the polls respectively taken at the elections in their several counties, cities and boroughs, and having ascertained by faithful addition and comparison of the numbers on the respective polls, the person having the greatest number of votes upon the whole, giving their own votes in any

case of the two foremost on such poll having an equal number of votes, shall proceed to certify such election under their hands and seals, in manner and form following, to wit: “We A. B. sherif

county (or deputy theriff as the cale may be) C. D. Theriff of

-county (as the cale may be) (and so reciting the name of the the“ riff, and whether principal or deputy of each county, and the name of the

mayor or recorder, as the case may be, of each city or borough entitled to re“presentation in the district) composing one entire diítrict entitied by law to “ elect a member to the house of repretentatives of the United States, do here

by certify and make known, that at an election held on

place of holding elections in our respective counties, cities and boroughs, pur“ suant to law, the electors qualified to vote for members to the house of de“ legates, caused to be chosen one person, to wit: G. II. to represent the said “ district as a member of the houle of representatives for the United States. “ Given under our bands and feals this

day of

—– one thon“ fand eight hundred and -.” Two fair duplicates of such certificate and return, hall be made by the said sheriffs and other officers under their hands and seals, in the manner before recited, one of which thall be delivered to the person elected to represent the district, and the other shall be transmitted to the governor and council, within twenty days, under the penalty of three hun. dred dollars, upon each sheriff or other officer, in cale of failure or neglect herein, to be recovered by motion in any court of record, by the auditor of public accounts, to the use of the commonwealth, on ten days previous notice

of such motion. Poll books to be the

V. THE said sheriffs and other officers, shall also under like penalty and corded.

recovery, deliver to the clerks of their respective counties, within ten days after such return, the original poll books, to be by such clerk entered of record, under the like penalty for failure, as for failing to record the poll books taken at the election of members to the General Allembly-and where a poll shall be taken in any county which shall not become lo until after the election, which fhall first be holden in pursuance of this act, the officer conducting such election, shall deliver the poll books by himn kept, to the clerk of his couuty, as

the same now stands, to be by him also recorded, under the like penalty. Corrificates of clc&tione VI. IT shall be ihe duty of the Executive to enclose to the congress of the

le transmitted to United States, the certificates and returns of elections aforesaid, transmitted to Cortiels.

them from the respective districts without delay. Penlly on theriffs, &c. VII. ANY sheriff or other officer, refusing to take the poll when he shall Iwi any negtect of duty. be required by a candidate or elector; or taking it in any other manner than

is herein before prescribed; or making or signing a false certificate or return of election, as herein beiore directed; or making any erasure or alteration in the poll book; or refuting to luffer any candidate or elector at his own ex pense to take a copy of the poll book, shall forfeit and pay fix hundred dollars, which penalties may be recovered with cofts in actions of debt, by any person who will sue for the same ; one half to his own use, and the other hali

to the use of the commonwealth. Punglin for linze. VIII. ANY candidate or oiher person in his behalf, who shall directly or lectors.

indirectly, give or agree to give, any doctor or pretended cleclor, moncy, mea i

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