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and unappropriated lands in the Western Country, a liberal Cession to the United States, of a portion of their respective claims for the common benefit of the Union.

II. AND whereas this Commonwealth did, on the second day of January, in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, yield to the Congress of the United States, for the benefit of the said States, all right, title, and claim, which the said Commonwealth had to the territory North-west of the river Obio, subject to the conditions annexed to the said act of Ceffion.

III. AND whereas the United States in Congress assembled, have, by their AÂ of the thirteenth of September last, ftipulated the terms on which they agree to accept the cession of this State, should the Legislature approve thereof, which térms, although they do not come fully up to the propositions of this Commonwealth, are conceived on the whole, to approach so nearly to them, as to induce this State to accept thereof, in full confidence that Congress will, in justice to this State for the liberal Cellion she hath made, earnestly press upon the other States claiming large tracts of waste and uncultivated territory, the propriety of making cellions equally liberal for the common benefit and support of the Union: Be it enacted by the General Assembly, that it shall and may be lawful for the Delegates empowered Delegates of this State to the Congress of the United States, or such of them to convey. as ihali be assembled in Congress, and the faid Delegates, or such of them so assembled, are hereby fully authorised and empowered, for and on behalf of this ftate, by proper deeds or instrument in writing, under their hands and seals, to convey, transfer, afsign, and make over unto the United States in Congress assembled, for the benefit of the said States, all right, title, and claim, as well of foil as jurisdiction, which this Commonwealth hath to the territory or tract of country within the limits of the Virginia charter, fituate, lying, and being to the North-west of the river Ohio, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the before recited Act of Congress, of the thirteenth day of September last,

Conditions. that is to say: Upon condition that the territory so ceded Mall be laid out and formed into States, containing a suitable extent of territory, not less than one hundred, nor more than one hundred and fifty miles square, or as near thereto as circumstances will admit; and that the states so formed, shall be distinct Republican States, and admitted members of the Federal Union, having the same rights of sovereignty, freedom, and independence, as the other States; that the neceffary and reasonable expenses incurred by this State in fubduing any British posts, or in maintaining forts or garrisons within and for the defence, or in acquiring any part of the territory so ceded or relinquished, shall be fully reimbursed by the United States; and that one Commissioner shall be appointed by Congress, one by this Commonwealth, and another by those two Commissioners, who, or a majority of them shall be authorised and empowered to adjust and liquidate the account of the necessary and reasonable expenses incurred by this State, which they shall judge to be comprised within the intent and meaning of the Ad of Congress of the tenth of October, one thousand seven hundred and eighty, respecting such expenses. That the French and Canadian inhabitants, and other fettlers of the Kaskaskies, St. Vincents, and the neighbouring villages, who have profesied themselves citizens of Virginia, Thall have their posseflions and titles confirmed to them, and be protected in the enjoyment of their rights and liberties. That a quantity not exceeding one hundred and fifty thousand Reservationue acres of land, promised by this State, shall be allowed and granted to the then Colonel, now General George Rogers Clarke, and to the officers and soldiers of his regiment, who marched with him when the posts of Kafkalkies and St. l'incents were reduced, and to the officers and foldiers that have been since incorporated into the laid regiment, to be laid off in one tract, the length of which not to exceed double the breadth, in such place on the North-west side of the Obio as a majority of the officers Thall choose, and to be afterwards divided among the said officers and soldiers in due proportion according to the laws of Virginia. That in case the quantity of good lands on the South-east side of the Ohio, upon the waters of Cumberland river, and between the Green river and Tennelste river, which have been reserved by law for the Virginia troops upon Continental establishment, should, from the North-Carolina line bearing in further upon the Cur. berland lands than was expected, prove insuficient for their legal bounties, the deficiency should be made up to the said troops in good lands, to be laid off between the rivers Scioto and Little Miami, on the North-west lide of the rivet Ohio, in fuch proportions as have been engaged to them by the laws of Virginia. That all the lands within the territory fo ceded to the United States, and not all the lands ceded ed reserved for or appropriated to any of the beforementioned purposes, or disposed be a cunin on rated to: of in bounties to the officers and soldiers of the American army, shall be confis the members of the Fe- dered as a common fund for the use and benefit of such of the United States as deral alliance, and for have become, or shall become members of the Confederation or Fæderal Alli. no other use.

ance of the said States, Virginia inclusive, according to their usual respective proportions in the general charge and expenditure, and fall be faithfully and

bona fide disposed of for that purpose, and for no other use or purpose whatfo Three members at least to execute the trust,

ever. Provided, that the trust hereby repored in the Delegates of this State shal not be executed unless three of them, at least, are present in Congress.

General Asembly, begun and held at the Public Buildings, in the

City of Richmond, on Monday, the 17th Day of Ostober, in the
Year of our Lord 1735.

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An An for securing to the Autbors of Literary Works, an exclusive Property therei

for a limited Time..

[Passed the 21st of November, 1785.] Exclusive right of print

1. E ing their books vested pamphlet already printed, being a citizen of any one of the Unite in authors for a limited States, who has not transferred to any other person or persons, the copy time.

copies of such book, or pamphlet, share, or shares thereof, his heirs and align or the person or persons who have purchased or acquired such copy or copie share or shares, in order to print or re-print the fame, his heirs and assigns,

Tha have the exclusive right of printing and re-printing such book or pamphle within this Commonwealth, for the term of twenty-one years, to be compute from the first publication thereof; and that the Author of any book or pamphl already composed and not printed or publihed, or that shall hereafter be cor posed, being a Citizen, as aforesaid, his heirs and alligns, shall have the exclusi right of printing and re-printing such book or pamphlet, within this Cor monwealth, for the like term of twenty-one years, to be computed from thé fi

publication thereof. And if any perfon or persons whatsoever, shall print, I Penalty on persons print. print, or cause to be printed or re-printed, within this Commonwealth, an ing, importins, or such book or pamphlet; or fall import into this Commonwealth, from a publihing such books. foreign Kingdom or State, any printed or re-printed copies of such book

pamphlet, without the consent of the Author or Proprietor thereof, first ol tained in writing, signed in presence of two credible witnesses at leait ; or wh knowing the same to be so printed, re-printed, or imported, without such co sent firit had and obtained, shall publish, sell, or expose to fale, or cause to! published, fold, or exposed to sale, any copy or copies of any such book pamphlet; the person or persons offending herein, fhail forfeit to the party i jured, double the value of all the copies fo printed, re-printed, or imported; to published, fold, or exposed to fale; to be recovered at the suit of such part in any Court of Record within this Commonwealth.

II. PROVIDED nevertheless, That no person thall be entitled to the bene

of this A&, until he shall have registered the title of such book or pamphlet wi Authors to regliterzitles the Clerk of the Council, and procureda certificate of such registry from the fa of their books with the Clerk of the Counci's Clerk; which certificate the Clerk is hereby required to give, taking on

three shillings for his trouble.


An As for the appointment of Harbour-Masters, and declaring their duty.

[Passed the 25th of November, 1785.]

WHEREAS it is represented that the appointment of Harbour-Malt ports and harbours within this Commonwealth:

II. BE it enasted, That the County and Corporation Courts within State, fall, and they are hereby authorised and empowered, to appoint so ma persons as they may think necessary, to act as Harbour-Masters within th l'ide laos U, S. 14 Cong. 2d fefs. chap. 7. 2d Cong. 2d less, chap. 55

Çonftitution U. S. art. !, fec. &,

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respective jurisdictions. And the person or persons fo to be appointed, shall, previous to the entering on the said office, take the following oath before their County or Corporation Court : “I

do fwear, that I am a Citizen * of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and that I will well and truly perform the duty of Harbour-Mafter to the best of my skill and judgment, without favor, affection, or partiality. So help me GOD."

III. AND be it further enacted, That the Harbour-Masters to be appointed Their powers. by virtue of this Act, shall have full and ample power to cause all ships and other vessels that may come within his district, to moor in such places as he shall judge most conducive for the general safety, and shall moreover direct the Masters or Commanders of vessels to rig in their jib-booms, or any other spars which may tend to obstruct the navigation. Any Master or Commander re- Penalty on master of a fusing to observe and comply with the faid directions, shall forfeit and pay the vertel refusing to com

ply with . fum of fifteen pounds, to the use of the Commonwealth ; and Mall moreover be tions. subject for any damages that may accrue in consequence of such refusal, to be recovered in any Court of Record within this Coinmonwealth.

IV. AND be it further enacted, That the Harbour-Mafter shall cause every Their duties, ship or other veffel that may come within his district, to be properly moored within twenty-four hours after their several arrivals. Any Harbour-Matters failing to give directions for the mooring of any vesfels within the time prefcribed by this Act, shall forfeit and pay fifteen pounds, for the use of the Commonwealth, to be recovered, by motion before the County or Corporation Court (as the case may be) on ten days previous notice, and shall moreover be liable to the action of the party injured for any damages fustained in consequence of such neglect. And the Harbour-Masters shall moreover attend to the unmooring of all ships and other vessels within their respective distriets ; and in case any veffel moored, shall, by stress of weather or other accident, be drove from her mooring, the Harbour-Master Mall attend to the re-mooring the same, and be entitled to half fees for such service.

V. AND be it further enacted, That the Harbour-Masters shall demand, and And fees. be entitled to receive from all Masters or Commanders of square-sigged vessels, the sum of ten shillings, and for all schooners and floops, the sum of fix thillings, and no more: Provided nevertheless, That no Matter or Commander of any river or bay craft, shall be subject to the payment of any fee by this Act imposed.

VI. THIS Ad to commence and be in force from and after the first day Commencement of this of January, one thousand seven hundred and cighty-fix.



An At to prevent Frauds and Perjuries,

1. any ,

[Passed the 30th of November, 1785.*] E it enacted by the General Afembly, That no action shall be brought Certain contracts, so mise to answer any debt or damages out of his own estate, or whereby to charge not binding, unless the defendant upon any special promise to answer for the debt, default, or mil. made in writing. carriage of another person, or to charge any person upon any agreement made upon consideration of marriage, or upon any contract for the sale of lands, tenements, or hereditaments, or the making any lease thereof for a longer term than one year, or upon any agreement which is not to be performed within the space of one year from the making thereof, unless the promise or agreement upon which such action shall be brought, or some memorandum or note chereof Thail be in writing, and signed by the party to be charged therewith, or fome other person by him thereunto lawfully authorised.

II. ÉVERY gift, grant, or conveyance of lands, tenements, hereditaments, Conveyances of lands of goods or chattels, or of any rent, common, or profit out of the same, by writing, goods, and bonds, suits, or otherwise, and every bond, fuit, judgment or execution, had or made, and judgments, and execua contrived of malice, fraud, sovin, collusion, or guile, to the intent or purpose tions to defraud credixo to delay, hinder, or defraud creditors of their just and lawful actions, fuits, or$, void as to them. debis, accounts, damages, penalties, or forteitures, or to defraud or deceive those who thall purchale the same lands, tenements, or hereditaments, or any rent, profi, or commodity out of them, shall be from henceforth deemed and taken (only as against the person or persons, his, her, or their heirs, succultors, exc.

. 1785, chap. 60.

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