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Statement of -

Brooks, William F., president, National Grain Trade Council..

Bulter, John T., chief inspector and weighmaster, Hughes Grain

Corp., Hughes, Ark..

Donahoo, Alvin W., executive vice president, Minneapolis Grain

Exchange, Minneapolis, Minn., accompanied by Dr. Reynold
Dahl, professor of agricultural economics, University of Minne-

Fisher, Orville E., vice president and general manager, Topeka Mill

and Elevator Co., Topeka, Kans-

Gruber, M. R., Southern Weighing and Inspection Bureau, Atlanta,

Ga.;'accompanied by T. W. Hoke, manager, Transit and Audit
Services, Western Weighing and Inspection Bureau, Chicago, Ill.;
and J. D. Feeney, general counsel, Western Weighing and Inspec-
tion Bureau, Chicago, Ill.--
Hofer, Glen D., vice president, Grain Division, National Council of

Farmer Cooperatives -

Hofstrand, Harold R., president, U.S. Durum Growers Association,

Leeds, N. Dak.--
Huddleston, Hon. Walter D., a U.S. Senator from Kentucky-
Humphrey, Hon. Hubert H., a U.S. Senator from Minnesota

McKee, David E., Collingwood Grain, Inc., and Kansas Grain and

Feed Dealers Assn., Hutchinson, Kans.

McNamee, Virgil A., chief grain inspector, Toledo Board of Trade,

Toledo, Ohio; Ted P. Hoelck, owner and chief grain inspector,

Hastings Grain Inspection Service, Hastings, Nebr.; Joseph Slater,

chief grain inspector, Davenport Grain Exchange, Davenport,

Iowa, representing National Association of Chief Grain Insepctors-

Mathews, Carroll G., executive vice president, Fort Worth Grain

Exchange, Fort Worth, Tex., also representing Independent Grain

Inspection Agencies, with appendices--

Vanderford, L. E., president, Memphis Board of Trade, and manager,

Hughes Grain Corp., Hughes, Ark.---

Vorhoff, Gilbert H., president, New Orleans Board of Trade, New

Orleans, La----

Voth, George, executive vice president, Far-Mar-Co., Inc., Hutchin-

son, Kans_-

Webber, Clyde M., president, American Federation of Government

Employees, accompanied by Alfred H. Bjorkgren, president, Local

3157, New Orleans, La.,, with annexes.

Williamson, John A., Jr., chief grain inspector and president, South

Louisiana Grain Services, Inc., Destrehan, La--

Miscellaneous documents-

S. 2256---

Department of Agriculture report on S. 2256-

S. 2297.-

Department of Agriculture report on S. 2297-

S. 2326..

Department of Agriculture report on S. 2326_

S. 3055.--

Department of Agriculture report on S. 3055.

Letter from C. Philip Manger, president, Baltimore Chamber of

Commerce, to Hon. Thomas S. Foley, Chairman, House Committee

on Agriculture, dated March 5, 1976---

Letter from D. M. Mennel, president, The Mennel Milling Co., to
Hon. Thomas S. Foley, dated March 5, 1976--







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Miscellaneous documents-Continued

Letter from Baird L. Sibley, general manager and chief grain inspector,

Houston Merchants Exchange, Inc., to Hon. Thomas S. Foley,

Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture-
Letter from L._F. Stice, extension economist in grain marketing,

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign, to Illinois Grain Trade and Cooperative Extension
Service, regarding corn quality in export markets.-
“Grain Quality Losses Between Origin and Destination of Export

Grain-A Case Study,” by Lowell D. Hill, Marvin R. Paulsen, and

Bruce L. Brooks..
"Corn Quality in Export Markets,” article by L. F. Stice-
Supervised markets obligations.-
Grain market classifications -
Chamber of commerce oath.-
Chamber of Commerce Weighman's Certificate.
“Butz Says Grain Irregularities 'Relatively Small' ” article from

News-U.S. Department of Agriculture, dated May 30-
Letter from Donald Siedelmann, grain merchandising manager,

Far-Mar-Co., Inc., Omaha, Nebr., to Glen Hofer, with enclosures -
Letter from Robert Handschin, research and legislative relations,

Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association, St. Paul, Minn., to

Glen Hofer..
Letter from George_M. Wood, chairman, grain grades committee,

National Grain & Feed Association, to Hon. Hubert H. Humphrey -
Letter from John C. Datt, director, Washington Office, American

Farm Bureau Federation, to Hon. Herman E. Talmadge, Chairman,

Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, with enclosure
Board of Trade of Kansas City, Missouri, Inc., Kansas City, Mo...
“Suggested Rules, Regulations, Scale Inspections and Duties of

Supervisors for Weight Markets Where Official Weights Will Be
Determined,” prepared by Messrs. Gruber and Hoke, Western
Railroad Association, with covering letter from J. D. Feneey, law

Letter from Carl F. Schwensen, executive assistant, National Associa-

tion of Wheat Growers, to Hon. Hubert H. Humphrey.
Letter from Charles L. Frazier, director, Washington staff, National

Farmers Organization, to Hon. Herman E. Talmadge, Chairman,
Committee on Agriculture and Forestry.



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