Rules for the Consular Courts of the United States of America in Turkey: With Forms and a Table of Costs and Fees

Printed at the Office of the Levant Herald, 1863 - 50 páginas

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Página 16 - The accounts of the Consular Courts shall be kept in United States currency and every order of deposit, decree of costs, taxation of fees and generally every such paper issuing originally from the Court shall be expressed in dollars and cents, and satisfied in United States metallic money or its equivalent coin as fixed by law.
Página 12 - similar schedule of unencumbered persoiiiil property within the local jurisdiction of the Consulate, or he may be required to deposit the amount in money or valuables with the Consul.
Página 15 - Parties may be required to file their petitions, answers, complaints, informations, and all other papers addressed to the court, in English; or they may be translated by the interpreter at the consul's discretion. All testimony must be taken in writing in open court, by the consul or his order, and signed by the witness, after being read over to him for his approval and correction, and it shall form part of the papers in the case.
Página 11 - He shall be informed of his right to testify, and cautioned that if he chooses to offer himself as a witness, he must answer all questions that may be propounded by the consul or his order, like any other witness. 62.
Página 1 - Persia, and other countries giving certain judicial powers to ministers and consuls or other functionaries of the United States in those countries, and for other purposes...
Página 8 - Within five days after judgment the appellant must set forth his reasons by petition filed with the consul, which shall be transmitted as soon as may be to the minister, with a copy of docket entries and of all papers in the case.
Página 16 - HOW papers from subjects of the Sublime Porte, or subjects or citizens of any other friendly power, should be communicated through the Turkish authorities or the consulate of such other power. 109 — All notices, answers, &c., should be communicated to such subject or citizen through said authorities or such consulate, respectively. XIX —MIXED COMMISSIONS 110 — When any foreign petitioner is entitled to a mixed commission the suit shall be tried at the United States consulate or such place as...
Página 14 - Civil actions based on written promise, contract, or instrument must be commenced within six years after the cause of action accrues; others within two.
Página 16 - Each associate in a consular trial shall, before entering on his duties, be sworn by the consul. Before taking the oath, he may be challenged by either party, and for sufficient cause excused and another drawn. 95...
Página 5 - Any person under civil arrest or imprisonment may have his creditor cited before the consul to hear a disclosure of the prisoner's affairs under oath, and to question thereon; and if the consul shall be satisfied of its truth and thoroughness, and of the honesty of the debtor's conduct towards the creditor, he shall forever discharge him from arrest upon that debt; provided that the...

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