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only approximately given by the terms folio, quarto, octavo, &c., and some inconsistency may be found in this respect, as it was not considered advisable to delay the Catalogue for six months in order that the size of the sheets on which each book was printed could be ascertained. When the place of publication was London it is not noted, and where no town is given London is to be understood. The names of other towns are given as currently written in English, although on the book they may be latinised or in a foreign form. The titles in their entirety or in a slightly abbreviated form, are given in the language in which the book is written, except in the case of Russian, where it seemed better to translate than to transliterate the Russian into Roman letters. The words [In Russian) are added to these titles in every case.

The present Catalogue includes all books, pamphlets, periodicals, and other printed papers, in the possession of the Royal Geographical Society in May 1895, which had been published up to 31st December 1893, but new editions of works previously catalogued are included down to 1895. The Catalogue is arranged in four divisions, obviating the difficulties of reference arising from a mixed system of Author and Subject headings in the same alphabet.

1. GENERAL ALPHABETICAL AUTHORS' CATALOGUE.—The object of this Catalogue is to show which of the works of each Author are in the Library. It is arranged in strict alphabetical order according to surnames. The names of important ships have been added to those of authors, and in most cases biographical notices have been entered under the name of the subject of the memoir as well as that of the author. Where the biographical notice is anonymous, it appears under the name of the subject only. The convenience of these transgressions of the rule will, we believe, excuse the inconsistency.

The entries are of three kinds :-(1.) Titles of books distinguished by a small circle following the number which indicates their size, e.g., 8°, for an octavo book. Papers in the Ergänzungshefte of “Petermann's Mittheilungen," and in the Supplementary Papers of the Royal Geographical Society, are included. (2.) Pamphlets of less than 100 pages, and kept unbound or in plain cardboard covers, including extracts from periodicals, reprints, and cuttings. These are distinguished by a star, e.g., 8*, for an octavo pamphlet. (3.) Cross-references to names of joint-authors, and to the authors of papers noticed in Appendices I. and II., as well as to the early travellers whose works are noticed in Appendix I.

In many cases the alphabetical arrangement of names presents serious difficulties, and in spite of much care some anomalies remain in the text. The inconvenience due to this cause is, however, minimised by the copious use of cross-references. The difficulty arises sometimes from uncertainty as to the true surname, e.g., E. de Bourgade la Dardye, or A. Bouquet de la Grye. In such cases the titles are given under the name to which it seemed most natural to refer, with cross-references under the other names. Following the rule adopted in Mr Rye's supplement, foreign names in de, d', le, von, or van, e.g., De Candolle, D' Anville, Le Blanc, von Richthofen, van Noort, are given under the initials of the main word; but names in De la, Du, Von der, Van der, are given under D or V. Where such names belong to Englishmen or Americans, the article or preposition is in all cases treated as part of the name, e.g., De Rance, Le Messurier. Where deviations from this rule escaped notice until the proof was in pages, a cross-reference is inserted in the proper place. For the sake of uniformity, names in Mac- appear as if fully spelled even when the authors use the form Mor Mc; but the use of a capital or small letter following Mac or Fitzwhich does not affect the alphabetical arrangement—is in accordance with the authors' usage. The contraction St is placed along with Saint. Russian names in Ch are sometimes given under Tch or Tsch when occurring only in French or German titles.

The military, naval, or other official designations of authors are given merely for the purpose of allowing the author to be more easily recognised. As a rule, the highest rank reached by an author is stated when this was known; but some cases may have been overlooked, and in other cases reasons, which will be apparent on reading the entry, make a deviation from the rule advisable. Every effort has been made to give the works of different authors of the same name correctly; but there are a few cases in which it was found impossible to ascertain whether certain books were by a particular author or by a contemporary of the same name. The Christian names or initials of some authors, particularly of Frenchmen, could not be discovered without an expenditure of time that seemed unjustifiable.

The 521 pages of the alphabetical Catalogue were revised carefully by Lieut.-Col. J. Dalton and Mr E. G. Ravenstein, members of the Library Committee, whose corrections were of the utmost value.

2. APPENDIX 1.–COLLECTIONS OF VOYAGES AND TRAVELS.--The collections are arranged alphabetically under the names of their compilers when these are known, and the anonymous works are placed at the end in chronological order. The contents are reprinted, with corrections when necessary, and many additions, from the previous Catalogue and Supplements.

3. APPENDIX II.--GOVERNMENT, ANONYMOUS, AND OTHER MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATIONS.—These are incapable of alphabetical arrangement, except so far as concerns the larger divisions. The continents are given in alphabetical order, the chief countries in each also arranged alphabetically; and whenever the number of publications to be catalogued is large enough the countries are subdivided, the divisions being indicated, for convenience of reference, by letters of the alphabet. The ultimate arrangement under each head is chronological. When authors' names occur, they are as a rule referred to in the alphabetical part of the Catalogue, to which the Appendices are subordinate and supplementary. In this Appendix the pamphlets have not been distinguished from the bound volumes.

4. APPENDIX III.—TRANSACTIONS AND PERIODICAL PUBLICATIONS.— The Library of the Society is particularly rich in sets of transactions and periodicals, and these have recently been put in thorough order by Dr James Murie, by whom this Appendix has been compiled and revised directly from the works. The arrangement is geographical, as in the case of Appendix II. The continents are arranged alphabetically, the countries and the towns in each country being also in alphabetical order. Notes and comments on the sets of serials are given in a brief form when necessary.

A new Subject Catalogue of the Library is at present in course of compilation, in which the principal contents of all the geographical books and periodicals belonging to the Society will be classified, and so the Library will be made for the first time fully available for geographical study.

In preparing this Catalogue for press, I have received much helpful advice from the President, Mr Clements R. Markham, C.B., and from Mr J. Scott Keltie, as well as great assistance from Lieut.-Col. Dalton, Mr Ravenstein, Dr Murie, Mr Vincent Hawkins, and especially from Mr Edward Heawood, M.A.


Librarian, R.G.S.

i Savile Row, LONDON, W.,

27th May 1895.




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