Japanese Art, Volumen1

H.M. Stationery Office, 1893 - 94 páginas

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Página 1 - Company of the United Provinces, to the Emperor of Japan. Containing A Description of their several Territories, Cities, Temples, and Fortresses; their Religions, Laws, and Customs; their Prodigious Wealth, and Gorgeous Habits; the Nature of their Soil, Plants, Beasts, Hills, Rivers, and Fountains, with the Character of the Ancient and Modern Japanners. Collected out of their several Writings and Journals by Arnoldus Montanus.
Página 13 - Salvétat,. . . et augmenté d'un Mémoire sur la porcelaine du Japon, traduit du Japonais par M.
Página 2 - Histoire et description générale du Japon où l'on trouvera tout ce qu'on a pu apprendre de la nature et des productions du pays, du caractère et des coutumes des...
Página 3 - Narrative of the expedition of an American squadron to the China Seas and Japan...
Página 2 - The history of Japan ; giving An Account of the ancient and present State and Government of that Empire; of Its Temples, Palaces, Castles and other Buildings; of its Metals, Minerals, Trees, Plants, Animals, Birds and Fishes; of The Chronology and Succession of the Emperors, Ecclesiastical and Secular; of The Original Descent, Religions, Customs, and Manufactures of the Natives, and of their Trade and Commerce with the Dutch and Chinese.
Página 3 - A narrative of a journey to the capitals of Japan and China, with notices of the natural productions, agriculture, horticulture and trade of those countries and other things met with by the way, XVI -J- 395 pp., with illustrations and maps, 8™, London, 1863. (loi). Friederici, CM Ein Besuch bei den Japanern. (Die Natur, 1876, N
Página 31 - Drawings by American and European Artists, and of Oriental Art Objects, belonging to TEW, of Washington, DC Compiled and edited by H.
Página 10 - Notes on Stone Implements from Otaru and Hakodate, with a few general remarks on the Prehistoric Remains of Japan,
Página 11 - May 4, 11, and 18, 1886. With a catalogue of the objects exhibited, and an index of Japanese Artists, etc.

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