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SeasonRUM.Portraits of Women, Theatrical Characters, and i 2ndarious popular Scenes ; by Hiroshige, Keisai (Yeisen),

Kunikane, Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Gototei, Kachoro, Ichiyōsai), Kunisada 2nd (Ichijusai), Kuniyasu, Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai, Chõõro), Sadafusa (Gokitei), Sadahide (Gyokuransai), Sadakage (Gokotei), Toyokuni, and Yoshitora (Ichimõsai). 89 sheets. (144 x 10).

01. D. 6.

Portraits of Women, and Amusements of the Seasons; by Keisai (Yeisen), Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd), Kunisada 2nd, and Toyokuni. 60 sheets. (141 94).

01. D. 7.

Scenes from Theatrical Plays, the novel Genji Monogatari,” etc.; by Kuniaki, Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Gototei, Kachörő, Ki-o), Kunisada 2nd (Baichoro), Kunitomi (Kwasentei), Kuniyasu, Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai), Sadafusa (Gokitei), Sahahide (Gountei), Yoshikazu (Ichijusai), and Yoshitora. 96 sheets. (13 x 91).

01. D. 8.

Portraits of Women, Picnic Parties, Street Scenes, etc.; by Hiroshige, Keisai (Yeisen), Kunimasa (Ichijusai), Kunimori (Ipposai), Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Ichiyōsai, Kachūrā, Gototei), Kunisada 2nd (Baichoro), Kuniteru, Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai), Sadahide (Gyokurantei), Shigenobu, Toyokuni, Yoshifuji, and Yoshikazu (Ichijusai). 110 sheets. (134 x 91).

01. D. 9.

Portraits of Women, Picnic Scenes, Travellers crossing the river Õi, a Procession, etc.; by Hiroshige, Kunimori (Ipposai), Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Kachoro, Gototei, Ichiyōsai, Kokuteisha), Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai), Sadahide (Gountei), Sadayuki, Shigenobu, Toyokuni, and Yeizan. 126 sheets. (134 x 91). 01. D. 10.

Portraits of Women, Scenes from the novel “Genji Monogatari,” Traditional personages, and Landscapes ; by Chikamaro, Hiroshige, Keisai (Yeisen), Kunisada 2nd (Baichoro), Kunitsuna (Ichiransai), Kuniyoshi, Toyokuni, Yoshitoshi (Ikkwaisai), and Yoshitsuya (Ichiyeisai). 98 sheets. (13 x 9).

01. D. 11.

TOYOKUNI.—Scenes from the novel “Genji Monogatari.” 45 sheets. (144 x 10).

01. D. 2.

ALBUM.--Azuma Nishikiye. Coloured pictures of Yedo, Ai

the Eastern Capital, Pictures of Genji Court Amusements, Picnics, and celebrated Personages ; by Hiroshige, Kuniaki, Kunimaro, Kunimaru, Kunimasa, Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Kachoro, Ichiyōsai, Kokuteisha), Kunisada 2nd (Baichoro), Kuniteru (Ichiyūsai), Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai, Chõõro), Sadafusa, Sadahide, Sadahiko, Sadahiro, Sadakage, Sadamasu, Sadamura, Sadashige, Sadatoshi, Toyokuni, Yoshifuji, Yoshifusa, Yoshihisa, Yoshiju, Yoshikatsu, Yoshikono, Yoshimaru, Yoshimasa, Yoshinori, Yoshiötada, Yoshitoyo, Yoshitsuna, and Yoshitsuya. 244 sheets. (14} <10).

01. E. 1. This book was the property of Mori Takamune of Osaka, and was bound by Watanabe. At the end is an inscription by the owner, “I had great trouble to collect all of these, but at last succeeded in completing it in the 3rd year of Buokyu (1863).”

Pictures of famous and beautiful Women in fancy dress, Processions, and a View of the Sumida river; by Hokushū (Shunkosai), Keisai (Yeisen), Kunichika, Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Gototei, Kachoro), Kuniyasu, Kuniyoshi (Chõõrõ, Ichiyūsai), Sadatora (Gofūtei), Shigenobu (Yanagawa), Shunko, Shun-yo (Kintaro), Toyokuni, Yeizan, Yoshikazu (Ichijusai), Yoshikuni, and Yoshikuni (Jukodo). 98 sheets. (15 x 101).

01. E. 2.

Portraits of Actors and Women, Amusements of the Seasons, etc. ; by Hiroshige, Hokuyei (Shumbaitei), Keisai (Yeisen), Kunichika, Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Kachoro, Ichiyōsai, Gototei), Kuniteru (Ichiyūsai), Kuniyoshi (Chõõrā), Sadahiro (Gorakutei), Sadayoshi (Kwaishuntei) Toyokuni, Yeizan, and Yoshiume (Ichiõsai). 58 sheets (14 x 10).

01. E. 3

Pictures of Women engaged in various occupations Actors off the Stage, Fishing Scenes, etc.; by Keisa: (Yeisen), Kunimaru (Chökaro), Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Kachūro), Kuniyasu, Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai), Sadahid (Gountei), Toyckuni, and Yeizan. 46 sheets. (15 x 101

01. E. 5

Theatrical Scenes ; by Fusatane, Kupisada (Toyd kuni 2nd, Gototei), Kunisada 2nd, Kuniyasu, Kun yoshi (Ichiyūsai), Toyokuni, Yoshichika, and Yoshikun

ALBUM.-Theatrical Scenes, Portraits of Women, etc.; by

Ashiyuki (Kegwado), Hirosada, Hokushū (Shunkūsai), Ichigyokusai, Kunihiro, Kunihisa, Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Kachoro), Kunisada 2nd (Baichoro), Shigeharu (Gyokuryūtei), and Yoshikuni (Jukōdō). 30 sheets. (144 x 10).

01. E. 7. Portraits of Women, and Theatrical Characters; by Keisai (Yeisen) Kunisada (Gototei), Kunisada 2nd (Baichoro), Kuniyasu, Kuniyoshi (Chõõro), Sadabide (Gountei), Sadatsuna (Gohótei), Sencho (Teisai), Toyokuni (Ichiyōsai), and Yoshitora (Ichimõsai). 78 sheets. (131 x 9).

01. E. 8. Portraits of Women and Warriors, and Scenes from the drama “Chūshingura (The Forty-seven Rönin); by Hiroshige, Kunisada 2nd (Baichoro), Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai), Yoshitaki (Ichiyõtei), and Yoshiume. 28 sheets. (10 x 7).

05. A. 8. Theatrical Characters, Portraits of Warriors, Wrestlers, etc.; by Hirosada, Hokuyei (Shumbaisai), Kunichika, Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Kachoro), Kuniteru (Ichiyosai), Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai), Sadamasu (Gochótei), and Toyokuni. 38 sheets. (14 x 10). 05. A. 9.



AKATSUKI Kanenari.—Ningyo Zuye. Pictures of popular

Heroes, forming subjects for Ornaments in the festival of the Shinto Temple Temmangū, in Osaka; compiled by Akatsuki Kanenari, illustrated by. Matsugawa Hanzan. Cuts. (97), 1846.

03. C. 4. ARMOUR.—Shūko Jisshu. Armour, Helmets, Weapons, etc. Cuts. 12 vols. (15 x 10).

04. B. 4. CHILDREN.-Yehon Yamato Warambe. Pictures of Children at Play, Warriors, etc. Cuts.

Cuts. 3 vols. in 2 (9 x 6).

05. D. 36. HISTORY.-Yehon Sangokushi. History of the War be

tween the Three Dynasties, Shoku, Gi, and Go. Cuts. Vols. 3, 4, 6, of a set. (9 x 6).

05. D. 47.

HOKUSAI.—Yehon Musashi Abumi. Pictures of famous

Warriors; by Hokusai (at the age of 77), engraved by Yegawa Tomekichi. Cuts. Vol. 2. (9 x 6)

Yedo, 1836.

05. E. 34. Yehon Suikoden. The Hundred and Eight Heroes and Heroines from the Chinese novel “Suikoden.” Cuts. (9 x 6), 1829.

03. E. 21. -Kwacho Sansui Saigwa Zushiki. Designs for Art Metal-work. Cuts. Vols. 3, 4, of a set of 5. (5 x 7) Yedo, 1863–64.

04. D. 2. INSCRIPTIONS. — Shūko Jisshu — Heiki (Weapons). Inscriptions on Banners. Cuts. 5 vols. (15 x 10).

04. A. 6. KEISAI, Yeisen. - Buyū Sakigake Zuye. Portraits of Heroes and Heroines. Cuts.

Vols. 1, 2, of a series. (9 x 6) Nagoya, Owari.

05. E. 35. Yeiyū Gwashi. Portraits of Heroes and Heroines. Cuts. (9 x 6), 1836.

05. D. 6. KÖSUISAI, Kitao.—Yehon Yaso Ujikawa. Famous Japanese

and Chinese Heroes, with verses of humorous poetry; illustrated by Kitao Kõsuisai. Cuts. 3 vols. in 1. (9 x 6), 1786.

05. D. 11. KUNIYOSHI, Ichiyūsai, and YOSHIKAZU, Ichijusai.—Portraits

of famous historical Personages, with verses of poetry. Cuts, col. (14} 94).

04. G. 14. ROBUN, Kanagaki. — Shõzõ Suiko Meimeiden. Short

sketches of the Hundred and Eight Heroes and Heroines from the Chinese novel “Suikoden ”; by Kanagaki Robun. Illustrated by Ichiunsai Kunihisa, and Kuni

fusa. Cuts. 4 vols. (7 ~ 5), 1856. 04. C. 23. TAKEKIYO, Kaan.-Yehon Kunkō-sho. Short stories of

noted Personages; illustrated by Kaan Takekiyo. Cuts, col. Vols. 1, 2, of a set of 10. (9 x 6) Yedo, 1838.

05. E. 36. WEAPONS.—Shūko Jisshu-Heiki (Weapons). Bows, Arrows, Quivers, etc. Cuts. 2 vols. (15 x 10). 04. B.5.

Shūko Jisshu–Heiki (Weapons). Swords, Daggers, and Fittings of Weapons. Cuts. 3 vols. (15 x 10). YAMAMOTO Rokusaburo.—Koku-kwa (National Flower).

A selection of the best examples of Japanese Fine Art, with explanatory Notes by various authors, reproductions of famous Pictures, and illustrations of typical specimens of Industrial Art. Edited by Rokusaburo Yamamoto. Plates, some col., and illustrations in the text. (16 x 11) Tokyo, 1889

02. E. 1. YAMAZAKI Tomo-o.-Yehon Kunko-gusa. Short Sketches

of the Lives of distinguished Personages. Illustrated in colour by Kaan Takekiyo. Cuts, col. 5 vols. (9 x6) Yedo, 1839–

05. E. 40. YOSHIKAZU, Ichijusai. - Pictures of Warriors by Ichijusai

Yoshikazu ; and Comical Pictures of the great earthquake in 1855, by unknown artists. Cuts, col. (10 x 7).

05. C. 18.



ALBUM.—Battle, and other Scenes, Military Processions,

etc.; by Kunimasa (Ichiyūsai), Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd, Gototei), Kuniteru (Ichiyosai), Kuniyasu, Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai), Sadahide (Gyokuransai), Sadatora (Gofūtei), Shuntei, Toyokuni (Ichiyōsai), Yoshiharu (Ichibaisai), Yoshikado (Ichirinsai), Yoshikazu (Ichijusai), Yoshimune (Isshosai), Yoshitora (Ichimõsai), Yosbitsuru (Isseisai), and Yoshitsuya (Ichiyeisai). 107 sheets. (141 x 10).

01. A. 25. Battle and Theatrical Scenes, Portraits of Warriors, etc. ; by Hokui, Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd), Kuniyoshi, Ryūsai, Sadahide, Sadashige, Tominobu, Toyokuni, Yoshifuji, Yoshikazu, Yoshitora, and Yoshitsuya. 62 sheets. (1393).

01. A. 26. Portraits of Heroes, Theatrical Scenes, etc. ; by Ichiryūsai, Kunisada (Toyokuni 2nd), Kuniyoshi, Naomasa, and Toy kuni. 67 sheets. (14 x 10). 01. A. 27.

Battle Scenes, Caricatures, etc. ; by Kunitsuna, Kuniyoshi (Ichiyūsai), Osai, Sadahide (Gountei), Toyokuni, Yoshichika (Ikkeisai), Yoshifusa (Ipposai), Yoshimori, Yoshitora (Ichimõsai), Yoshitoshi (Ikkwaisai), and Yoshitsuna (Ittōsai). 51 sheets. (14 x 10).

01. A. 28.

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