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The present Catalogue has been undertaken for the purpose of rendering the large collection of Japanese Books, Prints, and Drawings in the National Art Librarymore easily accessible to Artists, Designers, and Students.

With this view, although the books are catalogued when possible, under names of authors, a subject classification has been adopted, which is based solely on the character of the illustrations; and titles are repeated in as many sections as seemed necessary.

For the same reason, in addition to the Japanese name (often a fanciful one) of a work, a descriptive title in English is given in every case, the nature of the illustrations is specified, and the size of the book or plate, shown in inches.

The collection includes a large number of Albums of

Xylographie Prints in Colour ; the classification of

which has been somewhat difficult, by reason of

the variety of subjects generally found in each. The plan

adopted has been that of placing each volume according to

the class of subject which predominates therein.

In addition to the short titles printed in this Catalogue, each Album contains, in manuscript, an amplified description; an Index to the names of the different Artists represented, with references to their work; and (since many of the plates are incomplete) an account of whatever deficiencies may exist.

In requisitioning works mentioned herein, the pressmark only should be quoted.

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Actors. Vllb.

Amusements. VII.

Animals. I.

Architecture. VI.

Armour. Vlla.

Arms. Vlla.

Birds. I.

Boats. VI, Vlla.

Caricatures. Va.

Costume. VII.

Crafts. IV.

Crests. III.

Design. Ill, VII.

Diapers. Ill, VII.

Embroidery. IVa., VII.

Etiquette. VII.

Fabrics. IVa.

Fishes. I.

Fuji, Mount. VI."

Furniture. IVd., VII., VII6.

Handicrafts. IV.

Harakiri. VII6.

Harness. IVa".

Heraldry (Crests). III.

Historical Scenes. Vlla.

Humorous Pictures. Vb.

Insects. I.

Landscapes. VI.

Mount Fuji. VI.

Morals. V.

Musical Instruments. IVd.,

VII., Vllb.
Ornament. III.
Painting. II.
Patterns. III.
Pictures. II.
Plants. I.
Poems. V.
Pottery. IVb.
Religion. Vb.
Sculpture. II.
Seals. II.
Ships. VI., Vlla.
Silk. IVa.

Silkworm Cultivation. IVa.
Sketches. II.
Soldiers. Vila.
Stories. V.
Tea Ceremony. IVb.
Tea-plant. I.
Temples. VI, VII.
Textiles. IVa.
Theatres. Vllb.
Topography. VI.
Trades. IV.
Weapons. Vlla.
Wrestlers. VII*.








(books, Etc., Containing Illustrations Of AnjmalAnd Plant-form.)

Animals.—Yehon Shoshin Hashiradate. Illustrations of Animals, Flowers, etc. Cuts, 3 vols. (10 x 7) Kyoto, 1761. 03. C. 1.

Awoye, H.—Tobacco Culture at Osumi and Satsuma. Text in Japanese, with an introduction, and descriptions of the illustrations in English. Cuts, col. by hand. (10 x 6) Tokyo, 1878. 03. P. 15.

Bairei, Kono.—Bairei Hyakucho Gwafu. The Hundred Birds. Cuts, col. 3 vols. (10 x 7) Tokyo, 1881.

03. C. 2.

The original Drawings made for this work are in the National Art
Library; and several of the Wood Blocks are exhibited in the

Second Series. Cuts, col. 3 vols. (10 x 7) Tokyo,
1884. 03. P. 14.

Inaka-no-Tsuki. Birds, Animals, and Fishes, with

Plants and Trees. Cuts, col. Vol. 1 of a set of 3. (10 x 7) Kyoto, 1889. 03. C. 3.

Birds.—Somoku Kwacho Zufu. Pictures of Birds, Flowers, etc. Cuts, col. (7 x 7). 04. C. 1.

. Studies of Bird-form. Cuts, tinted. (5 x 8).

04. D. 1.

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