The American Historical Review, Volumen21

John Franklin Jameson, Henry Eldridge Bourne, Robert Livingston Schuyler
American Historical Association, 1916
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Página 91 - Animated by that confidence in your spirit and fortitude which never yet failed me, I announce to you, fellow-countrymen, that it is my purpose to maintain your cause with my whole heart and soul ; that I will never consent to abandon to the enemy one foot of the soil of any of the States of the Confederacy.
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Página 519 - ... not be able to keep their negroes so meanly afterwards; and partly through fear of the negroes growing too proud, on seeing themselves upon a level with their masters in religious matters.
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Página 152 - A history of travel in America, showing the development of travel and transportation from the crude methods of the canoe and the dog-sled to the highly organized railway systems of the present, together with a narrative of the human experiences and changing social conditions that accompanied this economic conquest of the continent; with maps, colored plates and other illustrations reproduced from early engravings, original contemporaneous drawings and broadsides.
Página 91 - Jonesborough, our cause is not lost. Sherman cannot keep up his long line of communication, and retreat, sooner or later, he must; and when that day comes the fate that befell the army of the French Empire in its retreat from Moscow will be repeated.
Página 64 - It is a beautiful picture in Grecian story, that there was at least one spot, the small island of Delos, dedicated to the gods, and kept at all times sacred from war, where the citizens of hostile countries met and united in a common worship.
Página 14 - A paper read at the meeting of the American Historical Association in Chicago, July 12, 1893.

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