On the Art of War and Mode of Warfare of the Ancient Mexicans

Printed at the Salem Press, Salem, Mass., 1877 - 72 páginas
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Página 595 - caste" and hereditary rank could not exist, that there could not be any division, among the ancient Mexicans, into higher and lower classes, into "nobles" and "common people," or into hereditary professions or vocations like " priests," " warriors," " merchants," "artisans,
Página 580 - The phratry is a brotherhood, as the term imports, and a natural growth from the organization into gentes. It is an organic union or association of two or more gentes of the same tribe, for certain common objects. These gentes were usually such as had been formed by the segmentation of an original gens.
Página 653 - Hay en esta gran plaza una muy buena casa como de audiencia, donde están siempre sentados diez o doce personas, que son jueces y libran todos los casos y cosas que en el dicho mercado acaecen, y mandan castigar los delincuentes. Hay en la dicha plaza otras personas que andan continuo entre la gente mirando lo que se vende y las medidas con que miden lo que venden, y se ha visto quebrar alguna que estaba falsa.
Página 504 - ... adobe,' and light stone These houses were of large size, since it is stated that even at the time of the conquest ' there were seldom less than two, four, and six dwellers in one house; thus there were infinite people (in the pueblo) since, as there was no other way of providing for them, many aggregated together as they might please.
Página 555 - Farther on, qnoting Jnan flantista Pomar, " Relacion de la cindad de Tezcuco," ;MSS., helonging to Sr. Icazbalceta, and dated 1582) who says of Tezcnco: "La extension del reino era desde el mar del N. a la del Sur, con todo lo que se comprende a la...
Página 629 - How many they were is not stated, but it is probable that their number varied according to that of the members of the kin. Medicine-men may, also, have been members of this body, which held its meetings at intervals in the official house of the " quarter." It exercised criminal jurisdiction as well as civil, and attended to all grave questions affecting the kinship. It is also stated that, on certain occasions, a general meeting of all the members of the calpulli was convened.
Página 463 - E a la salida del dicho valle fallé una gran cerca de piedra seca, tan alta como estado y medio, que atravesaba todo el valle de la una sierra a...
Página 466 - ... the second, and is, in its highest part, 14 feet in elevation. The " total elevation of the works is therefore 59 feet.
Página 439 - II, p. 537), and corresponds to the " daring eagles, tigers, and lions," as Tezozomoc often calls the three grades now under discussion. Torquemada, who, notwithstanding his unquestionable credulity, is extremely important on all questions of Mexican antiquities, says (Lib.
Página 531 - Not only had descent been changed to the male line,106 but heirship was limited, to the exclusion of the kin and of the agnates themselves, to the children of the male sex.107 Whatever personal effects a father left, which were not offered up in sacrifice at the ceremonies of his funeral,108 they were distributed among his male offsprings, and if there were none, they went to his brothers.

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