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“One of the most important measures presented to the
Congress of the United States in its history. A bill
of rights for the hundreds of thousands of Americans
whose affairs are controlled or regulated in one way or
another by agencies of the Federal Government. . . It
is designed to provide guarantees of due process in
administrative procedure." (Congressional Record.)

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FOREWORD One of the most far-reaching statutes enacted in modern times, the new Administrative Procedure Act becomes the basic law, the “judicial code,” for all federal agency practice. It establishes standards for administrative procedures, lays down essential rules as to hearings and the introduction of evidence, and provides clearly as to court review of agency orders and decisions.

There is a distinct separation of prosecuting and judicial functions in agency practice. There are significant requirements for handling applications for licenses. There are broad provisions for publication of information as to agency organizations and methods of doing business, statements of policy and other data.

In short, this new law becomes a clear guide to the fundamental rights of all persons whose affairs are affected by or who must deal with federal agencies—and demonstrates how those rights may be protected.

The Congressional Committees and all who were instrumental in drafting and perfecting this measure are to be congratulated on their splendid accomplishment.

It is a tribute to the many thoughtful and forward thinking public administrators who have borne the responsibilities of interpreting and applying administrative or agency law for many years, that many of the principles laid down in this new legislation

, have already been accepted as fair practice.

This booklet contains the full official text of the law and a nontechnical, plain English explanation of its provisions. A topical index is helpfully included.

For complete details on this new law as well as on all other phases of agency practice and procedure, practitioners and others are directed to the publishers' complete Reporter, FEDERAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE.


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