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880, June 8.

Saisbury hent.

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We have endeavoured in this book to supply a want which is undoubtedly real.

A certain amount of Aristotle's Organon' is prescribed for candidates for Honour Moderations, as well as for the Final Schools: but though the subject cannot be considered easy, neither translation nor notes exist which can greatly assist the student.

We have therefore translated the parts of Magrath's 'Selections' required for Moderations, and have added such notes as have seemed necessary for the understanding of the passages. In writing the notes, we have assumed an acquaintance with some elementary text-book of Logic, such as Fowler's 'Deductive Logic,' or Jevons' Elementary Lessons in Logic,' and a familiarity with the terminology there employed.


As our translation includes more than a third of the matter of Trendelenburg's Elementa Logices

Aristoteleæ,' we give a synoptic table, which shows the section in our translation which contains any passage from Trendelenburg.

The references throughout are made to the Oxford edition of Bekker's Aristotle.' The numbers in the margin are those of Mr. Magrath's Sections.

We have to thank Rev. J. R. MAGRATH for his kindness in looking though our MS., and for numerous suggestions.

GLENARM: September 28, 1877.

W. S.

A. G. S. G.

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