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13. N 16. Much better than immediately taking the single black stone.

16. R 12. Much better than R 13; in that case White would lose both stones.

17. S13.

Black has the better of it.


Q.'3. This attacks the white stone at R 14; it also defends the connection at 0,15. 16. R13.

18. Q14.

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2. F3.

4. C 5. This is an alternative method of defending the corner.

6. F 5. Black plays to avoid being shut in the corner, also it can be demonstrated if he neglects this move his stones will be killed.

8. H4.

10. H5.

12. F 2. This is a good move. F 4 would be weak. The text move defends and at the same time threatens White's stones on line 3. F4 would give White a chance to play elsewhere ("Tenuki") which is a great advantage.

14. E 5. Black cannot neglect this move, or White can break in with a winning attack.

Again Black has the better of it. He has a chance to play at J i on the next move. The relation of this stone to the stone at F 2 when at the edge of the board is called "Ozaru," or the "great monkey," and it generally gains about eight spaces. This is also shown among the examples of end positions.

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Plate 21 (5)
Wh1te Black

1. O4. "Ikken taka kakari." 2. Q.6. This is Black's best This is the fourth method of com- answer, mencing the attack.

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4. P 7. Black intends to follow up this move on one side or the other, the two points being Q9 and M 3. This is called "Hibiku," or "to echo."

6. M3.

8. Ms.
10. M4.
12. Qj.
14. L6.
16. S5.
18. S4.
20. P4.
22. S2.
"Me" in the corner.

Black prepares to form

White must now play at O 6 to save his stones on the left side.

This "Joseki" is very much spread out; it is difficult to say who has the better of it.

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9. C 17. 11. C 18. 13. D13. 16. D 19. 17. B 16.

19. A 17. A 16 would not do. 21. C 19.

23. B 18. White plays on the only point to save the corner. 26. D 12. 27. Dn.

Black has the better game.

Black 10. D17. 12. C12. 14. D18. 16. C 16. 18. A 15. 20. E 19.

22. F 18. "Kaketsugu." Black must protect his connection; this situation arises frequently.

24. Fri.

26. C 11.
28. C 10.


Plate 21 (C)


1. D 13. "Nikkcn taka kakari"; this is the fifth method of opening the attack.

3. H 17.

6. B 16. 7. B 14.


2. F 16. Black has a variety of moves at his command; the text move is probably best.

4. C10. Really "Tenuki." Black can play equally well at C 7.

6. C 16.

8. B 17.

Black has the corner and White has commenced to envelop his stones. The following continuation might occur:

Wh1te Black 6. F 18. 6. D 18.

7. E 17. 8. C15.

Black's last move in this continuation is interesting, be

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