The Game of Go: The National Game of Japan

Moffat, Yard, 1908 - 220 páginas

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I bought this book for my son who is interested in learning the strategies involved in playing this game. He was delighted with this book. Leer comentario completo

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Página 67 - ... advanced. In the mean time the syringe was modified in France by a rack and pinion attached to the piston, so that water could be injected and withdrawn with great force, — a procedure not only useless, but detrimental to the bladder, if inflamed and thickened.
Página 62 - PLATE 13 territory, and beginners are likely to play their stones directly in contact with the advancing forces. This merely results in their being engulfed by the attacking line, and the stones and territory are both lost. If you wish to stop your adversary's advance, play your stones a space or two apart from his, so that you have a chance to strengthen your line before his attack is upon you. The next thing we will speak of is what the Japanese r* j call the "Sente.
Página 31 - ... the board, and hence it would be impossible to surround this group of white stones unless two stones were played at once. The white stones, therefore, can never be surrounded, and form an impregnable position. This is the principle of the two "Me...
Página 32 - Me" are on the edges or in the corners of the board, or how far from each other they may be. Plate 3, Diagram vi, shows a group of stones containing two vacant "Me
Página 18 - Go Ban" as it is called in Japanese, is a solid block of wood, about seventeen and a half inches long, sixteen inches broad, and generally about four or five inches thick.

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