Old English Customs Extant at the Present Time: An Account of Local Observances

G. Redway, 1896 - 344 páginas
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Página 217 - Gentlewomen ; and after such Sports, a Comedy of Errors (like to Plautus his Menechmus} was played by the Players. So that Night was begun, and continued to the end, in nothing but Confusion and Errors; whereupon, it was ever afterwards called, The Night of Errors.
Página 348 - Tobacco Talk and Smokers' Gossip. An Amusing Miscellany of Fact and Anecdote relating to " The Great Plant" in all its Forms and Uses, including a Selection from Nicotian Literature.
Página 108 - Twould have been better for our souls if we had ne'er been born. Good morning, lords and ladies! it is the First of May; I hope you'll view the garland, for it looks so very gay. The cuckoo sings in April, the cuckoo sings in May, The cuckoo sings in June, in July it flies away. Now take a Bible in your hand and read a chapter through, And when the day of judgment comes, the Lord will think of you.
Página 113 - For we were up as soon as any day, O! And for to fetch the summer home, The summer and the may, O! For summer is a-come, O! And winter is a-gone, O!
Página 208 - By this book and by the holy contents thereof, and by the wonderful works that God hath miraculously wrought in heaven above and in the earth beneath in six days and seven nights, I...
Página 101 - ... of cream. If not a bowl of your good cream, A mug of your strong beer ; For the Lord doth know where we shall be To be merry another year. Now take your Bible in your hand And read your chapter through ; And when the day of judgment comes, The Lord will remember you. And now my song is almost done, No longer can I stay, God bless you all, both great and small, I wish you a joyful May. And I hope you'll find your money-box Before we go away.
Página 158 - Wife, make us a dinner, spare flesh, neither corn, Make wafers and cakes, for our sheep must be shorn, At sheep -shearing, neighbours none other thing crave, But good cheer and welcome, like neighbours to have.
Página 178 - I find but two couples in this first century that were successful : the first was a sea-captain and his wife, who since the day of their marriage had not seen one another till the day of the claim.

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