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Old English Customs



This horn served for the calling of local assemblies at Faversham, Kent,

circa 1300.

Extant at the Present Time

An Account of

Local Observances, Festival Customs, and
Ancient Ceremonies yet Surviving

in Great Britain

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THE object of this work is to describe all the old customs which still linger on in the obscure nooks and corners of our native land, or which have survived the march of

progress in our busy city's life. There are many books which treat of ancient customs, and repeat again the stories told by Brand, Hone, and other historians and antiquaries; but, as far as we are aware, there is no book describing the actual folk-customs yet extant, which may be witnessed to-day by the folk-lorist and lover of rural manners. We have endeavoured to supply this want, and to record only those customs which time has spared. Undoubtedly the decay has been rapid. Many customs have vanished, quietly dying out without giving a sign. The present generation has witnessed the extinction of many observances which our fathers practised and revered, and doubtless the

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