History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Catholic, of Spain

George Routledge, 1854 - 465 páginas

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Página 329 - Men shall descry another hemisphere, Since to one common centre all things tend; So earth, by curious mystery divine Well balanced, hangs amid the starry spheres. At our Antipodes are cities, states, And thronged empires, ne'er divined of yore. But see, the Sun speeds on his western path To glad the nations with expected light.
Página 353 - ... of their own fancies, as ambition, or avarice, or devotional feeling predominated in their bosoms. When Columbus ceased, the king and queen, together with all present, prostrated themselves on their knees in grateful thanksgivings, while the solemn strains of the Te Deum were poured forth by the choir of the royal chapel, as in commemoration of some glorious victory.
Página 352 - As he passed through the busy, populous city of Seville, every window, balcony, and house-top, which could afford a glimpse of him, is described to have been crowded with spectators.
Página 321 - Spain, as far as one king can affect another, partly for his virtues, and partly for a counterpoise to France, upon the receipt of these letters, sent all his nobles and prelates that were about the court, together with the mayor and aldermen of London, in great solemnity to the church of Paul, there to hear a declaration from the lord chancellor, now cardinal. When they were assembled, the cardinal, standing upon the uppermost step, or halfpace...
Página 319 - There was crying in Granada when the sun was going down ; Some calling on the Trinity — some calling on Mahoun. Here passed away the Koran — there in the Cross was borne — And here was heard the Christian bell — and there the Moorish horn...
Página 352 - The admiral's progress through the country was everywhere impeded by the multitudes thronging forth to gaze at the extraordinary spectacle, and the more extraordinary man, who, in the emphatic language of that time, which has now lost its force from its familiarity, first revealed the existence of a
Página 319 - Alhambra," published nearly a year after the above note was written. The great source of the popular misconceptions respecting the domestic history of Granada, is Gines Perez de Hyta, whose work, under the title of " Historia de los Vandos de los Zegries y Abencerrages, Cavalleros Moros de Granada, y las Guerras Civiies que huvo en ella," was published at Alcala in 1604.
Página 13 - No dejó grandes tesoros, ni alcanzó muchas riquezas ni vajillas, mas hizo guerra a los moros, ganando sus fortalezas y sus villas; y en las lides que venció caballeros y caballos se prendieron, y en este oficio ganó las rentas y los vasallos que le dieron.
Página 321 - God, and to celebrate this noble act of the King of Spain ; who in this is not only victorious but apostolical, in the gaining of new provinces to the Christian faith. And the rather for that this victory and conquest is obtained without much effusion of blood. Whereby it is to be hoped, that there shall be gained not only new territory, but infinite souls to the Church of Christ, whom the Almighty, as it seems, would have live to be converted.
Página 331 - Columbus, wearied out by this painful procrastination, pressed the court for a definite answer to his propositions ; when he was informed, that the council of Salamanca pronounced his scheme to be " vain, impracticable, and resting on grounds too weak to merit the support of the government.

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