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opinion, that the extent of the Journal and its accompanying illustrations as now put forth each year is beyond the means of the Society, and also beyond that which is published by any other Society, the subscription to which is even of greater amount than that of the Association. The volume of the Journal just completed consists of upwards of four hundred and fifty pages of original matter, and of thirty-six plates, besides various separate wood-cuts, and is such as could not be published by a bookseller for a less sum than twice the amount of the subscription for which it is now obtained by the associates.

We have thought it right to call the attention of the General Meeting to these circumstances, not from any uneasiness entertained by us with regard to the solvency or stability of the Association. On the contrary, it is in a progressively increasing condition, and the stock possessed by the Society, and its other property, is of a considerable amount, and every year becoming of additional value.

April 10th, 1854.

CHAS. WArne.
CHARLES Bridger.

The Treasurer read the following lists of members deceased, withdrawn, erased, and elected.

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1. Captain Smith, R.M.

2. John Phillips, esq.

3. C. R. Colville, esq.

4. B. Winbolt, esq.
5. Robert Curling, esq.
6. James Cook, esq.
7. David Falcke, esq.
8. Augustus Mordan, esq.
9. Wm. A. Combs, esq.
10. Daniel Hewitt, esq.
11. Thos. B. Vacher, esq.
12. Edward Falkener, esq.
13. J. G. Cottingham, esq.

14. M. A. Lower, esq., F.S.A.

15. P. B. Ainslie, esq.
16. Wm. Shipp, esq.
17. Thomas Barton, esq.
18. Bolton Corney, esq.
19. T. S. Reed, esq.
20. Joseph Durham, esq.
21. Jeremiah Crafter, esq.
22. John Tissiman, esq.
23. Rev. D. P. M. Hulbert
24. Richard Keene, esq.
25. Dr. J. P. Bell
26. S. W. Fitch, esq.
27. Samuel Barker, esq.

Erased for non-payment of subscriptions:

1. Francis Crossley, esq., Montagu-street,


2. James Drew, esq. Manchester
3. Thomas D. Hibbert, esq., Temple.
4. George Hyde, esq., Halkin-street.

5. J. P. Knight, esq., Hibernia-chambers,

6. Charles Lee, esq., Golden-square 7. Rev. G. C. Nicholay, King's College. 8. W. Harry Rogers, esq., Carlisle-street 9. W. J. D. Roper, esq., Hampstead 10. J. Stelfox, esq., Manchester. 11. A. W. Woolley, esq., Manchester.

Associates elected in 1853:

1. J. L. Allen, esq., Artillery-place 2. Edmund Aubertin, esq., Clipsted, Surrey

3. J. F. Baigent, esq., Winchester

4. Geo. H. Bascomb, esq., Chiselhurst 5. Ralph Bernal, esq., M.A., Eaton-sq.

43. James Lewis, esq., Rochester 44. Robert Lockhart, esq., Glasgow 45. Rev. Henry Mackarness, Dymchurch 46. Chas. Marshall, esq., Whitehall-place 47. John Matthewes, esq., Cloudesley


chester street

6. Edw. L. Betts, esq., Preston-hall, Kent 48. Michael Meredith, esq., Great Win7. George F. Blandford, esq., 7, Lowergrove, Brompton

8. Thomas Blowen, esq., Bermondsey 9. Cecil Brent, esq., Albert-street 10. John Brent, jun., esq., F.S.A., Canterbury

11. John W. Bridges, esq., Tavistock-sq. 12. Lawrence Burleigh, esq., Devonshiresquare

13. Geo. A. Cape, esq., Walcot-place 14. Rev. David Carson, M.A., Chesterfield


15. Geo. Smith Chapman, esq., 1, Birchinlane

16. E. S. Clarke, esq., for Bishopsgate Book Club

17. J. N. Clarke, esq., for Hull Library 18. John Joseph Cotman, esq., Thorpe 19. Sir John Harpur Crewe, Bart., Calke Abbey

20. Henry Criddle, esq., Hill-road, Abbeyroad

21. J. C. Cumming, M.D., Cadogan-place 22. Charles John Curtis, esq., Ely-place 23. Charles Edward Davis, esq., Bath 24. John Davis, esq., Kilburn

25. The Earl Ducie, Totworth, Gloucesshire

26. Alfred Eyre, esq., Norland-square 27. John K. Fowler, esq., Aylesbury 28. Henry Gunston, esq., Goswell-road 29. Rev. Edward Hale, Eton College 30. Henry Hatton, esq., Chinnor, Oxon 31. John Hay, esq., Brewood, Staffordshire

32. Francis Hobler, esq., Bucklersbury 33. John Baker Hopkins, esq., Mark-lane 34. Rev. Robert Hornby, M.A., Lythwoodhall, Shrewsbury

35. J. R. Jobbins, esq., Warwick Court 36. Alfred A. Jones, esq., Paragon, Kentroad

37. Henry W. Joy, esq., Maidstone 38. Thos. Reginald Kemp, esq., Nicholaslane

39. James Kendrick, M.D., Warrington 40. Samuel Lepard, esq., Newington-place 41. Alexander Lamond, esq., Gloucesterroad

42. W. Okey Lamond, esq., ditto

49. John Monckton, esq., Maidstone

[blocks in formation]

52. John Pace, esq., Onslow-square 53. Sir Joseph Paxton, Knt., Derbyshire 54. William Palmer, esq., George-street 55. George Phillips Parker, esq., Marklane

56. Henry Pemberton, esq.,William-street 57. Jonathan Silk Pidgeon, esq., Reading 58. Plymouth Library

59. Mrs. Prest, Spring Gardens 60. Baron Mayer Amsabel de Rothschild, Mentmore

61. Wm. Rutter, esq., Hare-court, Temple 62. Robert Sadd, jun., esq., Cambridge 63. David Salomons, esq., Ald., Great Cumberland-place

64. T. Godfrey Sambrooke, esq., Eaton

[blocks in formation]

Foreign Members.

1. Don Antonio Delgado, Memb. Acad. of History, Madrid.

2. Don Joachim Maria Bover, Knight of Malta, and Secretary to the Queen of Spain,

etc., Minorca.

3. Count Leon de Laborde, Hon. F.S.A., Paris.

4. Mons. Coste, Marseilles.

5. Mons. Dassy, Marseilles.

Correspondent-George Henry Adams, esq., Rochester.

The following resolution was then proposed and unanimously carried : "That the thanks of the Association be given to Charles Warne, esq.,

and Charles Bridger, esq., the auditors of the accounts for the past year, for their great attention to their duties, and for the able and valuable report submitted by them to this meeting."

Mr. Bridger having acknowledged this vote, the report was taken into consideration, and the following resolutions, proposed by Mr. White and seconded by Mr. Whichcord, were unanimously agreed to:

1. "That, whilst this meeting fully recognizes the correctness of the principle, and approves, in the most unqualified manner, the practice of the treasurer in keeping the accounts of each year perfectly distinct from each other, and in discharging the several debts as they occur, it yet laments that that officer should have been subjected to the necessity of making payments to the amount of £222 : 14 : 3 in advance of that which has been received by him on account of the Association."

2. "That this meeting agrees entirely in the opinion expressed by the auditors, that it is incumbent upon the Association to discharge the debt now due to the treasurer as soon as possible, and for that purpose, and in order to obviate the necessity of diminishing the number of illustrations in the Journal, or abridging its extent (seeing already that the abundance of matter for its future pages is so very extensive), do hereby propose to establish a fund, to be called "THE DONATION FUND," the contributions to which shall be perfectly voluntary, and that the names of the contributors be published in the Journal."

3. "That it be recommended to the council to regulate, as far as possible, the future extent of the Journal, in accordance with the receipts derived, either from the subscriptions of the Associates, or by the contributions to the Donation Fund, and that the members be requested to further the sale of the volumes of the Journals among their friends, by which, not only the funds of the society will be increased, but its great usefulness also made more manifest."

4. "That it be referred to the council to carry out the above resolutions in the manner they shall think most advisable.

The following subscriptions to the Donation Fund were then immediately announced:

Ralph Bernal, Esq., M.A. (President)
Sir Fortunatus Dwarris (Vice-President)
S. R. Solly, Esq. (Vice-President)

T. J. Pettigrew, Esq. (Vice-President)

J. R. Planché, Esq. (Secretary)
Alfred White, Esq. (Registrar)

An Associate

£ 8. d.


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The thanks of the meeting were then severally and unanimously voted, for services rendered to the Association during the past year:

To Ralph Bernal, esq., M.A., President.

To the Vice-Presidents.

To the Treasurer.

To the Honorary Secretaries.

To the Registrar, Curator, and Librarian.

To the Council.

To the contributors to the Journal, and the exhibitors of antiquities to the public meetings.

These having been duly acknowledged, a ballot was taken for officers and council for 1854-5, when the following were declared elected:

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J. R. PLANCHÉ (Rouge Croix).

Secretary for Foreign Correspondence—WM. BEATTIE, M.D.
Registrar, Curator, and Librarian-ALFRED WHITE.


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The President then called upon the Treasurer for his notices of the deceased members, which were ordered to be printed, together with the proceedings of the annual meeting, in the ensuing number of the Journal; and the meeting adjourned.


ALTHOUGH each year hitherto since its formation has brought to the Association an increase of members, it has yet occasioned deep regret at the losses we have experienced by the decease of many of its oldest friends. In the year 1852 we had to deplore the death of sixteen associates, one foreign member, and one correspondent; in 1853 we have sustained the loss of nine associates, one foreign member, and one correspondent, and among these are some of our earliest friends and excellent contributors.

The RIGHT HON. EDWARD BOOTLE WILBRAHAM, LORD SKELMERSDALE, joined our Association on occasion of our visit to Lancashire in 1850, and kindly assisted us with some important documents relating to the family of Latham. The substance of these will be found in the communications of W. Langton, esq., of Manchester, and J. R. Planché, esq., in the paper on the Stanley Crest, inserted in the sixth volume of our Journal, (p. 199, and vii, pp. 415-20) which excited so much and so deserved interest, and in which the matter derived from Lord Skelmersdale's documents is printed. Lord S. reached a good old age, having been born in 1771. He died on the 3rd of April, 1853, having for some time previous been in a very infirm state of health.

The RIGHT HON. HENRY GEORGE FRANCIS REYNOLDS MORETON, EARL OF DUCIE, had been associated with us from the year 1846, and took particular interest in the success of the Congress held at Gloucester in that year. He was born in May 1802, and died in June 1853, being only fifty-one years of age. Previous to his accession to the peerage, in which he was the second earl of Ducie and baron Moreton, he represented in Parliament the western division of the county of Gloucester.



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