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signed by the chairman of the board of directors of the district issuing the same and attested by the secretary of the board if a member of the board and if not then and in that case by the treasurer of the said board or some member of the board authorized to do so by resolution, but the coupons may have facsimile signatures of the same officers signing the bonds.

The proceeds of the said bonds shall be paid into the treasury of the district issuing the same but in each case of the sale of bonds the treasurer of the district shall be required by the board of directors issuing the same to give an additional bond in a sum equal to the maximum of funds which will come into his hands as the result of the sale proposed whether it be of the whole or a part of said bonds authorized by the election and an additional bond shall be required if any subsequent sale or new issue shall increase the amount of such funds coming into his possession as such treasurer in excess of the amount of the existing security for the same. The amount of the bond of the treasurer shall at no time be less than the sum of Three thousand dollars but the board shall from time to time adjust the amount of the treasurer's bond in conformity with the intent hereof. Except in case of the sale of bonds or other cases where the amount of funds to come into the possession of the treasurer can be accurately determined the bond shall be not less than seventy-five per cent of the maximum of funds which will probably come into his possession in the judgment of the board of directors but the failure of the board of directors to require such bond or the failure to give the same when required shall in no way effect the validity of bonds issued or invalidate any other action of the district or its board of directors.

Failure to require of the district treasurer bond as provided in this section or failure to use ordinary care in the acceptance of sureties if not a surety company bond of some such company authorized to give such bonds in the State of Arizona shall render the board members jointly and severally liable to the district for losses occurring by reason thereof.

Section 21. The annual election of directors shall be held on the second Saturday in January of each year for the filling of all vacancies occurring by expirations of terms of office or otherwise and for the replacing of appointees to fill vacancies made by the board. Ten days notice of said election shall be given by the posting of notices thereof in one public place in each township or part of township of each range or part of range, as heretofore defined in the district and not less than three notices in different public places in each county in which any part of the district is located. The board of directors shall have power to determine the place or places of voting at any and all elections and in case more than one place of voting is designated then and in that case the board shall divide the district into election precincts which may be changed from time to time and when changed within ninety days before any election the notice of the next election shall contain an accurate description of the precincts as changed. All election expenses shall be paid by the district.

Section 22. The service charges to users within the district shall be uniform and shall not be subject to the control or jurisdiction of the Corporation Commission but charges outside the district, if any, shall be subject to such control. The primary object of the district being the pro

viding of power for pumping for irrigation service shall not be extended outside the district except there be a surplus of power over and above the needs of irrigation in the district except that districts and the boards of directors thereof shall have authority to make reasonable contracts with the State of Arizona, cities and towns, municipal and other corporations and persons for co-operation in carrying out the construction and other plans of the organization as herein provided. In that they shall have the power and authority to make such contracts as shall be reasonable, taking into account the common needs of the district and their partners in the enterprise.

Section 23. Any district organized under this Act shall have the use of and the right is expressly granted to them to use the public highways and roads, streets and alleys in or outside their district which is needed to bring power into the district but this use shall be under such reasonable restrictions as may be made by the board of supervisors of the counties in which the same are located and the city councils in their respective jurisdictions and in case of controversy over the same the dispute shall be submitted to and decided by the Corporation Commission of Arizona but the right herein must be preserved to the district with necessary limitations only. This use to include the building of transmission lines, the laying of conduits, pipes or other construction necessary or needful in the conduct of the business of the district as organized hereunder.

Section 24. Districts organized under this Act shall have the power and the boards of directors of such districts shall have the power on behalf of their respective districts to acquire for the benefit of the users and people in said dis

tricts, all such personal and real property, right of way, in or outside the district, franchises, patents, licenses, easements, privileges, exemptions, donations, contracts, leases of power or property, contracts or other useful property, right or thing whatsoever which may be needful or useful in the conduct of the business of the district and to hold, own, use and operate the same. They shall have the power and authority by original construction, leasing or otherwise procuring, holding, owning or operating hydraulic, electric, gas or other generating agencies or plants, whether in existence now or hereafter to be invented or brought into existence or use, together with all other equipment construction or needful instrumentality, right, or things which shall be deemed needful or useful for the purpose of purchasing, leasing, generating or in any manner rendering the power service contemplated in the purposes of the district as herein mentioned or implied, including the leasing or purchasing of power within or without the district and the making of it available for use in the district and they may do this by purchase or lease for distribution to users or they may make any reasonable arrangement by which the users can procure said power direct from the lessors or generators of said power. if the users shall have the right to deal direct with parties supplying power the district and its board shall have the right to levy and collect reasonable surcharge for the revenue of the district but not more than is needed for operating expenses or other general burdens of the district as hereinafter defined.

Section 25. The needful revenues of the district shall be raised in the manner following. It is hereby declared and enacted that an econom

ical and efficient management of a district organized under this Act is of public interest to all property taxpayers in the district and said property taxpayers should and shall bear a reasonable part of the burdens thereof as in this section provided. The perdiem and expenses of the board of directors of the district, the salary and expenses of the secretary and assistant secretary of the district, if any, the salary and expenses of the treasurer of the district and all compensation paid to similar officers or employees performing similar services as herein provided or by the board now or hereafter ordered including periodical examinations of the finances and affairs of the district and such legal services as may be rendered as counsel in the ordinary current affairs and conduct of the business of the district shall be assessed to, levied upon and paid by all the property, real and personal, taxable in the district in the same way and manner and with the same effect as are levied and paid county, state, school and other taxes, being assessed and levied advalorem according to the value of all the taxable property of the district as assessed for taxation for other purposes. The aggregate of the foregoing items, thus charged as burdens bearable by all the property taxpayers in the district hereinafter will be referred to as "administration expenses."

All burdens of the district, other than those last mentioned as administration expenses, shall be assessed against the real estate taxable in the district and said taxes or assessments shall be levied and collected on a per acre basis as herein provided. These needs of the district other than administration expense will hereinafter be referred to as "general burdens," of the district. In the making of assessment for the funds nec

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