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Providing for Notice of such hearing
addressed to all owners of lands or
interests in land and to all per-
sons in any way interested in or
affected by the organization of such
Districts and for appeal by anyone
from all or any part of the decision
of the tribunal determining all ques-
tions preliminary to the organization
of the same. Providing for the is-
suance of bonds by the District and
for the proper conduct of the busi-
ness of the District. Provided for
the laying of the burdens of the
District on the interested parties
for other means of raising revenue
and means for the collection of lev-
ies for revenues. Providing for the
inclusion of lands within the Dis-
trict. For the consolidation of such
Districts and generally for the elec-
tion of officers of such Districts and
means and methods and the manner
of conducting the business of the
District. And Declaring an Emer-


An Act to defray the current Expenses of the State Highway Department, and appropriating the sum of $136,000.00 for the purpose of paying the payrolls of the office of the State Engineer of the State of Arizona as of February 20, 1923; and the sum of $15,000.00 to defray freight bills and expenses of the office of the State Engineer on account of freight and expense on materials furnished State Contractors: And Declaring an Emergency....

An Act Appropriating the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars for the purpose of completing the investigation





15. H. B. 2.

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Paragraph 3354, of the Revised
Statutes of Arizona, 1913, Civil
Code; providing for the Recall of
Trustees of Arizona Districts...

To regulate the practice of Veterinary medicine and surgery in the State of Arizona; and to establish a Board of Examiners in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery; and to Define certain offenses; and providing penalties for the violation of this Act.

An Act for the relief of the United Verde Copper Company, for services rendered to employees of the State Engineer's Department.....

An Act for the relief of John Knaier on account of injuries rece 'ved while in the employ of the State of Arizona on the 25th day of August, 1921, in construction work on the Rillito Bridge, requiring the execution of a release to the State of Arizona and making an appropriation therefor; and Declaring an Emergency.

An Act to provide for the appointment of a Commission to consist of the Attorney General, the Governor, and the State Engineer to confer with a Commission of the State of California in respect to the location and re-location of the Common boundary of said States, and to report concerning the same and concerning an agreement between said states as to measures for the straightening, controlling and improvement of the channel of the Colorado River, and to provide for the expenses of said Commission.....






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An Act to Amend Section Seven
of Chapter 144, Session Laws of
Arizona, 1919, Regular Session,

known as the Bond Act of 1919,
and pertaining to a system of im-
provement bonds to be issued by
Municipalities, relating to what is
known as the Improvement Act of

An Act for the protection of farm-
ing lands and farming communities
by providing for the elimination and
control of noxious weeds and
grasses; providing for the organiza-
tion and establishment of "Anti-
noxious Weed Districts"; Defining
their powers; providing for the levy
and collection of taxes for District
purposes; creating a lien upon the
real property of such districts for
taxes assessed and providing for the
enforcement and collection of such
taxes; providing for the appointment
of Noxious Weed Inspectors; and
for the payment of their salaries
expenses; defining crimes
against the District and Officers
thereof and providing a penalty

An Act Establishing a closed sea-
son for Beaver during which no
person shall take, kill, or destroy
such animal; And Declaring an

An Act to Amend Chapter IV, Title X, Revised Statutes of Arizona, 1913, Civil Code, pertaining to duties of Board of Supervisors, by adding a new Paragraph to be known as Paragraph 2414-A; and repealing all Acts and parts of Acts in conflict herewith.






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An Act providing for a Continuing Inventory of State Property, naming the State Auditor as Officer in Charge, requiring all Departments of State to furnish reports and providing penalty for failure to comply. 94

An Act Providing for the further protection of small game; prohibiting the hunting and shooting of quail, white wings, and doves from automobiles and other vehicles, and prescribing penalties therefor and repealing all acts and parts of acts in conflict with the provisions hereof.

An Act Providing for the protection of pedestrians and vehicles


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