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Chapter 7, XLI 7, XXXVI 36, XII 15, II 1, IV 1, IV 45, XVII 45, XXV 12, VII 21, III 45, XI 23, II, III; 49, V 25, III 15, II 29, I 50, II, IV 29, X 15, LX; 50, II, III, IV, VI 36, I 29, III 49, VII 45, VI; 48, 25 32, XXI

47, DI

National Agricultural Library
National Agricultural Statistics Service
National Archives and Records Administration
National Bureau of Standards
National Capital Planning Commission
National Commission for Employment Policy
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
National and Community Service, Commission on
National Credit Union Administration
National Drug Control Policy, Office of
National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
National Indian Gaming Commission
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Labor Relations Board
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Mediation Board
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Park Service
National Railroad Adjustment Board
National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
National Science Foundation
National Security Council
National Security Council and Office of Science and

Technology Policy
National Telecommunications and Information

National Transportation Safety Board
Navy Department
Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
Office of Independent Counsel
Office of National Drug Control Policy
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation
Offices of Independent Counsel, Department of Justice
Operations Office, Department of Agriculture
Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Packers and Stockyards Administration
Panama Canal Commission
Panama Canal Regulations
Patent and Trademark Office
Payment from a non-Federal source for travel expenses
Payment of Expenses Connected with the Death of Certain

Peace Corps
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation
Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, Department of

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Personnel Management, Office of

Federal Employees Health Benefits Acquisition Regulation
Postal Rate Commission
Postal Service, United States
Postsecondary Education, Office of
President's Commission on White House Fellowships
Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the

. 15, XXIII; 47, III
49, VIII
32, VI; 48, 52
24, XXV
10, I; 48, XX
29, XVII
29, XX
28, VII
21, III
25, IV
28, VI
22, VII
9, DI
48, 35
35. I
37, I
41, 304

41, 303
22, III
36, LX

29, XXV
29, XXVI
5, I; 45, VIII; 48, 17
48, 16
39, DI
39, I
34, VI
1, IV

Armed Forces
Presidential Documents
Prisons, Bureau of
Productivity, Technology and Innovation, Assistant

Secretary (Commerce)
Property Management Regulations System, Federal
Public Contracts, Department of Labor
Public Health Service
Railroad Retirement Board

32, XXIX
28, V

37, IV
41, Subtitle C
41, 50
42, I
20, 0

43, I
45, IV
13, V
41, 302
49, I
12, XVI
7, XVI
33, IV
32, XXIV

47, II
31, IV
17, II
32, XVI
13, 1; 48, 22
36, V
20, III; 45, IV
7, VI

Reclamation Bureau
Refugee Resettlement, Office of
Regional Action Planning Commissions
Relocation Allowances
Research and Special Programs Administration
Resolution Trust Corporation
Rural Electrification Administration
Rural Telephone Bank
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Science and Technology Policy, Office of
Science and Technology Policy, Office of, and National

Security Council
Secret Service
Securities and Exchange Commission
Selective Service System
Small Business Administration
Smithsonian Institution
Social Security Administration
Soil Conservation Service
Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank, Department of

Housing and Urban Development
Soldiers' and Airmen's Home, United States
Special Counsel, Office of
Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Office of
State Department

Federal Acquisition Regulation
Surface Mining and Reclamation Appeals, Board of
Susquehanna River Basin Commission
Technology Administration
Tennessee Valley Authority
Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board
Thrift Supervision Office, Department of the Treasury
Trade Representative, United States, Office of
Transportation, Department of

Coast Guard
Commercial Space Transportation, Office of
Contract Appeals Board
Federal Acquisition Regulation
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Railroad Administration
Federal Transit Administration
Maritime Administration
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Research and Special Programs Administration
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation

Secretary of Transportation, Office of
Transportation, Office of, Department of Agriculture
Travel Allowance
Travel and Tourism Administration, United States
Treasury Department

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Bureau of
Comptroller of the Currency
Customs Service, United States
Engraving and Printing, Bureau of
Federal Acquisition Regulation
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Fiscal Service
Foreign Assets Control, Office of
Internal Revenue Service
Monetary Offices
Secret Service
Secretary of the Treasury, Office of
Thrift Supervision Office

United States Customs Service
Truman, Harry S. Scholarship Foundation
Under Secretary for Technology, Department of Commerce

24, XI 5, XI 5, VIII 34, III 22, I 48, 6 30, III 18, VIII 15, XI 18, XIII 12, XV 12, V 15, XX 44, IV 33, 1; 46, I, II; 49, IV 14, III 48, 63 48, 12 14, I 23, I, II; 49, III 49, II 49, VI 46, II 23, II, III; 49, V 49, I 33, IV 14, II; 49, Subtitle A 7, XXXII 41, 301 15, XII 17, IV 27, I 12, I 19, 1 31, VI 48, 10 31, VII 31, D 31, V 26, I 31, I 31, IV 31, Subtitle A 12, V 19, I 45, XVIII 37, V

Agency United States and Canada, International Joint Commission United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency United States Customs Service United States Fish and Wildlife Service United States Information Agency United States International Development Cooperation Agency United States International Trade Commission United States Postal Service United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home United States Trade Representative, Office of United States Travel and Tourism Administration Veterans Affairs Department Veterans' Employment and Training, Office of the Assistant

Secretary for
Vice President of the United States, Office of
Vocational and Adult Education, Office of
Wage and Hour Division
Water Resources Council
Workers' Compensation Programs, Office of
World Agriculture Outlook Board

22, IV
22, VI
19, I
50, I, IV
22, V; 48, 19
22, XII
19, U
39, I
5, XI
15, XX
15, XII
38, I; 48, 8

41, 61; 20, LX
34, IV
29, V
18, VI
20, I

Redesignation Table

At 51 FR 40660, Nov. 7, 1986, a document was published restructuring part 51. For the convenience of the user, the following Redesignation Table and Redesingation II shows the relationship of the old regulations to the new regulations. TABLE 1-Redesignation Table and Master TABLE 1-Redesignation Table and Master Plan to Restructure 40 CFR Part 51

Plan to Restructure 40 CFR Part 51-Con

tinued Now designation section No. Old designation section No. and title

and title

New designation section No. Old designation section No. and title

and title Subpart F Procedural Requirements

51.82 Air quality data: Po 51.100 Definitions 51.1 Definitions.

(portion). 51.101 Stipulations 51.2 Stipulations.

51.83 Certain urbanized 51.102 Public hearings 51.4 Public hearings.

areas: Po. 51.103 Submission of plans 51.5 Submission of plans. 51.104 Revisions 51.6 Revisions.

51.84 Areas around signifi51.34 Variances.

cant point source: Pb. 51.106 Approval of plans 51.8 Approval of plans.

51.85 Other areas: Pb.

51.86 Data bases: Pb (porSubpart G Control Strategy

tion). 51.110 Attainment and 51.10 General requirements

51.118 Stack height provi- 51.12 Control strategy: sions

General (portion). Maintenance of National (portion).

51.119 Intermittent Standards

control 51.12 Control strategy: 51.12 Control strategy:


General (portion).
General (portion).

51.120-51.135 Reserved for
51.13 Control strategy: SO, new requirements as set
& PM (portion).

forth in the Act 51.14 Control strategy: CO.

51.136-51.140 Reserved for
HC, Ox & NO2 (portion).

maintenance of PSD incre-
51.80 Demonstration of at- ment provisions
tainment: Pb (portion).

Subpart H Prevention of Air 51.3 51.111 Description of control 51.14 Control strategy: CO,

Pollution Emergency Epi- 51.16 Classification of re measures HC, Ox, & NO, (portion).

sodes (S$ 51.150 to 51.159) gions. 51.87 Measures: Pb.

Prevention of air pollution 51.112 Demonstration of 51.13 Control strategy: SO. adequacy & PM (portion).

emergency episodes.
51.14 Control strategy: Co.
HC, Ox, & NO2 (portion).

Subpart | Review of New 51.18
51.80 Demonstration of at-
Sources and Modifications 51.24 Review of

new tainment: Pb (portion).

(S$ 51.160 to 51.189

sources and modifications. 51.82 Air quality data (por

Prevention of significant dete tion).

rioration. 51.113 Time period for dem 51.10 General requirements onstration of adequacy (portion).

Subpart J Air Quality Sur- 51.17 Air quality surveil 51.81 Emissions data: Pb veillance (S$ 51.190 to lance. (portion).

51.209) (Promulgated 5/10/
51.114 Emissions data and 51.13 Control strategy: SO, 79)

& PM (portion).
51.14 Control strategy: CO,
HC, Ox, & NO, (portion).

Subpart K Source surveil- 51.19 Source surveillance. 51.81 Emissions data: Pb

lance (S$ 51.210 to 51 229) (portion). 51.115 Air quality data and 51.13 Control strategy Subpart L Legal Authority 51.11 Legal authority. projections SO, & PM (portion).

(S$ 51 230 to 51 239)
51.14 Control strategy: CO,
HC, Ox, & NO, (portion).

51.82 Air quality data: PO

M Intergovern- 5121 Intergovemmental co

mental consultation operation. (portion). 51.116 Data availability 51.10 General requirements

(SS 51.240 to 51.259) (Pro

muigated 6/18/79) (portion).

51.88 Data availability: Pb. 51.117 Additional provisions 51.80 Demonstration of al- Subpart N Compliance 51.15 Compliance sched for lead tainment: Pb (portion).

Schedules (S$51.260 to ules. 51.81 Emissions data: Pb 51.279)



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